Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Notable Jewish Con Artists

Whether it's the junk bond scams of the 1980's or the raiding of Wall Street 401K retirement accounts and pension funds today, there's one group of people that keep popping up again and again in these frauds.

To keep us distracted and worried, we're constantly bombarded with threats of war or actual wars, like the War for Israel being fought by US kids in Iraq and the war against Pakistan, being fought covertly by the USA to keep Israel's right-wing nut job party Likud, happy.
And told that blood-thirsty "Muzzies" want to destroy us. Right.

When those distractions aren't enough, then a false-flag like 9/11 is set off. Steal as much as you like, then use the WTC demolitions to coverup your crimes.
Is it any wonder economies around the world are collapsing?

"Drum Roll, please!"

Steven Hoffenberg
The 1992 episode was troubling enough but a search of court records shows Sorkin and his former law firm of 20 years, Squadron Ellenoff, were targets of more serious charges in one of the largest Ponzi schemes of the 1990s, Towers Financial Corporation, run by Ponzi mastermind Steven Hoffenberg.

Steven Hoffenberg’s heist involved $462.5 million, which in 1994 the SEC called “one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history.”

"Bernie" Madoff's Ponzi scheme, which is now approaching 177 BILLION.

"Mikey" Milken, a rogue from the 1980's who helped bamboozle investors thru what would later be called "junk bonds."
Drexel and Milken were accused of manipulating stock prices, of keeping false records, and of defrauding their own clients. Drexel plead guilty to six felony counts of securities fraud on December 21 and paid a $650 million settlement fee. The company also agreed to assist in the indictment against Milken. Two months later, Milken was indicted on ninety-eight counts, including insider trading and racketeering.

Citigroup's Sandy Weill.
Citigroup faces federal, state, and industry investigations for a host of allegations that stem from the conflicts of interest that have emerged in the very post-Glass-Steagall world Weill helped create: hyping the stocks of lackluster companies in order to rake in those companies' IPO business; using loans as loss leaders to encourage companies to give Citigroup their investment-banking business; helping Enron and WorldCom conceal their massive debts; "spinning" rocketing IPO shares to executives in exchange for business from the executives' companies.

Arthur Nadel--who has conveniently "disappeared?"

Hmm, wonder where to?
In what has been called a "mini-Madoff' scandal, the 76-year-old Nadel is accused of bilking investors of up to $300 million. But until Thursday, when a federal judge remanded Madoff to jail, the two men had been treated very differently, even though both are being prosecuted by the same U.S. Attorney's Office in New York.

Jakob Abraham Merkin Has Been Charged
The lawsuit, filed under state charity and securities laws, claims that Mr. Merkin improperly collected more than $470 million in fees for collecting $2.4 billion for Mr Madioff.

“Merkin’s deceit, recklessness, and breaches of fiduciary duty have resulted in the loss of approximately $2.4 billion,” according to the complaint filed by Mr. Cuomo’s office, which opened an investigation of Mr. Merkin soon after the Madoff scheme collapsed in mid-December.

Julius Meinl
Julius Meinl V, the scion of a Viennese business dynasty whose name has been synonymous since the days of the Hapsburgs with luxuries like exotic coffee, handmade tortes and discreet private banking, has been jailed on suspicion of fraud at a company linked to the family.

A lawyer for Mr. Meinl, Herbert Eichenseder, said his client “rejects all the accusations.” The suspected $3 billion euro fraud ($4 billion) could also ensnare a former finance minister of Austria, Karl-Heinz Grasser, who has worked with Mr. Meinl in the past.

Mr. Meinl was jailed late Wednesday after five hours of questioning, investigators said. According to Mr. Jarosch, Mr. Meinl was arrested “after a string of searches in his home and office and because of a suspicion that he could flee the country since he also has British citizenship.”

Herb and Marion Sandler

The Sandlers were featured in a 60 Minutes segment that originally aired on February 15, 2009. This segment focused on a former World Savings employee's account of how the company was breaking the law, and how he brought it to his superiors' attention before the financial meltdown.

Time Magazine in its issue of February 23, 2009, named Herb and Marion Sandler "One of 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis." Others have suggested that the Sandlers' should use the gains from the sale of Golden West to bail out the many non-profits who will suffer losses of donations due to the mortgage crisis and recession.

Ivan Boesky

But on November 14, 1986 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Boesky with illegal stock manipulation based on insider information. Sentenced to prison, barred from dealing in securities, and ordered to pay $100 million in penalties, Boesky cooperated with the SEC in an insider-trading probe that rocked Wall Street.

Dennis Levine
Dennis Levine, managing editor of Drexel Burnham Lambert, was charged with illegal trading in May 1985, the SEC learned that Boesky had cut a deal with Levine in which the former paid the latter a percentage of profits for insider tips.

Maurice Greenberg of AIG, the defrauded company American taxpayers are being held up to support to the tune of hundreds of billions. Where did AIG's money go?

All of that sweet stuff they made off MBS and CDO's? Gone. Vanished? Where did that money go? Yes, it "vanished" but it sure as hell didn't evaporate.

Robert Rubin of Citigroup and his 122 BILLION dollar Ponzi scheme

Let's not forget RABBI Dov Zackheim and that missing 2.3 TRILLION.
Missing from the Pentagon, who had some Army auditors on the trail of the culprits.
Auditors that were murdered on 9/11.... and the paper trail destroyed.

Time and again, you'll see mentioned in these articles "concern" by the prosecutor about the suspect fleeing the country. What's not mentioned is that when these fraudsters do flee, it's to the Mother Ship, the home of international mobsters, swindlers and con artists, Israel.
Once a "Chosen One" makes aliyah to Israel, they're home free. It doesn't matter if they're wanted for murder or theft, Israel welcomes Tribe members with open arms.
Is it any wonder that state is run by out of control psychos who would have no problem using their ICBM's and submarines to launch nukes against us GOY's?


  1. I'll add Charles Hurwitz of Maxxam, a partner of Ivan Boesky, who used junk bonds to buy out Pacific Lumber then proceeded to clear cut thousands and thousands of acres of ancient redwood trees worth over 1 billion.

  2. Henry Ford, The Dearborn Independent - November 20, 1920...

    “Then, with the shortage of [messenger] boys, another type of messenger began to appear, and with this type trouble began. Disappearances and losses became more frequent and costly. The indemnities paid by the insurance companies reached such staggering figures that the custom of issuing blanket insurance was withdrawn. Various expedients were adopted to solve the mystery; boys were required to travel in pairs, guards were posted throughout Wall Street, the best detectives in the land were assigned to the matter, but without avail.

    There was a strong disinclination in Wall Street toward publishing the figures of the losses, for fear the publication might be destructive of public confidence in the Street’s financial condition. But the news was known in the underworld and drew to New York criminals from all parts of the country. For a time all efforts were fruitless; the losses continued and the mystery deepened.

    Then, suddenly, in the early part of 1920, certain arrests were made and confessions obtained, which disclosed one of the most amazing criminal conspiracies in the history of the United States. There was proved the existence of a vast Jewish conspiracy to loot Wall Street. It was found that a band of astute Jewish criminals, many of them wealthy men, some of them ex-convicts, had created an organization by which Wall Street financial houses were to be plundered…..

    It is well enough understood that so closely combined are all the influences in New York Jewry that a determined effort on the part of the leaders could clean up many untoward conditions now existing. But there seems to be a distinct aversion to anything that will indicate a division of one class of Jews against another. It is a racial instinct, evidently, to protect the threatened one no matter how richly he may deserve punishment.

    It is this fact which put the finishing Jewish touch on the whole matter. It may, of course, be an accident that all the criminals and their tools, with an occasional exception, are Jews. That of itself might not be a reason, in the extreme sense, for labeling the condition with a racial name. But the silence, the approbation in some quarters, the very active sympathy in others, all combining as a racial protectorate around the wrongdoers, is the more regrettable manifestation of the two.”

  3. Until the American sheeple FINALLY WAKE UP AND GET A CLUE and do something about that insidious, bloodsucking, criminal, terrorist 2% of the population (the jew scum) things will only get worse and worse until there won`t be anything left and America will resemble a third world state.

    Who do you think is behind the engineered global financial crisis?

    Take a look, America, the jew thrashing of your country is well underway. Just in case you haven`t noticed.

    Will Americans ever stop being the submissive, cowardly, stupid, irresponsible and immature gobots that they are and grow a pair and reclaim their country?

    Your bloodsucking jewish owners are betting no you "free" and "brave" "christians".

  4. Dennis Kazlowski, head of TYCO.

  5. About Charles Hurwitz: it should be added that he owed the government @ $400 million in fines at the time, and refused to sell the last remaining "old growth" redwood grove, gained with "junk bond" financing, which was worth @ $400 million.

    While the newspaper propagandized the protesters to this theft as "left-wing liberal hippies."

    Think about these labels the next time you wash your brain with Fox News, please.


  6. Dennis Kazlowski, head of TYCO

    I had to stop somewhere, as a list of these fraudsters could easily fill several pages, so the party boy, Kazlowski, didn't make it.

    And that's not counting the ones that robbed Russia blind in the 1990's.

  7. Jakob "Kobi" Alexander.

    Comverse/Odigo options rip off
    artist. Sent many millions home
    to Israel and used the rest to
    bribe his (current) African
    hosts (in one of the African
    country where there is no
    US extradition treaty).

  8. Shall we add to this lsit of Jewish fraud artists the leadersjip of the PLO that included arafat as the one of the five richest men in the world for stealing foreign aid money for Arab "refugees"? Oh, wait! It's only Jews who commit crimes because they are Jews, not Arabs. At least these crooks don't strap bombs to themselves and blow up busloads of children.


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