Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome the the Hotel California: 'Jewish banks masterminded crisis'

As long as a Jewish paper brought up the subject, let's not be bashful and give credit where credit is due. Let's not forget past World Bank presidents WOLFOWITZ and WOLFENSOHN.

Also, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, which, besides Ben SHALOM Bernanke, includes KROSZNER, KOHN and WARSH. Four of the five spots held by Sons of Khazar. and Ben SHALOM Bernanke is also on the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund. Toss in the head of the leading Fed bank, the New York branch that's overseeing this financial quicksand we're getting stuck into, GEITHNER.

And FULD of LEHMAN Brothers. Since you brought it up, Ynet, where is all that money Lehman moved out of its overseas branches right before declaring bankruptcy?

“And Yahweh said to Moses ‘Tell the Israelites that both men and women alike are to ask their Egyptian neighbors for all their silver and gold…’ And so the Israelites did as instructed and asked the Egyptians to lend them all their gold and silver, which the Egyptians did, and the Israelites therefore plundered them…’

–The Book of Exodus

One more question, this time for the corpulent Abe Foxman of the ADL: Tell me, Abe old boy how a group of 15 million people world-wide out of a population of 6+ billion, how does that miniscule group manage to worm its way into the halls of finance all over the planet?

Jews constitute .0025 of the world's population, yet dominate financial institutions.

Call it the "Old OY" network.

And why has this same old money shell game been going on for thousands of years?

Scapegoated Abe? All trails lead back to the Jewish Money Masters, so how can that be called scapegoating?

Maybe it's just called saving your own ass.

The Federal Bank of Zion© hears your pitiful cries and is prepared to act.... to cover its own ass.

Hang you stockings with care, because there's martial law in the air.

Look at the Federal Bank of Zion© as if it were the "Hotel California."

You can check your money in, but can't check it out... not that you could even if we let you.. the money's "Already Gone."

Time to start singing that bluesy song.

From an article in Ynet.

'Jewish banks masterminded crisis'

Yonit Mozes 10.21.08

The global financial crisis has brought with it a tidal wave of anti-Semitic sentiments, much of which has led to full-blown conspiracy theories postulating the crisis is part of a Jewish plot. While usual suspects Hamas and Iran have both put in their expected two pennies - with Hamas blaming the Jewish lobby in Washington and Tehran opting for a more far-reaching Zionist plot to control the entire world's economy.

That Israel's economy seems to have emerged relatively unscathed from the crisis has leant much ammunition to enemies of the Jewish state. As does the fact that many of the world's financial leaders are of Jewish descent. Figures such as US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, his predecessor Alan Greenspan, World Bank President Robert Zoellik, UK Business Secretary Peter Mandelson and the 2008 recipient of the Nobel Prize for economics, Paul Krugman, have all come under attack due to their heritage.....

The all-powerful Rothschilds

One such popular 'study' asserts that banking giant Lehman Brothers transferred inordinate sums of money to Israeli banks shortly before its collapse. The work, hosted on a website maintained by a German-American holocaust denier, cites publications that reported Lehman lost properties worth over $400 billion in the months prior to its collapse.

On 'rense.com' the conspiracy hinges on the nationalization of insurance colossus AIG. Bernanke, who the website refers to as an extremist Zionist, coerced the American taxpayer into rescuing "the gang of Zionists behind 9-11," referring at least in part to the company's former CEO, Maurice Greenberg.

Another Bernanke-related allegation finds its home on 'realjewnews.com,' a website maintained by Nathanael Kapner, who identifies himself as a former Jew who converted to Orthodox Christianity.
According to Kapner, Bernanke reports to Greenspan, who in turn reports to the Rothschild family. "The Jewish House Of Rothschild has been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives beginning with their global financial power," writes Kapner....

A Spanish news site said the crisis was masterminded by "the cruel capitalism of Milton Friedman's Zionist students."

The ADL, which is responsible for bringing the worrying phenomenon to light, is concerned.

"We know from modern history that after any global financial crisis there is a surge in anti-Semitism, and this is what we are witnessing now," ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said.

"The ancient tales of Jews and money are always lying just beneath the surface. As we saw after 9-11, every time there is trouble and uncertainty in economics or worldwide events Jews become scapegoats, and ugly anti-Semitic myths are resurrected."

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