Thursday, May 31, 2007


A recent Pew poll indicated that a small number of American Muslims, a minority of only 8%, considered suicide bombing acceptable under certain circumstances. The vast majority, 78%, said suicide bombing against civilian targets was never acceptable. Most Christians, 65% of Protestants and 72% of Catholics, believe that torture is justifiable under certain circumstances. Nearly half of Americans, 46%, believe that it may be acceptable to deliberately target civilian populations in war time. An average of 75% of Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia and Morocco believe that such attacks are never acceptable.

Will the good Christians, the peaceful ones, ever speak out against their co-religionists who carry bombs in their cars or drop them on civilians in Iraq?

Christians perpetrated the crusades, the inquisition, the slave trade and imperial adventures too numerous to mention. It may be comforting to pat ourselves on the back and consign those behaviors to past centuries. We are living in the 21st century after all. Who would use the name of the Christian God to justify mass killing? A majority of modern day American Christians, that's who.

While were at it, let's update the "Beatitudes." The old "Blessed are the Peacemakers.." is so First Century. Today it should read "Blessed are the WarMongers, for theirs is the Kingdom of Hell."
Now that's more like it!!! That truly reflects the deity these modern-day "Christian Storm Troopers" serve.

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