Tuesday, May 15, 2007


No one knows the exact number of people in the Palestinian refugee camp of Sabra Shateela, whose massacre Ariel Sharon was ‘personally responsible’ for. But it has been estimated that there were around 2,000, mostly old men, women and children, unarmed, unprotected civilians massacred in that refugee camp, in three days and nights of systematic torture, rape, and slaughter. The extent of the evidence of this massive war crime was buried in mass graves dug by Israeli bulldozers. Those same bulldozers flattened miserable camp houses, burying evidence there too.


Another war criminal, thief, liar and murderer, that will never be brought to justice. Sharon lived a life of luxury after sanctioning and leading the IOF troops who tortured, raped and slaughtered countless Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The only other war criminals that not only equal, but exceed Sharon's record for butchery are Bush and his bitch poodle, Blair. Neither of these homicidal maniacs will ever see the inside of a prison cell, let alone be brought to justice for their innumerable war crimes.

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