Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Florida is LYING About their Covid Rates..Calling its 98% instead of 9.4%

This whole Covid hysteria is crap. Certain people are trying to scare you into believing Covid is the next Black Death. Here's proof they're lying:
Here's the Twitter link for that page:

That's not just an oopsie, it's deliberate FALSIFICATION of Covid rates, which is happening all over the USA. This is part of their end game of having a massive Financial Reset take place in the USA. Which they call the "Great Reset."
Even the IMF or the International Mother F*ckers fund is talking about this reset, which will make the 98% poorer and the rest will rake in trillions. They babble on about 'fair' growth and 'green' growth, but it's about grabbing all of the money we have.
They'll claim that the biggest transmitter of Covid is paper money being handled, so they'll take away all that nasty stuff and replace it with digits in some Wall Street Casino, where they control what you buy, not We the People.

The GREAT Reset? There's been other catastrophes that bore that moniker, 'Great.' Let's look at the damage they caused:

World War 1, the 'War to End all Wars,' was initially called the 'Great War,' until the war to end all wars set off WWII. Thanks mostly to heavy-handed war reparations put on Germany. I don't know what's so great about millions and millions of mostly white males getting butchered when their generals used 19th Century military tactics against 20th Century weapons, like the machine gun.

There's also the Great Depression, which the Fed started off in 1929 when it crashed the stock market, putting tens of millions out of work, and tens of millions lost their homes and/businesses, causing misery around the world. What's so fucking great about that?

Will this Great Reset scam also be known for all the misery it caused?

I'm also guessing that banksters will announce that since the USSA is so deeply in debt, the Federal notes will be discarded, since they not worth anything and we'll be given a new Digital currency, exchanging every $10 of Fed notes for one of the new currency which I call G.O.D. or Goldman's Own Digits.
The changes we have already seen in response to COVID-19 prove that a reset of our economic and social foundations is possible.To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.
Revamp ALL ASPECTS of society? That's a good way for tyrants and other scum to slither in the back door and turn this place into anudda' killing field, like their hero, Stalin.
Guess all those Deep State school shootings wasn't helping their timeline, so now they're gunning for everyone.

The changes brought on thru Covid hysteria are traumatic.

I have no problem with quarantining people who are ACTUALLY seriously sick with some contagious disease, but to quarantine the entire nation/planet insane. That is causing structural damage to the world's economy that might never be fixed.

Won't be great for the poor and disappearing middle class. We're being trained to submit to any asshole who proclaims him or herself a Covid pro, which goes down easier after we've been trained to be slaves by wearing Face Diapers.
We MUST resist this tyranny or else, we'll be living on a global-size Gulag.

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