Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kim Jong-il Converts to Islam, Obama issues invasion orders

Holocaust™ News (Washington)--This morning, President Obama convened his war cabinet after learning that North Korea's leader, Kim Jung iL, had converted to Islam.

"The world can not stand by while a madman, possessing WMD's, converts to a religion of hatred and death. I have told my top Department of Defense liaison, General "Moshe" Steinberg, to immediately begin "Operation Yahweh," to free North Koreans from the threat of mosques mushrooming over the North Korean skyline," stated Obama.

"My message to the North Korean people is this: We come in peace, with our F-16's, Tomahawk cruise missiles and B-2 bombers to free you from the confines of your "Dear Leader."

Our fight is not with you, but with your country, your way of life, your free health care and your 99% literacy rate."

"There will be some uncomfortable moments during the liberation phase and sometimes, those smart bombs can be pretty dumb, but watching your family get blown to bits is a small price to pay for freedom, USA style," said the president.

The Pentagon is already releasing this picture of Obama welcoming North Koreans to the "Shock and Awe" club, reserved for the select few.


Highly placed Pentagon sources says back channel negotiations between North Korea and the White House have only yielded Kim Jung iL's offer to change back to his original name, Yuri Irsenovich Kim to acknowledge his Bolshevik upbringing, but this source says the LOBBY has nixed this offer.
Obama has said that Kim Jung wanting to change North Korea's name to North Koran was the last straw.

This is Moe Ronn reporting for Holocaust™ news.

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