Saturday, September 26, 2020

How F*cking Stupid Can the Covid Junkies get? Cardboard Cutouts of Fans in the Stadium?

Watched a little bit of some NCAA college football games, until I saw how fucking idiotic it is to force coaches to wear face diapers, but not players? So when the offense comes off the field, a face diapered coach will instruct the offense on what to do. 80+ players on one sideline, NO masks and 15 or coaches with masks? This is beyond ludicrous, it's into the realm of the bizarre. So the players are immune to Covid hysteria, but the coaches have to wear face diapers, to show everyone how to be a good Goy or Girl?
As sports resume, some fans will be made of cardboard Lara Smedley, founder of My Fan Seats, has pivoted her sports events company to go all in on the cardboard craze. Since doing so, she said she has received thousands of inquires on her website from fans looking to bring the concept to their teams. She’s currently working with professional and collegiate sports teams to develop and launch their programs.
As usual when their is some kind of event, good or bad, the carrion birds aren't far behind. The Deep State psychos who did 9/11 and most of the other horrible events where large numbers of people lost their homes, jobs and lives to these Endless Wars for Wall Street and Israel will not let this Covid scamdemic slowly go away.
At the beginning of the football training, they tried to force players to wear masks, but the masks so constructed their breathing that they couldn't play well, the NCAA gave in and let the players remain mask free.
As the sheep enter the slaughterhouse, the Judas Goat steps aside to let the sheep get butchered. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN TO HUMANITY! They've been planning this takeover of the planet for years and years, so no matter how many Stand Up and say WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT, they won't listen, since they're trying to use Judas Goats to herd everyone into their NWO Concentration Camp that will make now seem like the Good Ol' Days. Don't let them. Now is the time to stand up and fight this in your face tyranny, or forever consign ourselves, our kids and grandkids to be slaves to these sons of a bitches. Wow, look at who else benefits from these masks...


  1. At least you don't have to feed this audience. And they never boo or hiss. Canned laughter to the max. Amazes me that sports fans still watch and cheer on the tube. AND accept the politics or just ignore them. (((They))) destroy everything they touch.

    1. Its becoming obvious that a certain branch of humans veered off and got dosed with a hate all humans virus. They call it Chosen, I call it insanity.

  2. Worship their false God Patty Mahomes

    And the rest of the sellouts.


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