Monday, May 19, 2008

"Dead Man Talking": Jewish Media Groups to Release latest Bin Laden Recording

Other than the war profiteers and defense contractors, Israel is the only one benefiting from these "Emmanuel Goldstein" moments that tells the dumb and gullible to engage in the state mandated "Two Minutes Hate" so they'll become so angry and frightened they'll gladly hand over more money, more of their freedoms and more of their sons and daughters to fight never ending wars for that State of Hate, Israel.

Dead Man Talking: Bin Laden Endorses Obama from the grave

Boy, for a dead guy, that Bin Laden sure is talkative. But it helps when you have some close buds at some JEWISH Media Groups, like Rita Katz's SITE and Ben Venzke's IntelCenter, to do your all the leg work in getting the latest your recordings out.

Or maybe MOSSAD Recording Studios will let a good bud of Rita Katz and admirer of Daniel Pipes, Michelle Malkin and that mouth-breathing Islamaphobe site, Little Green Footballs, Laura Mansfield handle the press release for this latest BL confabulation.

In her spare time, Laura writes for David Horowitz's "Front Page" magazine, sharing space with the likes of Charles Krauthammer, Daniel Pipes, Ann Coulter and Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

Now there's an impartial bunch!!

One has to wonder why someone like BL, who is a sworn enemy of Jews, always lets Jews like Katz and Venzke release his latest tirades.

But these Jewish Media Groups won't record anymore video of BL, since the one they released last September 11, 2007--nice time there, MOSSD--was an obvious fake, as
AP noted that "during the video, bin Laden's image moves for only a total of about 3 1/2 minutes in two segments, staying frozen the rest of the time while his remarks continue." An anonymous U.S. intelligence official told the AP it may have been a technical glitch that occurred during production.

Yeah, right. A technical "glitch."

Is that like a "wardrobe malfunction?"

Dead guys just don't talk as much as they used to, do they lovely Rita, Meter Maid?

The next MOSSAD Recording Studios release of BL's latest promises that he will have a strong message for Muslims.

Like what?

"I switched to GEICO and saved $273.00 Yankee Imperial Dollars per year."

"Wash that grey away, right out of your beard, by using Grecian Formula 5."

"All Muslims, who are registered to vote in the U.S., should vote for Barack Obama. That is Sharia."

Most likely, MOSSAD Recording Studios will conjure up some message that relates to that "shitty little country", Israel and how Israel needs to be... blah, blah, blah.

And maybe some reference to the MOSSAD/CIA false-flag op on 9/11 will be tossed in for good measure, with BL thanking his Persian buddies for helping carry out the MOSSAD/CIA attacks on 9/11.

For that is what these bogus BL messages are all about: Getting the U.S. suckered into fighting another war for Israel, by bombing to hell and gone Iran so Israel can continue on with its murderous campaign of ethnically cleansing the indigenous Palestinians from their homeland.

This latest BL brouhaha has all the markings of a press release, designed to get the public primed and ready for another big, stinking load of you know what.

Check out some of these online news sites that are trumpeting the next BL release and see how they all sound the same.

China Daily

All Headlines News

This isn't reporting, unless the reporter is waving blue pom-poms and wearing a white colored, cheerleading skirt and has a Star of David around their neck.

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