Friday, October 10, 2008

9/11 Truther are Idiots, Bollyn is Insane and I'm both a Nazi and anti-Semitic

For those following this story, this blog on WUFYS will give you some background on the alleged Iranian Dirty Bomb in a ship story and the lies and falsehoods in the story that were exposed.

Since then, Brian Harring or whoever he is, has written back, sounding rather pissed that I found some facts for him showing that Israel does have nuclear weapons and the subs to carry those awful bombs to anywhere in the ME... or for that matter, the world.

Mr. Harring's coments will be in red and mine in black.

On Oct 9, 2008, at 12:03 PM, brian harring wrote:

I can tell from your rantings and predictable gibberish that you are one of the loonies that bombard me with silly crap from time to time. I checked out your shabby website and like you, it is full of garbage, badly written, illogical and highly entertaining to read...if you like fiction. You ought to join forces with Sorcha Faal, the HAARP people, the insane fugitive Chris Bolleyn, the 9/11 Truth idiots, Storm Front, the Remote Viewing people and last, but not least, the bipedal chimps who run the various Evangelical sites. Of course I will publish some of this in the future as I am working on the Nut Fringes on the Internet and I am delighted to add you to the stew. And might I recommend you take a Midol and try to calm down? Prozac obviously does not work. I will go back to writing facts and you can do anti-Semitic humor.

(Uhh, Brian old boy, hate to tell such a respected journalist like yourself, but you mispelled Bollyn's name.)

And my reply to this "reporter."

Thank you for your semi-lucid comments, Mr. Harring.... or should I call you Walter Storch or Gregory Douglas? Or Peter Stahl? This link shows you like to hide behind other people's names, curious, no?

Been writing any phony diaries for the Gestapo lately?

Who are you? Do you actually know? And why hide behind so many aliases? Creditors? Or just trying to fool potential readers who might buy in to your carny sideshow?
And why steal the real Brian Harring's name? Why, because you're a thief, as I'll show below.

When I bring up facts to dispel your bald face lies, like the facts that Israel does possess nukes and subs, you act like a spoiled brat, calling me names and saying I'm some sort of Nazi.

When the actual Nazi is YOU, Harring. You're the one that is posting lies and falsehoods on the web, all to try and gin up another war for Israel. Were you in on the BS lies that got the US to invade Iran also?

Josef Goebbels would be proud of you.

Do you enjoy promoting falsehoods and lies to get wars started? Is that part of your Nazi DNA?

I read some more of your alleged reporting, like the update you did on the Iranian ship story on The Barnes Review or TBR or whatever that site is.

The original story is there, but the link is dead. The next story you or someone wrote using your name is full of my comments I made to you in the emails we exchanged, yet you gave me no acknowledgment.

Not that I'd want any from a hack like you, but that goes to show you how intellectually lazy you are besides being a thief.

As for me being "anti-Semitic," that's a worn out canard used by tired ass hacks and thugs who want to shut up any discussion on any subject they don't like....

Like you, "Red" HERRING.

The only "facts" you write are the ones you get from your MOSSAD and CIA contacts, which, being the stenographer you are, dutifully retype those fabrications and try to make them sound like they are coming from some "mysterious" intelligence source that only you have access to. Just like another CIA stenographer, the disgraced former NYT hack Judith Miller.

I'm pro-American and I plan to fight for my country as long as I breathe.

As for you, you can go on fighting over which traitor gets to be first in line to kiss the boot of Zionist Tyranny and which one scurries away with the most shekels.

If you think I've "bombarded" you with silly crap in the past, you're full of it. But you already know that.

Begone, foul beast and don't pollute my mailbox again.

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  1. Hey, look - it's another tribal sycophant endorsing the usage of mind-dulling pharmaceuticals. some stock in them thar pills?

    Why was Mordechai Vanunu jailed and isolated for a decade, then honeytrapped into additional jail time, if Israel doesn't HAVE BLOODY NUKES?!?

    Greg...he'll be back with some more shite to foul your inbox...after all, inhaling the loads of his lords and masters leave him scads of time to slight others who are pointing out JUST HOW STUPID THE OFFICIAL 9/11 NARRATIVE IS!

    You really have to be dumber than Dubya to think that any thinking person thinks that 19 stinky ragheads from a cave circumnavigated the nerve center of America's defenses and were able to disintegrate 3 buildings, hijack 4 planes, and plan to do so on a day where COINCIDENTALLY war games of the EXACT SAME NATURE were taking place.

    And I'm sure that they got that Wells Fargo gold from underneath the Word Trade Center, too!

    Brian - I challenge you and your fellow c0ck-smokers to offer up any sane rationale that explains why the "official" narrative makes complete sense, without invoking the "anti-Semite" canard, avoids ad-hominem attacks, and does NOT involve the ingestion of pharmaceuticals.

    Game on?


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