Sunday, September 27, 2009

"ANTI-SEMITES".... Holocaust™....."ANTI-SEMITES".... Holocaust™...."ANTI-SEMITES"....Holocaust™....Holocaust™

Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

"Who the fuck released this? Dammit, how in the hell are we supposed to keep people around the world scared shitless about non-existent Iranian nukes when some SOB releases this incriminating evidence of Israeli nukes?

"Better go into the usual denial and attack mode... "ANTI-SEMITES"..... Holocaust™...."ANTI-SEMITES"..... Holocaust™.... Holocaust™.... Holocaust™.... And tell Dershowitz to write another 'anti-Semitic" article for our good friends at the NYT and have Abe go on FOX and scream about how dangerous it is to 'appease' those who want peace. It works every time!"

"And tell that 'Schwartzer,' Obama, to go on the air and make some more threats against Iran or ELSE!"

Israel has over 200 nukes, and robust biological and chemical warfare programs. And the means to deliver those nukes right into America's heartland, thanks to those German subs and US supplied Harpoon cruise missiles that have been outfitted with nuclear warheads.

When is the deliberate murder of over one million Iraqi's going to be called a blatant case of anti-Semitism?

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  1. This film got me inspired to do a page on Vanunu.

    Meanwhile, let's think about that lovely song, penned by John Mc Cain. "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran".

    Another case of Israel riding roughshod over the world and playing games. Only they have lost on this one. Heck what was that story about the emperor and no clothes?

    Vanunu gave us proof. They can lie all they want. But the problem is the rest of the world letting them off on it. Meanwhile, THey have men who to to London and say things like, "We have the firepower to take all of Europe out right now." and no one takes them seriously.

    Let one Pali say, I have a lil rocket, and it is a whole other story.


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