Monday, June 29, 2009

ADL, DHS & DOJ Form "Thought Criminal" Squad

While Google Alert produces scores of items on yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the S.909, the Hate Crime Bill, only a few go beyond summarizing Attorney General Eric Holder’s submission to give even a cursory account of what was said in opposition.

Under questioning, Attorney Gen. Holder was surprisingly forthright in admitting that the hate bill is not intended to protect everyone, or even the majority. He said only historically oppressed minorities were to benefit. This means Jews, blacks, homosexuals, women, etc. Holder made it clear that if a white Christian male, including a serviceman or police officer, was the victim of a violent hate crime by any minority he would have to find redress from traditional law. He could not avail himself of the triple penalties and rapid government/justice system response given a protected minority.

Source: Vdare blog

And more:
Pro-hate bill testimony was heavily woven with the assertion that the Holocaust Museum shooting is a wakeup call, proving the need to legislate against prevalent and increasingly violent racism.

Most Judiciary Republicans were absent or called away from the hearing by debate over healthcare reform on the Senate floor. Yet Sen. Orrin Hatch, before having to leave, expressed the dominant question of Republicans through the hearing: Can Holder or anyone else give examples of how US states currently fail to enforce the law against hate criminals? Repeatedly, Holder was asked this question and couldn’t answer.
Even the ADL admits that anti-Semitic incidents are on the decline and have been for years. They're so desperate to find anti-Semitic incidents that they classified a peaceful protest near a Jewish film festival and a David Irving speech as "hate crimes."

The ADL's paranoia and hatred of all non-Jews is now poisoning the minds of Department of Homeland Security employees as they are taking part of the ADL's "advanced training school" to keep an eye out for us "Thought Criminals."

Any American who still has a couple of brain cells left can easily see that this ADL sponsored "Hate Crimes" Act will be used by Zionists to supress free speech and incarcerate any who question Israel's homicidal activities or ask simple questions about who's in control of the Federal Reserve or why are there so many Jews in charge of key positions in the WH, Congress, the State Department and the Treasury.


  1. Free speech and gun control. Those are all that stand between Americans and enslavement.

    They will do what they can to make these things happen. There is one bad thing however. The worse the ADL acts up, the more people will get ticked off and these crimes just might to go back up again.

    I mean, we know these arses uses goading as a way to provoke the means for them to reach their objective.

  2. The Jewish Bolsheviks are alive and well in the former democratic republic known as the USA.

  3. The ADL gets 'disappointed' when they can't intimidate and coerce free speech.

    "Santa Barbara, June 25, 2009 The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) expressed strong disappointment at the decision by the University of California Santa Barbara Charges Committee that did not find probable cause to undertake disciplinary action in the matter of Professor William Robinson."

    It's a good sign that some are standing up to the ADL's hate.

  4. Hello
    We already have a severe law against "anti-semitism" in France, and everbody is afraid now to only have a word concerning Jews. I just leaved a comment on a previous article:

    Tuesday, July 1, 2008
    Israeli owned shipping company moves out of WTC ONE WEEK prior to 9/11

  5. Congrats to Professor Robinson!

    These "hate crime" laws are absolute SHITE. They do NOTHING for Americans, and everything for the scumbags.

  6. One of the charges leveled against Robinson was one of "coercion."

    Some ADL word twisting that is now part of the Hate Crimes Act where it states that you will be in violation of that law if you engage in coercion.

    Coercion is what a high school senior does to a sophmore when razzing them, it's not grounds for an indictment.

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    They hate our forum board

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  9. Hey Paul!

    I know of you, good job! Your forum looks pretty cool. Will have to do some reading there.


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