Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Christmas, Starve the Beast by Refusing to Feed It. Hallelujah, Brother!

Want to start that Revolution? Start here and start NOW by helping kill the Beast known as rampant consumerism.

This Christmas, show the ones you love that you DO love care for them thru other, more personal means than by going to the malls and saying Charge It! And take a scissors to that deadly weapon of the Beast, the Credit Card.


Refuse to visit malls this holiday season and never ever visit them again.

Don't buy new clothes, get them from a second hand store.

Only buy the absolute minimum to exist on and the Beast will eventually die from lack of nutrition. Once that Beast starts to expire, the rest of the blocks that support the MIC in never ending wars for Empire and Israel will start imploding.

Listen to the Most WHOLLY Reverend Billy tell you about salvation thru the Church of STOP SHOPPING.

HALLELUJAH, Brother. Hell, this one church even this heathen likes.

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