Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Speaker Pelosi will Donate her 121 Million Dollar Fortune to BLM

Washington, D.C.--Today, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated that she will be donating her entire 121 million dollar fortune to BLM and black charities. "I can no longer enjoy my loot, since it is the result of structural racism that I have played a big part of ever since I was elected to Congress back in 1987. I can no longer enjoy my wealth, knowing that it is tainted with the blood of people like George Floyd!"

In a move described as stunning and brave, Pelosi urged her fellow House members to also donate all of their wealth acquired while in office so they can rid themselves of the guilt that goes with that dirty money.
Pelosi again: "I also urge all those black athletes playing in professional leagues to break any endorsement contract they have with companies dominated by white people. To show the nation you're serious about BLM, they should also donate any past endorsement money to black charities so the nation can start healing."

"All retired professional athletes that have made fortunes off endorsements should give that money to charity, its too tainted to keep" added Pelosi. "How could they enjoy that money, knowing its tainted with black blood?"
Power to the people. Show the honkies you're serious about structural racism by looting stores in your 'hood!
Catch me if you can? Chicago looters BRAG on Facebook about unloading stolen goods

I looted. I took all my s***. Yes!…This ain’t the motherf***in’ first time I did this.
Nothing says BLM like looting and plundering a store for swag while hiding behind social justice.


  1. This must be a FAKE story.....Nasty Nancy would not part with one dime....let alone all her illgotten gaines!!!!

  2. Hi Gregorio, you are still alive, very good.

    The philantropy empress Pelosi has no clothes on, not even a tampo(o)n.

    Pelosi c.s. is in the camp of the adrenochrome addicts, that explains such moves

    BLM is financed from top to bottom vice versa by goulash jew Soros so the fake FiNancy move is not even needed.


    Long list of black American inventors:

    Officially the USA is a Christian country....let us throw some light, nxt slide please:...

  3. Imv there is more behind this knee than most reactions all over the globe especially the US and Europe show. It only requires a Knee of Listening.

    (btw title of a book of American guru Da Free John born as Franklin Jones that I value(d) much but only he did not walk his talk, which happens quite often)

    It has to do with the origin of the USA not 1776 but 1492.

    After feeding the stray cats in a former royal parc in Valencia I took just 10 minutes ago another road back thru the many small streets that this old city has to my appartment and my attention was drawn to this plaquet:

    (thanks to google & the digital numbers that are incorrectly calld Arabian ciphers since the Muslim discovered them in India. Mulsim Moors ruled Spain from 711 to 1492)

    On Rodrigo (de) Borja (Borgia):

    Many (whatever their skincolor) find it disturbing. I don´t. Rodrigo Borja put his knee in the neck of the carpenters son of 2000+ years ago, who walked around in the slc sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean (opposite of Spain, for those who dont know)
    by changing his skincolor from deep brown (black) to white.

    For centuries non-whites the world over have kneeled for the version of JC that Borja fabricated.

    There is in the Vatican a just guy called Vigano who rightfully has issues with Bergoglio, present Vatican ceo. About coverup of sex abuse of kids in the RCC. And money. He seeks support
    of Ratzinger (Benedict) who already has shown what he has in store. John Paul II who was j., his mother´s family name Katz knighted Jimmy Saville. Djeezus. The Vatican is still an important political player in todays world. B. chose the name Francis, while as top bishop in Argentina in supported the military junta of Videla that disappeared 30.000 people (incl. their kids).

    Vigano is outspoken on Corona and Floyd, both are masonry hoaxes acc. to him. He certainly will not reveal the black Christ make over of Borja. C

    Come on, Christ was a nigga, the Book says so, I know, wooly hair, copper colored, we don´t go there. We wiil never tell the mothafukkas in da church, our White Holy Church.

    And Vigano took another sip of his Capuccino.

  4. Pelosi give up her ice cream ? I think not.


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