Monday, August 10, 2020

Does Israel have More PEDOS or Holocau$t ™ 'Survivors?'

Let's look at some numbers, even though we've been told math is racist.

First up, the Holocau$t ™ Shysters...
Damn, at that rate of increase, there will be 800,000 Holocau$t ™ junkies in a couple of years. Maybe math is racist? Racist against Gentiles.
Pedophiles around the world know if they get in trouble with some anti-Semitic DA, who is trying to toss you in jail because of what you do to children, just flee to Israel and enjoy the good life, free from those pesky Gentile DA's who are obviously anti-Semitic.

Now let's look at those loathsome Israeli pedos.
‘Tens Of Thousands’ Of Pedophiles Openly Operate In Israel Every Year ‘Without Any Problem’

“In Israel, tens of thousands of pedophiles operate on a daily basis without any problem,” said Eliran Malki, head of the Matzof Association.

They are not deterred by the police and certainly not deterred by the contemptuous rulings that come from the hands of judges in the various courts,” he added, citing an incident in which one particular pedophile was let off by the courts without punishment, despite evidence of thousands of pedophilic items found on his computer, as the court stated that it would “harm his career.”
Does that number also include what a sane person would call a sexual degenerate, but in the twilight world of the Cult of Judaism, these sickos are called Mohel Rabbis. Not only do they operate in the open, they also get paid to mutilate a baby boy's penis and then slurp on the blood.
But it looks like the holoHOAX survivors have the inside track,with their numbers increasing each year. But don't worry, our quisling Congress just sent anudda welfare check to STOLENLAND AKA Israel. And this treachery was done behind closed doors? Why is that Congress, are you ashamed of placing Israel before America?

Finally the TRUTH...

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