Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Open Letter from the Management of Wall Street Casino

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

We at Wall Street Casino share your pain over the last couple of weeks, in which no small amount of tumultuous events have rocked the casino and shaken our players confidence in our ability to run clean, above board games of chance.

We at the Casino are fully aware of the allegations of shady dealings, rigged games and inside players gimmicking the outcomes in advance.

The news that some 20 TRILLION dollars has been lost in our casino operations worldwide is a time to reflect.

We at Wall Street Casino have taken the unheard of step of banishing from our place some of the dealers, like Mr. Lehman, Mr. Stearns, Mr. Lynch and the one known by his nickname, "AIG," from the casino floor in the hope that will show to you, our most valued customer, that we at WSC offer games of chance beyond reproach.

We plan on redoing our casino operations over the weekend so that when we open again, on Monday, you can be assured that the marked cards will have been tossed, the loaded dice replaced and that electro-magnetic brake removed from our ever popular Roulette wheel.
We will offer newer and more exciting "games of chance" that should entice our most valued asset, our customers, into plunking down that money squirreled away for that "rainy day."

Without giving away too much, let's say that one of those games will be run by a "Mr. Monte" and involve betting on a combination of three cards. We think this game will be lively!

At our customer's request, we will also offer, in addition to our regular window, where you can exchange your hard earned cash for casino script, another window, where you can exchange your gold and silver jewelry and valuable stones, like diamonds and rubies, for casino script.

All for the benefit of our customers, who know that the one big "score" could be on that next roll of the dice.

Furthermore, also at customer's request, we will remove from the casino entrance the sign that had a quote on it from P.T. Barnum. We realize that sign was causing discomfort to some upon entering the premises.

All of this we do, for YOU, our most valued mark.... uhh, customer.

WE look forward to seeing you again next Monday.


Wall Street Casino Management Team

President Shlomo Berg
Executive VP Moshe Stein
CEO Aron Steinberg

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