Sunday, December 16, 2018

How can 2% of the US population own nearly 40% of the wealth?

One question, many answers. Ethnic networking most likely. Outright theft, as the (((FED))) is owned and controlled by a certain group of thieves and operates for theirs, NOT Americans benefit. Then there's blackmail--think Jeff Epstein and all those cameras he had hidden on his 'Lolita Express' and on his private island where American politicians--like the Clinton's and Tubby the Grifter--flocked to statutory rape underage girls and boys. Bet if you did an underwater survey around the island, you'd find many skeletons. Dead men--and women--tell no tales.

There's also bribery to get that inside info to game the stock market while you pay off the SEC and FBI to look the other way.

So how is this possible? While they live like royalty on stolen loot, many Americans find it difficult to pay the mortgage.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Starve the Beast Part II

The West Bank thieves survive on other people's money, like that they get from Airnb did the right thing and no longer lists properties in the West Bank and now, it's time for to do the same:
The popular global tourism company Airbnb recently announced its decision to de-list properties in illegal Israeli settlements, a move which Human Rights Watch (HRW) praised as "a stand against discrimination, displacement, and land theft."

Now it's time for to follow suit. stated to HRW that it merely provides a platform for rental, which it claims does not support settlements.

But that is just not the case. needs to recognize that, while its intention is to remain impartial, its laissez-faire policy actually harms the people of Palestine and bolsters a belligerent state.

HRW's business and human rights director Arvind Ganesan explained that global tourism companies "contribute to entrenching a two-tiered discriminatory regime in the West Bank" when they list properties in illegal Israeli settlements. They also provide an economic boost and perpetuate the illusion that settlements are legitimate – when in reality they are built on stolen Palestinian land, and illegal under international humanitarian law.

Please take a minute to contact and tell them they need to take an active stand against oppression.

Thank you! – Alison Weir

Sunday, December 9, 2018

While the World Consumes itself to Death, the Palestinian Slaughter Continues

On 37th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Wound 72 Civilians, including 11 Children, 1 Woman and 2 Paramedics
On Friday evening, 07 December 2018, Israeli forces wounded 72 Palestinian civilians, including 11 children, 1 woman and 2 paramedics in the peaceful demonstrations in the eastern Gaza Strip despite the decreasing intensity of the demonstrations there for the sixth week consecutively and absence of most means usually used during the demonstrations since the beginning of the Return and Breaking the Siege March 7 months ago.

According to observations by PCHR’s fieldworkers, for the fifth week since the beginning of the Return March on 30 March 2018, the demonstrators abstained from burning tires while the attempts to cross the border fence and throw stones and incendiary balloons were completely absent.

Though the demonstrators were around tens of meters away from the border fence, the Israeli forces who stationed in sniper positions and military jeeps along the fence continued to use excessive force against the demonstrators by opening fire and firing teargas canisters at them, without the later posing any imminent threat or danger to the life of soldiers.

While the West is gleeful over the approaching Christmas--can I still say that word?--Palestine is being slowly bled and murdered to extinction.

Are there any GOOD Christians left? Are they ntoo busy buying junk for Christmas?

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