Saturday, September 20, 2008

Golddiggers Unite! If You Can’t Trust Another Golddigging Multi-Millionare, Who Can You Trust?

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Hey, I know!

Why don't we use all of that gold we have in Ft. Knox to pay off the con artists that are ransacking Wall and Main Street?

Just because that gold hasn't been audited by an independent, outside firm since the late 1950's doesn't mean it's not there, does it?

Or has it been shipped off to that SLC on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, where it has been turned into trinkets and jewelry that is adorning hairy chests?

And also turned into money clips for the men.

Hungry America?

Congress, the Fed and the US Treasury hears your stomach growling and we've made a nice, fat shit sandwich for you to swallow.

Only we can't afford any bread for the sandwich.


From the always fertile mind at American Everyman

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