Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jewish Terrorism

Thanks to the false-flag of 9/11, Israel has managed to conflate it's terrorist campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians with our own hunt for those behind 9/11.

How convenient.

Except the ones behind 9/11 aren't 10,000 miles away, skulking in a cave. They're right here in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv.


The Jewish terrorists in Palestine under the command of Menahem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir invented a new method of international terrorism which had no precedent in history, namely sending parcel-post bombs and letter bombs to British officials in London. The first parcel bomb was sent on September 3, 1947. Yitzhak Shamir was the mastermind behind this barbaric method. It was addressed to a high official of British Military Intelligence whom the Zionist terrorist organizations suspected of collecting damaging information about them. i he parcel exploded in a post office in Howick Place, Victoria Street, London, seriously injuring two postrnen.(289

On May 3, 1948, a parcel bomb was addressed to Roy Farran in London. Farran was a member of the British Anti- Terrorist Squad in Palestine who returned to England. The parcel was opened by Rex Farran, his 25-year-old younger brother. Many of his organs were blown to pieces, and he died instantly.(29)

It was established that the Stern Gang was responsible for this crime. Yitzhak Shamir was one of the triumvirate leadership of the Stern Gang.

The Stern Gang under the leadership of Yitzhak Shamir intensified its campaign of sending letter bombs to British officials. Between 4 and 6 June, 1947,20 letter bombs were sent. The first shipments of eight letter bombs arrived in London on June 4, 1947. One was addressed to Sir Stafford Cripps, Minister of the Board of Trade, another to Mr. John Strachy, Minister of Food, neither of whom had any connection with the Palestine question. Both letters were intercepted by Scotland Yard and the bombs were defused.(30)

Three more letter bombs were intercepted by Scotland Yard on June 5, 1947. One was addressed to the Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, who was abhorred by the Zionists for his balanced and fair stand on the Palestine question. Letter bombs were also addressed to Anthony Eden, former Foreign Secretary, and Arthur Greenwood, Minister without Portfolio.(31)

The following are examples of the barbaric methods of terrorism committed by the Jewish terrorist organizations from 1939-1945:

(a) Placing bombs in Arab markets and cafes, killing many civilians, mostly women and children.

(b) Placing landmines and exploding them by remote control.

(c) Blowing up of buildings and police stations.

(d) Placing bombs in cinemas where many people were killed or injured.

(e) Placing bombs in railway stations, markets and govemment offices and exploding them, killing and injuring many innocent people.

(f) Placing bombs in trucks and cars filled with explosives near buildings and exploding them, thereby killing and injuring many innocent people.

(g) Throwing bombs into passing cars and into Arab crowds, killing and injuring many civilians.

(h) Blowing up of Arab houses and hotels, killing hundreds of men, women and children.

In 1948 the Zionist leaders started to execute their premeditated plan to expel the Palestinians from Palestine and to usurp their homes, lands and all their worldly possessions. In implementing this plan they committed the following war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide as set out in Chapters 9 to 14 of this encyclopedia:

1. They committed hundreds of massacres throughout Palestine.

2. They erased 492 Arab small towns and villages and Bedouin localities from the map of Palestine and converted them into Jewish settlements.

3. They usurped Arab houses and apartments in twelve large towns and cities for settling Jews.

4. They committed looting, pillage, plunder and spoliation of the personal and real properties of Palestinians in twelve large towns and cities and 526 small towns and villages.

5. They destroyed, desecrated and usurped Muslim Holy Places in Palestine and violated the religious rights of Muslims.

6. They destroyed and desecrated Christian Holy Places in Palestine and violated the religious rights of Christians.

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