Sunday, October 4, 2020

If Calling Washington Football Team REDSKINS isn't OK, Then Why are US Weapons w/Indian Names OK?

The undead woke PC thugs have been going after the Washington DC football team for years, bitching about their REDSKINS name. Looks like they finally got the scalp they wanted, as the Redskins moniker is no more.

Then why don't these snowflakes go after Pentagon weapons named after Native Americans/First People? Is it because they ones financing this idiotic colored revolution in the US are the same cocksuckers behind nearly all our troubles, the so-called (((Deep State)))?

The U.S. Names Lots of Weapons After Native Americans 
There’s been something of a public furor lately over the Pentagon’s tradition of naming military aircraft after Native American tribes. Critics claim the monikers are insulting—just as some believe that naming sports teams “Redskins” or “Indians” is derogatory. 
Others argue that it’s an honor to have a helicopter or airplane take your name. Indeed, some Native American tribes have given the practice their blessing...
There were 566 federally recognized Native American tribes as of 2013. Should the Army in particular continue its longstanding nomenclature policy, American pilots may yet end up flying helicopters named Kickapoo and Snoqualmie.

When you consider the fact that these weapons have been used in our never-ending "Wars for Wall Street & Israel" and have helped to murder millions of POC since the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, that's one more reason to stop slurring Indian names with the blood of POC. 

Why not call US football teams after the most prominent assholes in that town? New York Giants could be called the New York Kikes. San Frisco 49'ers could be called the San Franciso Faggots. Miami Dolphins could be called the Miami Cubanos and Dallas Cowboys could be called the Dallas Wetbacks! 

Use you imagination and rename all the sports teams! 

As long as we're being PC to the point of stupidity, BLM should ask the three pro-sports leagues why there are only SIX POC in the 92 teams and also ask why there are NO Black owners of any football team, even though Sean Combs AKA 'Puff Daddy' had the money to buy the Charlotte franchise in 2018 and the Nfl (((owners))) said NO, we're going to sell that team to one of our kind David (((Tepper.)

In this article pointing out the lack of Black team owners, the shape-shifters go back to being White, since it takes the heat off people wondering why there are so many JEW owners. 

While they figure that one out, BLM should also ask why Jews are wanting to wipe out the legacy of Malcolm X. Isn't saying that Malcolm X's name must be gone from the public eye racist? Or is it only racist when honkies say that?


  1. The U.S. Names Lots of Weapons After Native Americans

    Wow, this has never been pointed out to me! Why would they do that?

    1. Just one more way to piss on the Native Americans. They've handled their struggle with dignity, unlike the Commie funded BLM, who showed their frauds by not raising hell bout Biden choosing Harris, who comes from a slave owning family on her Daddy's side.
      And on her Mother's? Bet that is interesting, considering the Hindu caste system.

  2. Malcolm knew what was going on with the Jews, he knew the truth, and for that, just like with Hitler, he must be wiped clean from history, for any man who shoves the truth about Jews and Israel into the minds of citizens must be vanquished forever. No matter what crimes the Jews commit, they must always be seen as the victims of made-up oppression which them gives them a free get-out-of-jail card. NO ! No more ! These lying cocksuckers need to get on their knees and pray ! Retribution from the entire human race is close at hand !

  3. the URL for "legacy of Malcolm X" is invalid, please could you correct, i would love to read

    1. Sorry bout that. My computer has been catching hell lately, I wonder why?

    2. Funny (not "ha ha") you should mention that Greg. Have about 20 different USB sticks for various subjects. One has all my (((Crimes against humanity)))& HoloHOAX stuff. Added a file the other day, went to add another & computer wouldn't recognize the disc. Tried it in another one - same shit - "Format" EVERYTHING GONE !! . . .thank fuck for double backups !! Can't work out how it happened. No one else has access . . . must just be a "mystery" eh ??


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