Friday, February 6, 2009

Why the US tortures and why it will KEEP on torturing

What is euphemistically called "enhanced interrogation" support the lies needed to keep the phony War on Terror operating indefinitely. We've got this Muslim boogieman to scare the hell out of Americans into supporting wars for Empire and Israel forever... or until we go completely broke. (Remember that former Secretary of War Rumsfeld--let's call it what it is and not a "defense" department--said the War on Terror would last 70 years.)

To show gullible Americans that they've been getting "actionable" intelligence from the torture. Like one Gitmo detainee, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who had been waterboarded over 100 times.
Month and years of mind and spirit breaking torture, till he finally admitted being the "mastermind" behind 9/11.

Funny, but I thought we'd been told that Bin Laden was behind 9/11.

Torture anyone enough and you'll get them to admit to anything, like the questions interrogators had been asking the torture victim in this scenario:

We're inside a CIA black hole torture site, like the Diego Garcia base in the Indian Ocean. Inside a poorly lit room, there are several heavily armed guards and a couple of CIA assets, all of whom are wearing black masks.

There is one other person in the room, a terrorist "suspect" that had been picked up in Afghanistan in 2003, sold to the CIA by a neighbor who had designs on the suspect's farm.

The suspect is lying horizontally, strapped to a board with the one end titled slightly downward. This is where the suspects head is at and one of the CIA assets is pouring water into the man's mouth and nose, making it impossible to breathe because of all the water entering the man's lungs.

He's being slowly drowned and is emitting pitiful squeals, when we hear this coming from a CIA agent:

"Admit it, you were going to launch an attack on the US in October of 2005, using a biological agent, weren't you?

Sounds of someone drowning.

"C'mon man, fess up. We know that attack your aL Qaeda cell had planned against Baltimore in October of 2005 was going to use the XYZ virus, Right?

More sounds of someone drowning, gasping for air and crying out. After a couple of minutes of this simulated drowning, they stop pouring water into the man's lungs and give him a chance to "confess."
The suspect vehemently denies being a terrorist or had any plans to attack the USA. He claims to be just a farmer.

A CIA agent violently punches the man in his stomach and starts to pour more water into the man's lungs.

"Don't make it hard on yourself fool. We're going to be here and you're going to keep getting a "swimming lesson" until you confess that you were the ringleader of that October 2005 plot to unleash a biological agent in Baltimore, right, RIGHT?"

After 3 or 4 hours, or days, or months of being waterboarded, beaten and pumped full of psychotropic drugs, the person being tortured will finally "admit" to being behind that Baltimore attack described in detail by the interrogator, giving the White House a nice sounding sound bite for the evening news when they announce they've broken up a terror ring that had plans to attack Baltimore with a biological agent.
Admitting to something they had never done or planned to do, just to get the pain to stop.

For days after, CNN and FOX talking heads will praise the president for his "bold and decisive" actions in taking the necessary steps to save America from another aL Qaeda terrorist attack.

A week or so later, the White House Press Secretary will issue this release to a fawning press corps:

"The president today urged Congress to immediately pass Patriot Act III, which he said was needed to keep Americans safe from those 'evil-doers' plotting a 9/11 type biological agent attack against the USA."


  1. Very well said, Greg. No doubt. The CIA, like probably 90% of the federal govt., must vanish from the pages of time.

  2. Yes, they need to be "wiped off" something.

    It would be like wiping off a sticky turd that won't dislodge from a rectum.

    If the CIA and MOSSAD were to disappear tomorrow off the face of the Earth, people would be surprised how much more peaceful and calm Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan would be.


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