Monday, August 11, 2008

Israel's swarming over Georgia, Lev Leviev's one of them

As long as the "brave" IDF storm troopers are shooting Palestinian kids in the head, or beating up a handcuffed "detainee," or clubbing elderly Palestinians in the skull, they are some of the "bravest" troops in the world.

But when the other side rares up and fights back, as we seen in Lebanon in 2006, the Khazars put their tail between their hoofed feet and run.

Security consultants? Right. And the US doesn't send combat troops to countries it's trying to subvert, only "military advisers."

Even a blind man can see what's going on here. Zionists like Leviev are trying to corner the oil and gas fields in the resource rich Caspian Basin region, to enrich themselves and to make Israel's port of Haifa the oil capital of the world.

Georgian fighting drives out Israeli security consultants

By Ora Coren

"The Russians don't look kindly on the military cooperation of Israeli firms with the Georgian army, and as far as I know, Israelis doing security consulting left Georgia in the past few days because of the events there," the former Israeli ambassador to Georgia and Armenia, Baruch Ben Neria, said yesterday. After his posting, Ben Neria represented Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in Georgia.

Israelis are active in real estate, tourism, gaming, military manufacturing and security consulting in the Caucasian republic. Among the more recognizable names are former Tel Aviv mayor Roni Milo, former Georgian and Russian immigration emissary Itzik Moshe, Likud bigwig and gambling operator Reuven Gavrieli, and Brig. Gen. (res.) Gal Hirsch. The latter does security consulting.

In the past Rafael tried to sell equipment to the Georgian army, and Israel Aerospace Industries has carried out aircraft upgrades and sold unmanned aerial vehicles to the state.

Ben Neria said the events in Georgia will affect the country's strategic, economic and international affairs in the immediate and medium terms.

"Georgia is located in a strategic place, between Turkey, Russia and Iran," Ben Neria said. "In the past four years it has developed economically, particularly in the real estate, tourism and service sectors. The Russians, for geopolitical and strategic reasons, will not permit Georgia to become a forward NATO base on their border and will not permit it to develop a burgeoning economy."

Other Israelis who have considered investing in Georgia in the past two years include Eyal Ofer, Ofer Nimrodi, Lev Leviev, Doron Aviv and the Phoenix insurance company.

Among the Israeli companies that have already invested in Georgia are Gaon Holdings, Shapir and Gmul Investment.

Leviev subsidizes an army of some 10,000 Jewish functionaries from Ukraine to Azerbaijan, including 300 rabbis. In his spare time, Lev likes to perform circumcisions.

10,000 functionaries? Or an "Army?" More like 10,000 Jewish storm troopers and MOSSAD agents.

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