Thursday, November 13, 2008

FBI Alert: Bin Ladens spotted in New York and Washington, DC

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The terrorists on this list have been indicted by sitting Federal Grand Juries in various jurisdictions in the United States for the crimes reflected on their wanted posters. Evidence was gathered and presented to the Grand Juries, which led to their being charged. The indictments currently listed on the posters allow them to be arrested and brought to justice. Future indictments may be handed down as various investigations proceed in connection to other terrorist incidents, for example, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the pre-planned 9/11/2008 implosion of Wall Street and subsequent theft of nearly 10 TRILLION dollars from Americans.

These Bin Ladens have been spotted by the FBI and are armed with Mortgage Backed Securities, derivatives and the ability to pass laws to cover up their criminal activities.
They are considered dangerous as they keep threatening to smash the world's economy.

Their ability to move vast sums of wealth offshore into secretive tax free banking institutions should not be underestimated.

The fiendish heads of this mob family are these three associates, who have been indicted for carrying on a continuing criminal enterprise under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970, or as its more commonly known by the initials RICCO.

Cheney Bin Killing

Bush Bin Stealing

Condi Bin Lying

Paulson Bin Conning

Along with these known conspirators they pal around with:

Bin Laden Greenberg

Bin Laden Fuld

Bin Laden Bernanke

Bin Laden Pelosi

Bin Laden Reid

DO NOT approach these dangerous felons on your own, get help.

Together, these native terrorists have managed to steal this nation blind and have brought the country to the brink of another Great Depression.

The FBI has credible intelligence that these Bin Laden's plan on setting off another 9/11 false-flag event inside America to disguise Wall Street and Washington, D.C. criminal activity and to scare Americans into focusing on some other event and not feel that hand in their pocket, rummaging around for any spare change we might have left.

Contact your local FBI office if you know the whereabouts of these wanted terrorists.

NOTICE: This bulletin will go into effect when the FBI changes from being a political club and shield of the real felons and into a an actual crime fighting organization. Until then, this will be considered satire.

How can RICCO be used?

Los Angeles Times Thursday January 21, 1999

WASHINGTON--The Supreme Court gave consumers a
powerful legal weapon against fraud in the insurance industry Wednesday, ruling that the insurers can be sued for damages under the federal anti-racketeering law.

Until now, most courts had said that insurers are governed by state regulation and are immune from federal lawsuits.

However, in a unanimous decision, the justices cleared the way for 84,000 policyholders in Nevada to sue the giant health insurer Humana Inc. over allegations of a secret kickback scheme that allowed the company to reap huge profits.


  1. Just awesome Greg. The realities of the 21st Century make for excellent satire and are a sad testament to what we have become.

  2. In a way, that's what makes some humor so funny, it's not far removed from reality.


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