Sunday, October 5, 2008

How the collapsed American economy will be handled & by whom

Meet the next set of bankers that will be given the task of saving the American economy, the International Monetary Fund.

When America has been completely looted by Wall Street and the economy has collapsed, this group will be put in charge of resurrecting the American economy.

Using the same methods they have around the world, by selling off America to investors.

Just like they hosed Argentina and Russia.

Goodbye National Park Service.

We'll be seeing billboards hanging on the walls of the Grand Canyon and in Yosemite. Other parks will be sold to front companies, who will then clear cut those national treasures and strip mine the rest.

Jewels like Yellowstone will be sold to overseas investors, who will build palatial estates in that place of beauty and surround them with Blackwater thugs to keep out us riffraff.

We'll be told that in order to save America from crashing completely, we will need to hand over the Social Security Trust fund and Medicare monies.

Private pensions will have to be sacrificed, for the greater good. For this sleight of hand, experts like Robert HOLZMAN and Mical RUTKOWSKI of the World Bank will be called in.

And managed by the executive director of the World Bank, one Robert ZOELLICK, who helped pen the "Project for the New American Century" doctrine and worked for GOLDMAN SACHS, before roosting at the WB.

Also spent time with the bankrupt Fannie Mae.


And the US Treasury Department.

See a pattern here?

Those funds will be laundered overseas and used to buy exotic yachts, custom built 757's, mansions and keep those wine cellars stocked with only the best.

The National HIghway system will have to be sold, at great discount, of course, to another batch of private investors, all for the benefit of us, really.

Roads that we paid to build and maintained will now cost us a pretty penny to use. For those who still have some type of commodity to trade for fuel.

Public entities, like art galleries will be turned over to shadowy consulting groups, but only till the expensive pieces are hauled away, again, to pay our bills.

Dams used to generate electricity will be sold to these same financial sharpies, and rates will soar.

To keep us uppity Americans in line, especially those who think we're being robbed blind, units of the US Army and Marines will patrol selected cities, enforcing martial law.

If you want to buy some food, you'll have to exchange any gold, silver and precious stones for some MRE's.

After that, it will be soup lines.

Welcome to Gaza Strip West, where terror, starvation and death are part of your daily existence.

And it couldn't be done without experts like D. Strauss-KAHN, John LIPSKY and Leslie LIPSCHITZ of the IMF board of directors.

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