Thursday, August 27, 2020

Any Guv or Mayor that Ordered Sick People to be Quarantined in Nursing Homes is Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

Using humans in medical experiments was made into a violation of law at Nuremberg, so those Guvs and Mayors who have been experiment on people, elderly people at that, are guilty of Crimes against Humanity.
The Nuremberg Code of 1947

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.
Unless the Nuremberg trials were only show trials designed to accuse Germany of the atrocities the Bolsheviks did when entering Germany.
We won't have to stomp and kick the testicles of those Guvs and Mayors who have been experimenting on humans, like the Jew investigators did to the accused Germans going on trial.

We have some of the evidence in the form of an Executive Order from Governor Cumhole, who is one of the worst offenders and should be arrested immediately.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, the feds talk shit but when it comes down to actually doing something, they'll slither away and go after those who don't worship the Holocau$t ™

DOJ Requesting Data From Governors of States that Issued COVID-19 Orders that May Have Resulted in Deaths of Elderly Nursing Home Residents

While we're rounding up these murderous felons, lets also arrest the biggest asshole behind this FRAUD, Dr Fauci.


  1. Hey Greg:

    Thanks for giving some attention to this problem and it's a big one!
    I saw an image of a sign hung in New York State- Cuomo killed my mother
    He did. He killed Grandma and Grandpa. Moms and Dads.
    By passing laws that puxhdc sick people into these homes or by not bothering to make laws of rules to keep sick people out of nursing and retirement homes. (New Zealand)
    Same things happened here in Canada. In italy. UK.
    The elderly with many comorbidities were exposed to a virus they would have knowingly, easily succumbed to.

    I wrote about this. It's the most swept under the rug scandal in this whole incident (Until the vaccine is released that is)

    lots on cuomo in the above link

  2. puxhdc = pushed
    typing without coffee early am is not a good idea :)

    1. These are major crimes, committed in a number of states that should have the Feds busting some ass, but I doubt they do. The Commies and the Pedos have taken over too many positions of power.

  3. Thanks for posting how to legally decline a vaccine. Otherwise I would just say no fuckin way asshole.

    1. What? You mean you don't want Bill THANOS Gates mystery substance shot into your veins?

  4. Hey Greg;
    here is the image I was referring to

    could be a good addition to your post?

    1. Thanks. That sign made my heart drop when I read it. Remember back at the beginning of all this Covid craziness when someone-maybe troll farms--were posting comments that we should let all Boomers die of the Covid?

      There's a nefarious evil stalking this land, so BE CAREFUL.


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