Monday, December 1, 2008

A Jewish-American Take on "Life in Occupied Palestine"

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I watched this documentary on Free Speech TV and at first, I must admit I was hesitant to listen to a presentation by a Jewish-American on life in Occupied Palestine.

But that feeling of dread soon dissipated, as Anna Blatzer gave a remarkably open and honest view of life under the Zionist boot heel in Occupied Palestine.

Anna went to Palestine and documented first-hand the brutal living conditions, illegal settlements, roadblocks, IDF destruction of Palestinian homes, illegal Jewish settlements, Jewish settler violence directed against Palestinians and West Bank Land theft by Hasidic Jews.

And who is behind these criminal actions: The Israeli government, which is being funded lavishly by US taxdollars.

From her web page, Anna in the Middle East
I am a Jewish-American Columbia graduate, Fulbright scholar, and three-time volunteer with the International Women's Peace Service, a human rights organization based in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Since the Summer of 2005, I've been touring around the United States and abroad with a presentation and book describing my personal experiences, observations, and photographs from eight months documenting human rights violations in the West Bank and supporting Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent resistance against the Occupation.

My presentation is called "Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos," and my book is entitled Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. The purpose of my presentation and book is to provide those interested in the Israel/Palestine conflict with critical information and documentation that can be difficult to obtain through mainstream U.S. media sources, and to encourage dialogue towards taking action on the issue. My hope is that my presentation and book will also offer a thoughtful perspective given my background as the grand-daughter of Polish-born Holocaust refugees. I see it as my responsibility to expose the injustices of today in light of those of the past.

For locations and dates of future presentations, click here

(The comments in red between the videos were copied off the Youtube page.)

The only thing that Anna forgot to mention is that terrorists use those innocent farmers or civilians and hide between them trying to reach Israel for the only purpose of blowing themselves and KILL innocent ISRAELIS- civilians, women and children!!! it stopped because of those road blocks !!

Does Hanna B. Mentioned once the KASAM missiles who are bombarding the Israeli city Sderot every day and night ??? What about the innocent civilians there Hanna??


(Just saw this on a blog. This should be good!)
ANNA IS A FRAUD. Tune in to Jerusalem Pulse Radio as we will be systematically refuting all of her FALSE claims and accusations against the state of Israel. Anna Baltzer is a well paid "Palestinian" puppet. JPR will expose Anna with facts backed by historians and leading experts in their respective fields.

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