Saturday, May 12, 2007


Israeli forces demolish centre for disabled children in east Jerusalem
Date: 08 / 05 / 2007 Time: 11:16

Jerusalem - Ma'an - The Israeli forces demolished a centre for disabled children in east Jerusalem early on Tuesday morning.

The Israeli authorities said that the centre, which houses an association for disabled children in the Wadi Joz neighbourhood of Jerusalem, had no license.

Our Jerusalem correspondent reported that the Israeli military forced the disabled children to evacuate the building and then began demolishing it.

The 70 m² building, which is owned by Palestinian Jerusalemite Hani Tatah, houses more than 20 disabled children.

This latest demolition brings the number of buildings demolished by Israel since the start of the current year to 48; the Israeli authorities claim the buildings have no license.

Just another day for the vicious thugs, gangsters and criminals that call themselves the IOF. When the brave men and women of the IOF tire of shooting kids in the head or lobbing grenades at women, they kick disabled children out of their home, then destroy said home.
Let's take an informal poll: Who do you think are/were the most vicious terrorists ever? The Nazis at the height of their invasions or the Israeli Occupation Force?

My vote goes to the Israeli Occupation Force. My reason? The Nazis were around, creating havoc for about six years. The criminal gang of Israeli mobsters have been terrorizing the indigenous people's of the Middle East for over 60 years.

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