Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Spook Factory, AKA the CIA, is into Haiti Big Time

Over 50 tons of cocaine is moved from Columbia to Haiti each year, with the CIA there to help. And whenever there are illegal drugs and money to be made, there is usually an Israeli connection, as former Haitian prez Jean Betrand Aristide spent time in Israel studying???? Studying what?

Source Global Research

The CIA has been at the center of the illegal drug trade for decades, as this list can show that the 'Boys from Langley' are no strangers to protecting coca fields and cocaine factories and poppy fields and heroin shipping routes, selling and making huge profits from the CIA's participation in the illegal drug trade.

And when things get too hot, just have the United States Attorney General blow the cover off any drug investigations that were leading to the White House.

The C.I.A is complicit in the illegal drug trade in Afghanistan, but this should surprise no one, as a peek at the historical record demonstrates drug complicity has become routine. Just look at these facts:

1950s, Southeast Asia: The C.I.A. supports the Kuomanting (KMT) drug running in Burma.

1960s-1970s, Vietnam-Laos: Richard Armitage, Ted Shackley and Thomas Clines finance a portion of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam through the Southeast Asian heroin trade.

1980s, Southwest Asia: The C.I.A. supports Afghan rebels, many of whom, along with the Pakistani ISI, are known to be deeply involved in opium and heroin trade.

1980s, Latin America: The U.S. backs Contras, even though cocaine turns out to be a key source of their funding, and Panama dictator Manuel Noriega, also tied to the drug trade. Also in this time period, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Agent Michael Levine claims Attorney General Edwin Meese blew the cover of a DEA team investigating drug corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

1990s, Burma: DEA Agent Richard Horn, whose case was recently settled with the Justice Department, is spied on by the State Department and C.I.A., apparently because Horn was being too aggressive in trying to shut down the opium trade from Burma.

1996-2002: Sibel Edmonds testifies that criminal elements in Turkey tied to the drug trade, with knowledge and acquiescence of the State Department, bring drugs into the U.S. and Europe.

Source Sibel Edmond's "Boiling Frogs Blog"

Guess the recent discovery of gold in Haiti peeked interest at the Spook Factory.

"Haitians are realizing that they no longer have a choice," says Lachapelle.

"With all the problems the country has had, they realize that they have to play the game with investors or things are going to keep getting worse."

Source: A March 2009 post by Greg Peters


  1. C.I.A = Cocaine Importation Agency

  2. Dope and gold. Good reasons to keep Haiti down except for a few chosen 'investors.'

    So is Aristide a 'good guy' as some say or is this concept relative?

  3. Aristide must have some value to those calling the shots in Haiti or else he would've fallen to some strange accident.


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