Saturday, October 3, 2009

feMALE Prostitute Endorses Psychotic End Times Scenario

Claim: Bible makes hidden references to Allah and Arabs. God sent author a sign through his car license plate.
Joel Richardson recommends readers to look at website advertising a book by a certain Jeffrey A Manty (or “Jeff Manty”). Here it is:
Welcome to Prophecy Code II, the revised and expanded Edition, recently endorsed by Joel Richardson, author of the current Best Seller THE ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST and ANTICHRIST: ISLAM’S AWAITED MESSIAH.

Joel says this about Prophecy Code II, “At this vital time, when the Lord is speaking to His Church regarding the Islamic predominance of the Last Days, Jeffrey Manty has been listening. Prophecy Code II is a stirring and valuable contribution to the Church’s emerging understanding concerning the dark and glorious days that lie ahead.“
Prophecy Code II by means of the Hebrew translations Alah, Arab, and the Greek Holocaust has reset the prophecy bar to new revealing heights by exposing Lucifer’s true identity as the god of Islam and the beast of the Last Days. This cutting edge book looks deeper into the Hebrew translation of the English verb ascend that made Prophecy Code’s first edition a success.

…You will learn that the key to understanding the Last Days can be found in the verb ascend used to describe Lucifer’s sin in Isaiah 14, the same verb that enabled Jesus Christ to sit at the Fathers right hand. This “key” opens the door to the identity of Antichrist and his kingdom.

In fact, EX-MUSLIM TERRORIST Walid Shoebat who co-authored a recent book called GOD’S WAR ON TERROR with Joel Richardson had a look of profound astonishment after Manty enlightened him in person to the Hebrew translation of this verb that reveals the BEAST’s identity.

…In the chapter he calls ”God’s Time Clock,” Manty bolsters this theory with more cutting edge insights by breaking the coded prophecy of the number 2,300 found in Daniel 8:14, a prophecy that has stumped eschatologist for centuries. His methodology is unique and his conclusion groundbreaking. He proves that the two time lines, one consisting of 2,520 years and the other of 2,300 years, are running parallel to each other surprisingly ending on the same year.
It’s funny to see Walid Shoebat endorse this: elsewhere, Shoebat has declared that the number “666″ in the Book of Revelation was actually the word “In the Name of Allah”, written in Arabic by the book’s author and misinterpreted as a number in Greek. He explicitly said that ”666″ could not be a coded number because that would be “Gematria”, a form of “witchcraft” which God opposes. Yet now he has apparently endorsed a coded number in another book of the Bible!


This whole thing smells of a curious blend of numerology, the occult and black magic..... the foundation of Judaism.

If that’s the path these bible-thumpers want to take, who am I to stand in their way? Let's throw away the teaching of the "Prince of Peace" and grab a M-16 and teach some 'tough love' to those who dare defy the USA!

strumpet noun dated a female prostitute or a promiscuous woman.

A curious side note: One of the page links is I guess it's meant to be "Joel's Trumpet" but you could also read that it says "Joel Strumpet," meaning he's a female prostitute.

Hey, I just discovered, using ancient Aramic texts and closely guarded Greek spells that the word ‘Santa’ can be re-arranged to spell SATAN!

OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Currently I am working on decoding and outing that four-legged terrorist AKA as the "Easter Bunny!" All those innocent looking 'eggs' the EB leaves hidden is actually code for WMD's!!!

After that, I will expose the nefarious doings of the "Tooth Fairy!" Here's a hint: 'It' lives in San Francisco, need I say more?



    Jugde in NJ issues an injunction against forced vaccine. The judge may feel secure the WHO will overrule the decision or may feel they don't want to face a charge of crimes against humanity down the road. It is becoming obvious that more people know about this than they expected.

    Mean while they are already giving this shot in schools. Shots are being administered around the world and have been for sometime which appear to be nothing short of anti fertility drugs and being given only to women. (the swine flu is now said to kill one in three pregnant women also).

    " * WHO has been actively involved for more than 20 years in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG tied to tetanus toxoid as a carrier -- the exact same coupling as has been found in the Mexican-Philippine-Nicaragua vaccines"

    " Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy."

    Here is the kicker the antibodies will attack hcg in further pregnancies rendering the women incapable of carrying a pregnancy. They only gave it to women 12 to 49 in Mexico. They are working on the assumption that males to do not contract tetanus. What a sham, this is sterilization drug and these idiot countries who trust the who have moved right along with the program.

    The judge in NJ made the right decision but mean while idiot Americans are apparently having their children serilized in schools right now right under their noses. This is all pretty amazing and pretty sick.

  2. They have called off the whole vaccination thing here in British Columbia, for at least a year. I figured that they are aware how many will refuse, so they want to up the scare ante first so it is easier to sell. We West Coasters are kinda strange about resisting this crap.

    As for the article. The only thing I understood was that you have dyslexia and figured out Santa and Satan are connected. Oh? Not dyslexic? Huh? Well you made the connection anyhow... thank goodness it happened before Samhain!

  3. The swine flu vacine seems to be imploding. First, it was three shots, then two, then only one, then just a nasal spray.

    Guess they got all the fear factor out of the vaccination thing they needed.


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