Monday, October 5, 2009

If the "Global War on Terror" is so important, here's what we need to do

We've been pounded relentlessly with the notion that the GWOT is crucial to America and a 'must-win' to secure our way of living and keep those who hate us from smashing our freedoms.

If that bunk is true, then this is what ALL of America needs to do:

1.) Reinstitute the draft ASAP and this time, there will be NO exemptions for being married with children or in college. The only way to avoid the draft is to be physically disabled.

2.) Immediately put a 'surtax' on ALL income above $100,000 a year. Make this tax progressive, with the lower incomes paying less than 5% and the wealthy paying at least 50% and corporations paying 60%.
And no bitching from those making the most money off these wars, Wall Street and the wealthy elite. If they want these 'splendid little wars,' let them help pay for the mayhem.
Why exempt those making less than $100,000? Because many of these families have already paid a horrible cost to support the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' by either sacrificing a son or daughter that now lies rotting in a grave or have to care for a son or daughter who is confined to a wheel chair or is having trouble adjusting to life back home after having served their time in the military.

3.) Our returning vets need the best care for injuries both physical and mental. Which means the Veterans Administration needs more money. And we're broke. But there is an untapped source of money we can get for our vets.... from Israel. Israel's economy is doing just fine, and their GDP is excellent, they no longer need those monthly welfare checks from Uncle Sucker.
That money will be cut off to Israel and instead, given to our wounded men and women returning home from the "Wars for Wall Street and Israel."

4.) The foreign lobby known as AIPAC will immediately have to register as a foreign lobby. AIPAC has been fighting this since the 1960's and for good reason. Registering as a foreign lobby would expose more of their nefarious doings in DC and give Americans a better insight as to who is really running the country and sending our kids off to die fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' . Hint: It's not "We the People."

5.) Last, but certainly not least, if the GWOT is so important to America's future, then so is its financing. We can no longer afford to let monetary policy and the printing or OUR money be the province of non-elected shadowy back room characters no one knows or rarely sees (Quick, name me one member of the Federal Reserve besides Ben Bernanke...????)

So, from this day forward, we will take back the money printing presses from this cabal of secretive, banking families and return them to the American public. A benefit of this will be that we will save ourselves over 250 BILLION a year. That is the money we'll save from not having to pay interest on loaning OUR money to OURSELVES.

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