Wednesday, August 6, 2008

EU declares war on Iran

That's right, the EU has issued what is in effect a declaration of war against another of Israel's "existential" enemies, Iran and the American MSM is too busy covering nonsense stories about Obama vs McCain, endlessly spinning non-stories to give them the appearance of being "news," instead of covering this latest Zionist act of war against another ME nation Israel doesn't like.

Is this a repeat of the Summer of 2001, before the MOSSAD/CIA attacks on the WTC when the American MSM was enthralled with reporting on Congressman Gary Condit's love affair with a Jewish-American Princess that they either deliberately ignored stories about MOSSAD art students gallivanting about the country, protecting their dupes who would later get the blame for the 9/11 attacks or are they so incompetent that they belong on the grocery store rack next to the other tabloids?

The biggest proponents of this sorry-ass measure are Britain, whose leader, Brown, is willing to bend over even further to serve his Zionist masters, to keep his job.
France, where the Zionist Sarkozy must be beside himself to be given a chance to prove his undying loyalty and love of all things Israel and Germany, poor Germany, whose shameless Chancellor, Merkel, never wastes an opportunity to grovel before Israel and kiss endless amounts of Zionist arse.

When mushroom clouds begin popping up over Tehran and American troops in Iraq are being used for target practice by enraged Shi'ite Muslims, in Tel Aviv, they'll be popping champagne corks, celebrating their latest successful effort to get Christians fighting Muslims.

EU agrees to go beyond U.N. sanctions on Iran

BRUSSELS, July 30 (Reuters) - The European Union has agreed to go beyond United Nations sanctions on Iran, instructing its financial institutions to exercise "restraint" on export credits and allowing its navies to inspect all Iran-bound cargoes, a senior diplomat said on Wednesday. However, the EU regulation implementing the latest U.N. resolution on Iran will only be formally adopted next week after a deadline expires for Tehran to reply to an offer by major world powers to start negotiations on its nuclear programme.

The diplomat said Britain, France and Germany, the three EU powers that have been holding exploratory talks with Iran alongside the United States, China and Russia, pressed for the 27-nation bloc to go beyond the U.N. resolution.

"Britain, France, Germany and Italy wanted to be robust and go beyond (U.N. Security Council resolution) 1803 and implement what they had to sacrifice to Russia and China to get it through the Security Council," he said.

The U.N. text calls upon states to "exercise vigilance in entering into new commitments for public provided financial support for trade with Iran", but the EU regulation will urge member states to exercise "restraint".

The U.N. resolution also mentions only inspection of cargoes to and from Iran of aircraft and vessels owned or operated by two named Iranian companies, whereas the EU rules will allow checks on all cargoes to and from Iran........

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