Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does John McCain have Alzheimer's Disease?

I am asking this question not to be mean-spirited or partisan, but out of concern. We've already seen what can happen when a natural born imbecile takes over the reins of government and lets his staff run amuck, can we afford another 4 + years of having someone in the WH who is out of touch with reality?

McCain seems to need a constant caregiver with him, like Senator Graham of S. Carolina and Senator Joe Lieberman (Likud-Israel) to help correct his never ending series of mental gaffes.

From the Alzheimer's Association, we have this:

Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia, resulting in the loss of memory and other intellectual abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. And mood swing that include extreme anger.

McCain is known for his outbursts, even going so far as to hit people asking questions.

Problems with abstract thinking, which McCain has demonstrated by his announcing he doesn't use computers or know much about economics.

Changes in personality, with McCain having flip-flopped completely over his stance against torture and views on climate change and excessive tax cuts for the wealthy.

To which I'll add my personal observations obtained by hundreds of trips to retirement homes and their Alzheimer wards:

During the second presidential debate, it wasn't what the candidates were saying that bothered me, but what one was doing, McCain.

Several times when Obama was talking, McCain would wander about the stage, like he was in a confused state of mind.

I've seen that confused gait to nowhere in retirement homes. The 20+ years I spent as a career firefighter/medic had our crews going into retirement homes many a time, for medical emergencies.
One rather large old folk's home had an Alzheimer's ward and at times, we responded to that section.

That's the place where you'd see some of the elderly wandering about, with no particular place to go. Like they were in some type of limbo, not knowing if they were coming or going.

And that's what I saw in McCain during parts of that second debate.

I hope not. Maybe that's how McCain deals with anger issues, since he has so many, by walking.

Or maybe McCain has the onset of Alzheimer's and his lust for power has so befuddled his mind that he's not going to admit it.

Maybe McCain has Alzheimer's coming on and doesn't know it..... But I bet there's one person close to him that does and is panting like a pit bull for that day when President McCain is declared unfit for office.

Neither scenario is appealing.

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