Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Wondering Why Microsoft Has the Buggiest OS on the Planet?

Still wonder why Microsoft's operating systems like the XP is so damn buggy and easily hacked? And XP is being held up as the one of the better systems.

Think that the Pentuim processor chip in your PC has been acting strange?

Look no further than the racist and apartheid state of Israel, where Microsoft lets our good "friends," the Israeli's, develop IT and manufacture software for use by the world.

Surely our only "friend" in the ME, Israel, wouldn't put spyware into that software, would they?

Look on the positive side: Israel designed the airline industry's most impenetrable flight security that is used in many airlines.

Israel21C discovers and produces news and feature material which highlights Israel's many accomplishments. These include: The cell phone which was developed in Israel by Israelis working in the Israel branch of Motorola, has its largest development center in Israel. Most of the Windows NT and XP operating systems were developed by Microsoft - Israel. The Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in Israel at Intel. Both the Pentium-4 microprocessor and the Centrino processor were entirely designed, developed, and produced in Israel. The Pentium microprocessor in your computer was most likely made in Israel. Voice mail technology was developed in Israel. Both Microsoft and Cisco built their only R&D facilities outside the US in Israel.

The technology for the AOL Instant Messenger ICQ was developed in 1996 by four young Israelis. According to industry officials, Israel designed the airline industry's most impenetrable flight security. US officials now look to Israel for advice on how to handle airborne security threats. Israel's $100 billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined. Israel has the highest percentage in the world of home computers per capita.


  1. Greg, you ingrate. You're not expressing the proper appreciation for all this technological goodness.

  2. A part time employer bought me a fairly high end Vista laptop. It's fast enough but I have to watch everything I do on it, it jumps around like a puppy on speed.

    I personally know that a major US supplier for security servers uses Israeli software for their mid-level units. Back doors anyone?
    Fortunately the most expensive servers, $50,000 and up, use American software.

    Also, Motorola grabbed over $1oo million in Homeland Security money to build 10 cell towers in my area.
    There's no commercial providers on them. It's easy to guess what the potential use for them is.

  3. Also, Motorola grabbed over $1oo million in Homeland Security money to build 10 cell towers in my area.
    There's no commercial providers on them. It's easy to guess what the potential use for them is

    This is just a shot in the dark, but don't those cell phone towers operate on microwave transmissions?

    And if so, can they be used in a lethal way, like the ADS--Active Denial System--that has been developed to use microwaves against unruly protestors?

    I know that sounds crazy and paranoid, but if after the 8 year Reign of Terorr of the Bush-Cheney mob you're not a little bit paranoid, then good luck.

  4. I should have added that the towers are being used by the local electric company for their radio network. This was the guise for getting the land to build them on either through eminent domain or by some hefty monthly payments.

    Yes, they have microwave transmitters on them.

    I'm wondering if Motorola has built these in any other areas with our money. Searches don't come up with anything. They have tried to keep this 'homeland security' construction buried.

  5. you owe many of your technological achievements to the state of israel
    racist and apartheid my ass
    without israel the world would be missing a chunk of extremely useful technology that almost every single computer user benefits from.

    take your racism and shove it up your ass greg, you ignorant fool
    what processor is running in the machine that you are using to read this?

  6. I also thank you for providing me with more material to use in my
    "what are israel's high-tech achievements"
    essay. there are so many amazing achievements listed here! It is a great resource to learn what israel has done for this world.


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