Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daniel Pipes & Co. want you to bring a dog, a donkey and some women to their Muslim hatefest

Stop Islamization of America Launch

Because the Arutz Sheva article picked up on some of SIOA’s creative brainstorming posts to use humor and a bit of theatrics involving the things that are thought to disrupt prayer for Muslims – dogs, donkeys and women – some are already calling this loving group of people “extreme.”

I take the opposite viewpoint and contend that drawing attention to the Muslim belief that ”dogs, donkeys, women” (and don’t forget breaking wind) are the things that interfere with their prayers being received, rather than spiritual matters like insincerity of heart, highlights the essential materialism of this so-called religion.

Neither our Founding Fathers, nor Lao Tse, Confucius, Gautama Siddartha, Saint Paul, Jesus, Isaiah, Moses, nor Abraham would recognize Islam as a bona fide religion, but would instantly understand it as the massive intellectual fraud that it is. Our cowardly leaders, in both Church and State, who claim it doesn’t matter what people believe, are fools. It matters that Muslims believe non-Muslims are inferior human beings. It matters that Muslims believe women are inferior to men. It matters that Muslims believe obedience and worship are the same thing and that conformity is the same as morality. It matters that Islam requires territorial sovereignty. It matters that Muslims believe that leaving Islam is equivalent to high treason. It matters what Muslims believe just as it matters what communists believe and what neo-Nazis believe.
From the Stop Islamization of America web site.

Our Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize Islam as being a legit religion? That's funny, I've read a bit about those gentleman, including parts of the "Federalist Papers" and I can't recall them saying anything about Islam or Muslims.... but Ben Franklin had a thing or two to say about Jews.

To read the rest of this hate-filled drivel, go to the web page of Stop Islamization of America, which is having a 'KLAN' meeting September 25. There you'll find such contradictions as this: SIOA is an educational and human rights organization with two foundational principles: Love and Compassion.

Unless you're a Muslim or an Arab, then the only 'love' we'll show you is to either club you, toss you in prison or bomb the hell out of your country. That these 'Judeofascists' will be gathering to disrupt and possible incite violence at the planned "Islamic Day of Unity" scheduled the same day is just a coincidence!

What kind of deviousness do the Muslims gathering on Capitol Hill have planned?

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH.... The objective of this gathering is to invite the Muslim Communities and friends of Islam to express and illustrate the wonderful diversity of Islam. We intend to manifest Islam's majestic spiritual principals as revealed by Allah to our beloved prophet Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM) of Arabia. Likewise; we intend to inspire a new generation of Muslim to work for the greater good of all people. We shall serve all people, regardless of race, religion or national origin.

Yes, those Muslims have already taken over the Federal Reserve, control much of the Treasury Dept and State and most of the large financial firms on Wall Street.

And would you just look at all those Islamofascists that control over 90% of the MSM? Shudder. Add in all those PAC's like AIPAC--American-Islamic Public Action Committee-- that have a chokehold on Congress and you'll get the idea of who's really in charge.

Why, just take a look at Obama's cabinet, chock full of Muslims, like his Chief of Staff. And those pistol-packing New Jersey Imans they caught red-handed harvesting organs from the unwilling and unsuspecting.

All of those Muslim media outlets like the ADL that scream 'anti-Semitism' anytime a Tribe member stubs his toe.

Yes, it's obvious we're just about surrounded by Islamofascists.

Now it's time for America to bomb Iran to keep the 'Caliphate of Israel' happy.

And from the West Coast, this: "We Think The Muslims Are Moving In And Taking Over"

I tried to register as 'Osama Bin Laden' but for some reason, the form wouldn't accept my details! So join Danny Boy, Rabbi Hausman, Dave Gaubatz, John Cosgrove, Martin Mawyer and their friends at MEMRI and learn how to really get your hate on and truly get behind the 'Wars for the Jews!'

Mantiq al-Tayr has a succinct blog on this insanity.

Where's all this insanity leading to?

Who Is The Winner?
The Zionists know your Achilles' heel. If they were to hit, it will be a mall, a sporting event, a theater, or someplace that effects everyone. Look at the silly security at the airports. Picture yourself standing in a long line, late for a plane, and some Muslims are chattering in front of you. Since the Israelis False Flag attack on 9/11, they have everyone business traveler ready to put their shoe up every towel-head's ass they see.

If the Mossad pulls a series of mini 9/11s, the American public will care less if Israel attacks Iran. All the Zionists need to is blow up a movie theater. For the next 3 months all you will see are Jewish anti-terrorism experts on the 6:00 news. People will be thrilled to see Blackwater guards at their malls, or better yet 'Israeli security'.

When the news that twelve Israeli F-16's used nuclear bunker busters on Iran, all you would see is Americans waving Israeli flags at the next TV football game.


  1. There's one comment at the SIA site that we may agree with...

    "The American people are in the main very nice. Whenever there is a problem at home or far away we are almost always the first to help. It is good to be nice. We like nice. But we should not allow “niceness” to prevent us from saying “NO” or “STOP”."

    Like saying NO and STOP to the SIA, AIPAC, ADL, wars for Israel and profit, the Fed, Wall Street, political corruption...

    I'll stop there but I'm thinking that the goons at SIA only want free speech when it fits in with their agenda.

  2. I've got a bad feeling about this outfit and it's possible they are going to use some shills or confederates to stir up some shit in DC, all for an ulterior motive.

  3. Our hearts are with our friends in Europe and across the world as we fight to open the eyes of a sleeping sheep population as the wolf of Islam wrecks havoc among them.

    Islam is so strong because we are so weak. We are so weak because we are ignorant. Those who are not ignorant will teach those who are. Ignorance will dissipate and Islam will retreat.

    I just watched a few reports of that riot at Harrow the other night. It did not look like this despicable mob was fighting, but they drew a mob who wanted to so in essence they created the situation and provided the spark.

    For some reason, I smell Mossad or some such deep in this smear campaign. Israel is beginning to fight for survival since the Goldstone report and it is only natural they must demonize the Arabs as much as possible. Just a thought!


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