Friday, August 7, 2020

Israelis Cheer & Shout for Joy over Beirut's Destruction

This tragedy will become known as Lebanon's 9/11 and like that Mossad/CIA op, it too will be buried under piles of hasbara bullshit and never be properly investigated.

Here's the smoking gun, thanks to anonymous:

These sadistic fucks have to be the most depraved people things on the planet. And they've been doing this to Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine since 1933, when those Nasty Nazis helped them move to Palestine, since they had fleeced and stole from too many Germans who wanted these things gone from their homeland.

This pic is from Jim Stone's site:
The (((MSM)) as usual, will lie thru their fangs about this being an A. Nitrate explosion. Bullshit.

That fertilizer was at least SIX years old and had not been primed with the diesel fuel needed to make it explode.
Ammonium nitrate is the fertilizer compound that can be used in explosives, said John Goodpaster, who researches explosives at Indiana at University-Purdue University Indianapolis. This compound is not found in its pure form in the common fertilizers that are commercially available. And, even in its pure form, ammonium nitrate by itself is not explosive.

"The ammonium nitrate is like the engine behind the explosion, but the engine needs fuel," Goodpaster told Life's Little Mysteries. In fact, bombs need two components beside the fertilizer: a detonator and a fuel. The fertilizer must be mixed with a fuel in an exact ratio, and the detonator must be able to generate sufficient energy, he said
Tactical Nuke Used In Massive Beirut Explosion?

A massive explosion that destroyed several city blocks rocked the port area of Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday killing dozens. The explosion shattered windows for several miles in the city and could be felt as far as Cyprus, hundreds of miles away.
Another excellent site that shifts thru the hasbara BS to give you truths is Aangirfan

Hey Israel, how bout a diversion? You could use some of your Mossad/CIA assets to fly a passenger jet into a skyscraper....What's that? Oh...
To those that say Israel would never commit such a horrid atrocity, I present a pic from past a Israeli mass-murder:

This little girl was with her family in 1981 in a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. The IOF goons surrounded the camp and sent in their Druze militia to commit mass murders, like this:
Here is a screen shot from page 242 of “Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations” by Israeli author Ronen Bergman. Here he describes how, nearly 40 years ago, the Israelis were detonating innumerable bombs in Beirut and other Lebanese cities.

And a tweet--sent on that day of murder--from Israeli CRIME MINISTER, the most horrible fuck on the planet, B. Nuttyhaoo...


  1. As soon as I saw this explosion it was obvious that it was nuclear. Have seen a few of those since my first sight of one in the early 1950's. That rather traumatized my very young mind. (I was 4 or 5). It was like that roar of a Harley, impossible to forget.

    Lemme see. General Wesley warned about this back in 2007 when he spoke of 7 nations to be taken down did he not?

    Bibi needs a war to appear like a Messiah in the nation that is ready to boot him out of office.

    They are working on a global famine; take out the granaries. Lebanon has been destroyed over the past few years; this another (((nail in the coffin))).

    Astrologically, the planet is moving into a very violent and fiery phase and this fits right in with what to expect over the next while. The rona idiocy is weakening the populace of the planet so expect more destruction. Things are just amping up and we all know (((who plans))) to be the victor.

    And of course (((our dear friends))) will be cheering on their Lucifer from the hills.

  2. This kind of wanton destruction/murder is right out of the jews most evil book the Talmud.Sick bastards!!

  3. Using the same logic as the Israeli's policy shift, should we hold all Jews accountable for Netanyahoo's decisions?

    1. Let's do what PANTIFA and BLM are doing, hold all whites accountable for the slave trade.
      That's wrong to accuse someone of something they didn't do, but hey, if that policy works for whitey, then....

  4. Hi Georgio, this one thread on Beirut via Mintpress under moderazione:


    Of course the jaws are responsible. No surprise. They are (have become) the apexapes of the social economical political pyramid worldwide through deception, millions and millions of deaths..

    @ R. Browning, I would say humanimal, which all (human) beings who all have a Godgiven human body incl. the jaws..

    I write to communicate - and create an alternate social reality - but your head is clearly a one way alley, which the cleaners did not yet do. If u would have read any of my stuff here you would know that calling me a kike is the same as denying Hillary Clinton and her pizza amegos etc. are baby eaters or adrenochrome addicts .

    Today 11 august 1492 is exactly the day 528 years ago that Rodrigo Borja - born in Xativa near Valencia, Spain.- became ceo of the Vatican.

    It is the birth of the nwo=jwo. It is the 911 avant la lettre, imv.

    Recorded earlier but repetition will not harm since this is not (yet) known by most.

    The jews said to be expelled from Spain by the Iberian royal couple were welcomed to Rome by Borja who took the name Alexander VI . He gave them a special quarter of the city to do their thing. He whitewashed the image of JC - and yes this remains important since the socalled holy see still looks the other other way- and used it as tool to establsh a Spanish empire under the aforementioned royal couple. Modus Operandi: Beirut 2020 on steroids.

    The j-bankers moved up to the north, Antwerp, Amsterdam and later on were welcomed by Oliver Cromwell their strawman after being a few centuries personae non grata in England.

    The rest is history (after) this 911 apres la lettre.

    Btw in the US constitution `black´ Americans are only 3/5 of a human being, it still is not erased,

    Pike´s statue was taken down, and rightly so. Those who say that this taking down of statues is the coming of the totalarian regime as predicted by Orwell aka as Blair miss discernment.

    Btw Blair fought in the Spanish civil war and got wounded. End 2017 I got wounded in Leida (Lerida) in Catalunya, a huge pain in the ass of Spain, this province: Independencia!¡! I read a plaquette that Blair was there, in the hospital where I did rehabilatation excercises.

    Years ago I saw Pike taken down in my esp xyz files. Et voila, to my amusement.

    Pike is a 33rd degree mason and a lucifer worshipper like the RotSchilds and their minions.

    One of them, the present WH resident is also 33rd degree bricklayer and wants the statue back.

    If the voting sheople wants more and more Beiruts, give him another 4 years.


    CIA O


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