Saturday, August 22, 2020

Yada Yada Vashem Admits there is NO Decree, Letter or Order or VERBAL COMMAND Proving the Holocaust Happened

Admitting there is no decree, letter or order proving their story?

WTF? Yada Vashem is on Occupied Palestinian land, one of the bigger carny sites of the Holocau$t ™ in the world. And they're admitting that NO DECREE, LETTER, ORDER OR VERBAL COMMAND was issued by Hitler or his staff.

The Big Lie was expanded to claim that at some conference, their was a meeting of the minds to carry out the biggest con job in history, the holocaust.

But Yada admits that there was no such thing and that Hitler wanted to move the Jews out of Germany, perhaps to the newly conquered territory in NW Russia, or the Pale of Settlement where the Russians had moved the troublesome Jews for their own protection.

The "Final Solution" we've heard about 6 gorillion times is missing a key word; The Territorial Final Solution, which involved moving Jews out of Germany, not sticking them in gas chambers.
When word of this leaked out, the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE started making a ruckus AGAINST the plan. They did NOT want to be stuck back in the Pale of Settlement, where their would be no Goyim to prey on, bamboozle, fleece and steal from, only other Jews and as we see in Occupied Palestine, Jews living among Russians, Poles and Germany do not get along that well.

Zionist Organization of America Part 1 of 10
"VAT? Vat iz ziss? Only 2 million Juden in Occupied Europe? But muh holocaust. This is anti-Semitic and should be...What's that, the letter is from Rabbi Holler addressing a Jewish gathering? Oh shittttt."

Be sure to check out page 10, that must of had a doozy, since nearly all is blacked out.

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