Tuesday, December 30, 2008

News from the Future: Israeli Press Release from 2020

Holocaust™ News Service-- Jewish Feast of the Purim, March 22, 2020

Today, elements of the IDF made a "peaceful" incursion into Gazan enclaves in the Sinai, to root out and destroy Palestinian rocket squads using the Qassam II rocket against Israel.

Israeli President Nancy Peloschitz said that "Israel is above all, a peace loving nation that wishes to live in tranquility with her neighbors, but she will not stand by and let those rockets rain down on Israeli cities near the Sinai."

"We will engage the Palestinians in a friendly embrace, to get them to see the errors of their ways and stop firing those Qassams into Israel," said Peloschitz.

The IDF will reportedly send in several tank divisions and around 20,000 IDF troops, after the aerial bombardment ends, to root out the "aL Qaeda" like terrorists who are behind these acts, said an IDF spokesperson, adding that just like America went after those Muslims behind 9/11, Israel is going after their comrades in arms in the Sinai.

US President "Moshe" Steinberg said that "All Americans are solidly behind the peace loving nation of Israel and support her efforts to root out the aL Qaeda cells in the Sinai. To that end, we are rushing several thousand tons of advanced weaponry to Israel to help our closest friend in the world."

ADL head Abe Fartman said that Palestinians had been compensated fairly for their forced move from Gaza into the Sinai Desert, made possible by UN Security Council Resolution 666-20
Fartman added that Muslims need to recognize Israel as an exclusive Jewish state, with undefined borders, or else.

Israel also issued a statement vehemently denying that they had sent machine gun toting commandos into the West Bank and were using grenades and high explosives to "convince" the Palestinians refusing to move to the Jordanian Desert to move or else.

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