Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Next Israeli "False-Flag" Will be Against Iran

The next Israeli "false-flag" will be against Iran, with Israeli jets painted with American colors and showing USAF decals bombing Iran. These American made and supplied F-16 Israeli jets will NOT have the Star of David on their fuselage.
This will help to fool the Iranians into thinking they were being attacked by some US jets launched off an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, which will make Iran respond by striking back at American ships in the Gulf and off we go, fighting another war for Israel.

The last Israeli false-flag, 9/11, got America to invade and destroy a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and was NO threat to the USA, but a country Israel didn't like, Iraq. This one will get the USA to bomb to hell and gone another ME country that is NO threat to the USA, but one Israel considers an "existential" threat, Iran.

It's a well known fact that when it comes to shooting Palestinian kids in the head or bombing Beirut apartment buildings filled with women and children, the Israeli's are #1.

When it comes to facing off against an adversary that can and does fight back, like Hezbollah did in Lebanon in 2006, the IDF Baby Killers get their sorry asses kicked and run crying for Mommy.

That's why Israel will use their next false-flag against Iran. They know that in a head to head conflict with Iran, Israel would lose, so they'll use their false-flag against Iran to get the USA to do their fighting.
“Looks like the peripheral warmongers in Israel and Washington are really chomping at the bit to attack Iran . The Washington Institute for Near East Policy has issued a new “Presidential Task Force” report saying that Iran’s reported purchase of the S-300 air defense system from Russia could be the trigger that forces an Israeli attack on Iran.”

Who are some of the treasonous bastards behind this latest bit of Israeli war-mongering? A group of foaming at the mouth Israeli-Firsters from the Zionist think tank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, WINEP, which like another Zionist think tank, AEI, spends all its time thinking up ways to get America fighting religious wars for Israel.

Here's some of those Zionists that will have Israel fighting in the ME to the last drop of American blood.

Gary ACKERMAN (D-NY), Michael EISENSTADT, WINEP Military and Security Studies Program director, AEI "fellow" and raving Zionist Danielle PLETKA, Israeli-firster and Israel lackey Dennis ROSS, US ambassador to the UN, Nancy SODERBERG and WINEP Executive Director Robert SATLOFF.

Yes, sounds like a well-balanced and rational group, with NO pre-conceived notions or hidden agenda, doesn't it?

Mothers, get ready to see some more of your kids coming home from the ME in caskets, killed fighting another war for Israel.


  1. I don't think the US navy uses F-16 jets on their carriers. The Israeli F-16 is heavily modified externally and is easily identifiable.

  2. Good point. Guess I should of said the IAF jets would appear to come from Iraq.

    Of course, the IAF also have F-15's.

    The IAF have some 360 F-16's and I imagine some of those are recently from the USA and would not have been modified.

  3. This sounds a bit excessive. I think that Israel is currently in not very good position to do such a think. If they attack Iran, Hamas and Hesbollah and Iran itself will cause tremendous havoc.
    Take care, Jay.


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