Sunday, August 3, 2008

"We're all in the same boat and it's sinking fast"

Think the Bush/Cheney Junta only started its illegal domestic spying program AFTER 9/11?


Project Groundbreaker began within weeks of Bush assuming the purloined presidency, back in February 2001.

Washington, You're Fired

Still get misty-eyed when you hear someone sing "God Bless America?" So do I, but not out of some misguided sense of loyalty.

For, how can one have loyalty to a country, the USA, that no longer exists?

Between the heinous "Patriot Act," the "Military Commissions Act," the revised FISA law and the numerous Presidential Executive Orders that are eviscerating our freedoms, we no longer have a functioning Bill of Rights.

And without a Bill of Rights, there is no longer an "America the Beautiful."

What else can one say to presidential decrees that can strip away the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights on one person's dictate--Some Americans have already found out the hard way that rights guaranteed to We the People by the Constitution have been rescinded, one one man's whim, to prosecute his ill-named "War on Terror."

The only war that is being waged is a war against the Bill of Rights and our freedoms and so far, the other side is batting a .1000.

We're one more false-flag event away from completely losing the minuscule amount of freedoms the Bush/Cheney Junta have allowed us to still retain.

"Anyone is only worth the price of one bullet"

Freedom from warrantless searches?


Who knows, the government might have already slipped in to your house, unknown and installed spyware on your computer... Or worse, installed some kind of child pornography that they will use later to convict you of crimes you didn't commit, just to shut you the hell up.

Freedom of Assembly?


Unless you call being forced to protest a mile away from your desired site and being shut up behind barb wired enclosures, with heavily armed police goon squads patrolling the perimeter, ready and waiting to crack your skull for uttering such seditious chants as "Give Peace a Chance."

Free to apply for a writ of habeas corpus?


The Bush/Cheney Junta now have the Congressionally mandated right to toss you into to prison and deny you access to a lawyer and deny your petition to be freed pending trial. Hell, they don't even have to show you the evidence, since that is a "national secret" that would impede the "War on Terrror."

Freedom of religion?


Unless you're a member of your local synagogue or one of the knuckle-dragging, mouth breathers that slavishly follow that "Man of God," John Hagee, whose idea of spreading love is to drop a couple of 150 kiloton nukes on ME countries that he and Israel don't like.

Freedom from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishments?


Just ask Sami Al-Arian , now in his sixth year of a hellish existence that has seen the feds go back on deals and lie to get Mr. Al-Arian convicted by any means.

His crime? He's a Muslim, and worse, a Palestinian that has had some success in combating the ignorance and prejudice in the ME debate.

Sami Al-Arain's main inquisitor? A federal prosecutor by the name of KROMBERG. Go figure.

When that next MOSSAD/CIA false-flag hits America--again--it will be goodbye to the Internet and Hello to the American Gulag.

But, don't worry about the Bush/Cheney Junta gang-raping the Bill of Rights.

Why, there's a special on Lindsey Lohan coming up on CNN.

Don't concern yourself with the Bill of Rights being used for toilet paper by the Boy King, Bush.

Why, I need to get to the store to buy the latest copy of "National Enquirer."

When your front door gets kicked down at 3 am, by machinegun wielding Blackwater thugs, don't worry.

After all, you're innocent, Right?

What if every email, every phone call; every time you surfed the Internet, your private communications were being siphoned into a gigantic dragnet funded by a forty-five billion dollar budget and carried out in cooperation with the FBI, AT&T, and Verizon? “Washington, You’re Fired” presents compelling first-hand testimony and whistleblower accounts, punching holes in the official "war on terrorism" excuse that has been used to dismantle the U.S. Bill of Rights and tip the scales of executive checks and balance in this country.

For more videos on this, click here

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  1. Big Question: Do Judeo-Conspirators Still Have "Strong Card" To Play?
    (Apollonian, 4 Aug 08)

    Note in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, top-down dictatorship, beginning w. national gov., including esp. Congress, will become evermore corrupt, betraying people to Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), as they're evermore bought-off by means of such as present burgeoning HYPER-INFLATION--this has pretty much already happened for practical purposes.

    Hence it's up ultimately to people themselves to experience and undergo a most urgent psychologic revolution/enlightenment--"EPIPHANY"--and to lose this addiction to criminal madness, and the people can do it if anyone can. For politicians seem to be hopelessly extorted and terrorized by Israel/MOSSAD.

    Thus it will require state governments to step-up to the challenge, and next, local gov.s too, all in inexorable turn. For example, US Senators must be elected/appointed by state governments/legislatures--not by direct popular vote as present--according to Benson at Seventeenth Amendment was never really ratified.

    Note Christianity is necessarily and most pointedly ANTI-SEMITIC, as anti-Talmudic, at Gosp. MARK 7:1-13. Thus "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists and "rapture bunnies" need to find out they've been most horrifically had by Judeo-conspirators. Christ was no Jew (Talmudist) by any means, on the contrary.

    Another note is simply logical one people have heretofore been so easily intimidated by means of Pharisaic-moralist trumping of truth, inductive logic, and perceptual reality. For there's no "good-evil"--except for children. And people are QUITE CAPABLE of "snapping out" of this childish trance they've suffered fm Jews, don't doubt--Jew-expulsions have happened many times before in history--IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN, just u watch.

    It might seem complicated, but it isn't: people need merely see how HONESTY has been bamboozled, denied, and short-circuited by moralism-Pharisaism--anti-semitism is actually outstanding virtue of Christianity, ITS VERY PURPOSE. Christianity IS NOT mere variation/version of Judaism (Talmudism), but rather ITS VERY OPPOSITE, anti-thesis.

    So my pt. then for all this expo is serious, genuine cultural and mental EPIPHANY is closer than some people might think, and hence it shouldn't be under-estimated or disparaged.

    Rapidly deteriorating economic, not to mention political, conditions are occurring as we speak, and with internet people are evermore informed and alarmed by Judeo-conspirators who are running out of cards to play against the people. Look how quickly the Ivins (Anthrax) story un-raveled, exposing Israel, "neo-cons," "Zionists," and Jews, whose "days" are surely "NUMBERED."

    And it's actually now simply a matter of people, both in general and for those certain few, specifically, moving fm effeminate moralist passivity to masculine activity, purposefulness, HONESTY, and inductive logic--hence THEN DECISIVE JEW-EXPULSION, to solve all the problems, at least providing auspicious beginning thereto, for sure.

    Thus people will (finally) face facts of Jew Talmud (see,, and for expo/ref.), and idea there are no "good" Jews, any more than there's "good" psychopath. A new crop of leaders is waiting to arise who, like original Christian Apostles, will suddenly achieve genuine EPIPHANY, LOSING "FEAR OF THE JEWS"--it happened before, and it can and must happen again. People, enough of them, will see such anti-semitic EPIPHANY is necessary simply to SAVE THEIR VERY LIVES.

    Thus such EPIPHANY is all part of CYCLIC historic process, and mighty internet is just a part, along with blogging art and dialectic which is part of natural blogging process.

    What then will be decisive triggering event for such EPIPHANY?--at least that time when Judeo-conspirators think it's expedient or necessary (it doesn't matter now) to play their next "strong" card for big Terrorist event, for thematic example, to excuse martial law. Judeo-conspirators don't seem to realize THEY AIN'T GOT A REAL "STRONG CARD" LEFT to play.

    CONCLUSION: So what do we do?--simple: keep gathering arms and ammo, and keep blogging and dialectic w. one another. Very fact we keep mighty internet is itself advantage and good sign for initiative against ZOG-Mammon empire/beast. Next neat event will be Ron Paul making fool of "Manchurian candidate" up in Minnesota next month. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


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