Monday, August 25, 2008

John McCain's News Conference

"Senator McCain, what about the housing crisis?"

"As you know, I sat for five and half years in a house in N.Vietnam and let me say..."

"Senator McCain, should the US equip Georgia?"

"Thanks for asking that, since Georgia is not that far from a place called Hanoi, where I spent five and half years...."

"Senator McCain, what about restoring the Bill of Rights?"

"The Bill of Rights wasn't mentioned at all, when I spent five and half years in the Hanoi HIlton..."

"Senator McCain, will you cut taxes on the middle class?"

"I know a little about taxes, since it was very taxing for me to spend five and half years as a guest of the N. Vietnamese. So, I'm in favor of cutting that kind of taxing."

"Senator McCain, do you have anything original to say to Americans?"

"Let me say that the five and half years I spent at the Hanoi Hilton was very original, and Americans need to understand that."

"Senator McCain, do you wear adult diapers?"

"Uhh, that DEPENDS on what you mean by adult?
At times, in my five and half years spent in Hanoi..."


  1. Dear readers...I desperately need you assistance.

    There are those out there in the blogosphere that believe that John "Songbird" McCain did not PERFORM IN anti-U.S. propaganda videos for the Viet Cong, in exchange for preferential treatment, while his fellow POWs suffered with their wounds.

    So...does ANYONE know of Vietnam veterans who served alongside "Songbird" who can either verify those claims, and/or can provide the VIDEOS?

  2. THAT'S funny!


  3. The testimony of McCain's fellow prisoners who nicknamed him "Canary" is out there, but not aware of any videos.

    Those have probably been bought by some nation wishing to control McCain.


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