Monday, June 8, 2020

Minneapolis to Disband Police Dept & Replace with a Soros Funded Group?

Minneapolis City Council members say they plan to vote to disband city's police department

We're not going to tomorrow all the sudden have nobody for you to call for help. Many people have asked, in this visionary future with no police, "Who do you call when there's no 911?" One of the speakers on Sunday said it would be family and neighbors.
If the inmates want to run the asylum, they might be in for a surprise when they need help. Ask your neighbors for help? So their recommending go to a neighbor who has guns?
ADL Stokes Race War In America With Anti-White Inflammatory Race Baiting Propaganda

Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish supremacist and self-interest group, expressed support of the Black and Antifa rioters burning down America’s cities as a ‘justifiable’ response to a case of apparent police brutality:

The Minneapolis City Council has a fuck-proof veto to override Mayor Frey, so this could get interesting. Sure was one helluva coincidence that this Covid hysteria allows all wanna-be gangsters to wear a mask without looking suspicious.

Soros does contribute to the gangsta outfit that will take control of Minneapolis, but you have to dig to find the link. From the outfit "Local Progress," to "Center for Popular Democracy" to the Open Society Foundation.

Wonder where Georgie boy is hiding these days while his paws manipulate the Goyim?

Do pAntifa thugs realize the irony of taking money from Soros, who used to be a member of some Hitler Youth front?

Jewish Newspaper Claims “Trump’s Attacks on Antifa are Attacks on Jews”

Maybe Minneapolis could bring back something like the CHEKA, that was a tool of terror for the Bolshevik Jews running the USSR back in the day?
Twitter Allows Looters to Coordinate Criminal Behavior While It Declares ‘#BlackLivesMatter’

Twitter is allowing its users to coordinate criminal behavior on the platform, with dozens of tweets identifying looting targets still on the platform despite the fact that the site was notified by concerned citizens. The company has however changed the description of its official account to “#BlackLivesMatter.”
A Twitter search for “Santana Row,” which is the name of a shopping district in San Jose, California, reveals dozens of Twitter users encouraging their followers to target and loot the district. Many of the tweets have been on the platform for days.

“let’s riot and raid Santana Row lol,” said one tweet, which was shared over 100 times.
If this happens, watch Minneapolis become a model city--for awhile--with the professional agitators then heading out to anudda' city and start rioting all over again.

It's going to be a nasty Summer.

P.S. There are more than a few Congressional critters taking the knee against something. If someone like Speaker Nana Pelosi feel that strong about righting some injustice, then she should donate her 120+ million dollar fortune to black charities. Yes, that would work wonders!


  1. Shariah or Noahide. What do you think will be predominant as time passes? Minneapolis is a Little Mogadishu by now so expect nothing.

    To be honest Greg, I am just sitting and watching your glorious nation explode into a million little pieces. It breaks my heart to see how the people have been manipulated as they have, almost all of them in one way or another.

    Things are very dark and seeing this, I don't know what to think or say. I know too much and don't know where to begin! What I have known was coming for the past 45 years is here. We held it off for a few decades but here we are. No one listened; so many still refuse to listen; so many have gone mad.

    Just what do we do when things reach peak madness? Is this peak madness? No, there is still some way to go. But it is coming.

  2. Jews are such assholes and petty malignant money-grubbing troublemakers, all in the name of HAVING FUN, a ton of sweet white whores, and Israel, that soon-to-be grand metropolis of THE WORLD. Sure. Screw them all. We need to purge this world of these cutthroat morons and bloodthirsty psychotics. In fact, can't you hear them begging for it ? THEY WANT TO BE ELIMINATED. They want someone to stand up to them and obliterate them. They know that they are all deviants on the genetic tree of life and they WANT to be put out of their misery, and they will taunt us and muck with us till we simply cannot take it any longer and grant them their wish. But here's the thing ; just like cancer, if you don't get every last cell of it out of the body, it grows back with such a vengeance that you will be sorry you ever went after it in the first place. So it's all or nothing, Gents, ALL OR NOTHING.

  3. Greg, another long-standing anti-Jew-mob blogspot has been removed, this time . . . That makes 2 important ones GONE for good, and currently is down. The Jews are comin' after anyone who exposes them. Be on the lookout, Bro. Drop us all emails if it happens, ok ?

  4. It is time to stop these Jewish and black agitators, I did see a couple of girls who looked like they came from Israel painting Black Lives Matters slogans on buildings I would not doubt if Mossad was not a part of this.

  5. Mick,good point. I have no doubt about the chosenites involvement.


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