Monday, December 15, 2008

Israeli Blood Banks Dump the blood from Ethiopian Jews

Israeli Cannon Fodder... What, you expect the Israeli's to fight their own wars?

Yes, you just stick these Ethiopian's in front line IOF units that are in between West Bank Hasidic land thieves and Palestinian farmers.

You let those maniacal West Bank land thieves scream "Nigger" at the Ethiopian soldiers, after all, that's the prerogative of the "Master Race."

You stick them in settlements close to Gaza where those mysterious Qassam rockets come from into Ethiopian homes, so the MSM can scream "Look at what those Gazans are doing to Jews."

You keep their kids away from the Chosen Ones , by sticking them in their own schools. Can't have little "Moshe" mixing it up with the "schwartze's."

Can't have that racially pure Khazarian blood mixing with those people, now can we?

You ensure that the Ethiopian Jews will forever remain downtrodden in Israel, by not hiring them, and keep their unemployment rate around 70%.

Integrate Ethiopians into Israeli society? What the hell have you been smoking?

Hasidic Jews prepare for another night of carousing in the West Bank
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Ethiopian Controversy In Israel: It's Not Racism

by Harry Wall

Reports that Israel was secretly disposing blood donated by Ethiopian immigrants out of concern it may be AIDS-contaminated elicited accusations of ethnic discrimination and even racism. Some observers seized on the blood controversy to depict Israel -- a country that took great risk to rescue the remnants of Ethiopian Jewry -- as just another race-torn society.

Whatever Israel's mistakes towards its Ethiopian Jewish community, the cause is not racism. Support for the African immigrants, as measured by public opinion and government investment, is strong. Government assistance is much greater than for other immigrant groups. And reports of social discrimination are rare in a country with little experience in black-white relations....

Many of the immigrants were placed in temporary housing, often in peripheral areas and usually with other Ethiopian neighbors. Today, most of the immigrants are now living in rented or purchased apartments, thanks to generous government loans or low-interest mortgages.
Parents were encouraged to send their children to boarding schools in youth villages, a customary practice for new immigrants. There, the youths had a better chance to get a good education, unencumbered by the burdens of large families in small quarters. The result, however, was to loosen the tight family ethos of Ethiopian Jews.
The question of religious status, a long-standing controversy, added to their difficulties. A ritual conversion was required by the Israeli rabbinical establishment in seeking a formula for accepting a community whose practices were at variance with traditional Judaism and with a high rate of intermarriage. The Ethiopians, who tend to be observant Jews, resented the doubt placed on their faith.

What brought their anger to a boil was the blood scandal. The Ethiopian community -- with reportedly about 50 times the incidence of AIDS as other Israelis -- was regarded by medical authorities as a high-risk group (a concern, it should be noted, which did not deter the effort to bring Ethiopians to Israel).
Not wanting to stigmatize the Ethiopians by banning their donations, the blood bank officials decided to dump the blood. This only added insult to injury. A wiser policy would have been to consult with the community's leadership to determine how best to deal with this problem...

Harry Wall is the Director of the Anti-Defamation League office in Israel.


  1. The ADL is truly unbelievable. If this same thing happened to American blacks, they would raise a fit.

  2. hey there, just stopping by. thanks for posting, I didn't know this.


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