Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mel Gibson filming "Passion of the Christ" Part II

Mel Gibson's publicist announced today that Mr. Gibson was buys filming "The Passion of the Christ" Part II, in which Jesus comes back and does some serious ass-kicking of the Pharisees, beating the holy crap out of that self-righteous bunch and tossing their sorry asses out of Palestine, for being corrupt heathens and hedonistic.

The publicist, M. Magdalena said the movie script took up what happened after JC kicked the Pharisees and their brood out of Palestine and they land in Egypt's Sinai, where they embark on the real Exodus, running as fast as they can, trying to escape JC's wrath.

They steal a flotilla of boats and head for South America.

Since the Pharisees had to work the sails and tiller by themselves and not being used to physical labor, they wind up in Antarctica, where they "discover" ancient scrolls that said that Antarctica was actually their homeland, so they go about slaughtering all of the penguins for having the nerve of trying to live on land given to the hedonistic Pharisees by their gawd.

Centuries later, modern day explorers will find DNA traces of the Jewish race in Antarctica, but sadly, only the DNA is found in the droppings of bird and walrus shit, as the Jews succumbed to the horrors of physical labor and realizing too late that all the gold they brought with them when getting out of Palestine would do them no good in Antarctica.

The Pharisees even induced their Kabbalah occultists to perform bizarre rites on the gold, in an attempt to turn it into food, but all the gold did was to melt and then re-form in the shape of a golden calf, which they could not eat.


  1. Hey Greg, thats a Super-Duper Block-Buster Hit... I'll love it. I hereby declare I would preorder 100 DVDs of that movie to give'em to my friends... :D :D

  2. Gotta have a laugh now and then, to break up all the bad shit coming out of DC and Tel Aviv, or else you'll go crazy.

  3. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

    Thanks for that article!

    I hope Mel takes some direction from his fans

    Here's one you might like, a humourous piece I wrote, that syncronistically involves Mel Gibson as well:


    Canadian Jewish congress, ADL Issue Apology to Ahenakew
    Posted by anarchore on March 18, 2007

    Canadian Jewish congress, ADL Issue Apology to Ahenakew.
    Izzy Asper, ZOG Press
    Published: Sunday, September 3, 2006

    OTTAWA (CP) - Spokesman Frank Dimant of B’nai B’rith Canada today read a joint apology issued from the ADL and the CJC to native leader Chief David Ahenakew for attacking him on his statements alleging Jews were behind most world wars.

    Dimant said the unprecedented apology came about after Mel Gibson’s arrest on drunk driving charges, “It was the arrest of Mel Gibson that provoked this. We looked at what Mel Gibson had said about Jews starting all the wars and found it was quite similar to what Chief Ahenakew had said. These are two very different people with different backgrounds reaching the same conclusion about Zionists, so it was quite an eye-opener. We decided to determine if there was any truth to the allegations, and after a painful, hard look at the facts there is no doubt that Chief Ahenakew and Mel Gibson were 100% correct.”

    Dimant went on to discuss the soul-searching that went on in Canada’s Zionist hierarchy, “We actually looked at the historical record, and we found that us Zionist fanatics actually were behind most of the world’s wars, and are indeed behind all the new wars brewing in the middle east. We were shocked!”

    Dimant also came clean about Jewish power behind the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, “Heck, look who was behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It was dual Israeli citizens in the White House who cooked up all the lies and our friends in the Jewish owned press that kept the public thinking there was an imminent threat from Iraq, just as we are doing with our smear campaign against Iran today. We ask Chief Ahenakew to accept our apologies in light of the facts, and encourage the Canadian people to look to alternative news sources on the internet and elsewhere, because the Zionists who own your media cannot be trusted. Hey, can you blame us, there’s good money in war you know! “

    Today’s statement was also a historic milestone as the first time in history Jews have apologized.

    Note: This is a work of satire, protected by the right to freedom of speech!

  4. Anarchore... That was a great story... I wish the zionists would accept responsibility for plunging the world into unnecessary wars to earn a profit outta other people's blood...


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