Sunday, October 19, 2008

The "Anti-Zionist" Song

I write in the style of a critic
And for that, they call me anti-Semitic.

Say goodbye to forms of escapism
That's been banned by Judeofascism

Hear the tank rumble and roar
You'll know the IDF is at your door

About the Holocaust™ don't rant and rail
Or they'll toss your sorry ass in jail

On your knees, kiss the boots of your Master
The Zionist clowns who have set off this disaster

Abandon all hope, when entering here
The ZOG has taken over this earthly sphere

Off to the camps, you worthless dopes
We're going to turn your GOY ass into soap

We fine tune our lies to perfection
To give our cattle the slaves infection

Accept Zionist brutality
By adopting the NeoCon mentality

Paper money is our big friend
We print and print it w/o end

We're the Master Race, that's true
Get over living, your days are through

When they finally kick down your door
Just surrender to the Zionist Whore


  1. That would be a gerat song, if it wasn't a REALLY sad song!

  2. Thanks for the compliment.

    This little ditty kinda just popped into my skull after reading about some of the latest atrocities by Israel against Occupied Palestine.


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