Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CNN shows damage caused by Georgian troops, claims it was Russian troops

In one of its news bulletins CNN has shown Russian tanks and ruined buildings which they claimed are in the Georgian town of Gori. Russian cameraman of the Russian TV channel, who did the footage in reality in South Ossetian city of Tskhinvali says CNN aired footage of Tskhinvali district close to former Russian peacekeepers headquarters, nearly all of them were killed by Georgians after the footage was made.

An American man living in South Ossetia says U.S. and Georgian leaders are responsible for the violence that has killed 2,000 people in the region. Joe Mestas, who witnessed days of shelling, told RT that Washington will have to answer for the violence.



  1. That's right! CNN shows Tskhinvali fnd says that is Gory. But why americans lie? 2000 innocent people, women and children were killed by georgian army IN ONE NIGHT. But CNN told nothing about it. All night 08/08/08 CNN, BBC fnd others western mass media kept silence...
    And keep silence about georgian crimes at present.
    People! If Russia had really attacked Georgia, this country would not have existed at present!

    P.S. Sorry for my english.

  2. The American MSM is also leaving out the fact that on August 8, Russia tried to get a cease-fire resolution passed thru the UN Security Council and that was blocked by the US and Britian.

    Go figure.


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