Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hemorrhoid to be named after Rep. Michele Bachmann, says AMA

Washington--The American Medical Association today announced they were naming a newly found hemorrhoid after Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Dr. Ima Putz, AMA head, said the recently found hemorrhoid is a "particularly nasty one, that is resistant to all forms of surgery and medication. You could say the "Bachmann Anusitis" is a real pain in the ass, and you'd be correct."

Pictures of the impossible to ignore or get rid of "Bachmann Anusitis"


"My sympathy is with anyone who has a Bachmann Anusitis stuck on their rectum, since it's very painful and always oozing puss from its mouth-like maw. So far, the only remedy is to remove the microphone from the Bachmann Anusitis to get it to close," said Dr. Putz.

Dr. Putz added that the AMA's main concern is that Bachmann Anusitis doesn't go viral and turn millions of normal anuses into infected "Bachmann Anusitis" assholes come November 2012.

Another Orwellian Nightmare: Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

Michelle (America 'cursed' by God 'if we reject Israel') Bachmann, congresswoman from MN, brings her crack pipe tour for Israel to Nashville on Sunday at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

She will be the keynote speaker at the International Christian Prayer and Action Dinner for Israel sponsored by Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.

It's not that Americans are Zionists, we're just BRAINWASHED

Many of these Israelis (that you hear or see regularly on cable news and MSM papers) hold dual citizenship, and some have served in the Israeli armed forces, but NOT America's. At one time, for an American to serve in a foreign army meant loss of citizenship, but not when it comes to serving Apartheid Israel.

Why is that?
Alison Weir: Media Reporting on Israel

Recent exposés revealing that Ethan Bronner, the New York Times' Israel-Palestine bureau chief, has a son in the Israeli military have caused a storm of controversy that continues to swirl and generate further revelations.

Bronner is far from alone

As it turns out, Bronner’s ties to the Israeli military are not the rarity one might expect.

• A previous Times bureau chief, Joel Greenberg, before he was bureau chief but after he was already publishing in the Times from Israel, actually served in the Israeli army.

• Media pundit and Atlantic staffer Jeffrey Goldberg also served in the Israeli military; it's unclear when, how, or even if his military service ended.

Richard Chesnoff, who has been covering Mideast events for more than 40 years, had a son serving in the Israeli military while Chesnoff covered Israel as US News & World Report's senior foreign correspondent.

NPR's Linda Gradstein’s husband was an Israeli sniper and may still be in the Israeli reserves. NPR refuses to disclose whether Gradstein herself is also an Israeli citizen, as are her children and husband.

Mitch Weinstock, national editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune, served in the Israeli military.

• The New York Times’ other correspondent from the region, Isabel Kershner, is an Israeli citizen. Israel has universal compulsory military service, which suggests that Kershner herself and/or family members may have military connections. The Times refuses to answer questions about whether she and/or family members have served or are currently serving in the Israeli military. Is it possible that Times Foreign Editor Susan Chira herself has such connections? The Times refuses to answer.

Many Associated Press writers and editors are Israeli citizens or have Israeli families. AP will not reveal how many of the journalists in its control bureau for the region currently serve in the Israeli military, how many have served in the past, and how many have family members with this connection.

• Similarly, many TV correspondents such as Martin Fletcher have been Israeli citizens and/or have Israeli families. Do they have family connections to the Israeli military?

Time Magazine's bureau chief several years ago became an Israeli citizen after he had assumed his post. Does he have relatives in the military?

CNN's Wolf Blitzer, while not an Israeli citizen, was based in Israel for many years, wrote a book whitewashing Israeli spying on the US, and used to work for the Israel lobby in the US. None of this is divulged to CNN viewers.

Tikkun's editor Michael Lerner has a son who served in the Israeli military. While Lerner has been a strong critic of many Israeli policies, in an interview with Jewish Week, Lerner explains:

“Having a son in the Israeli army was a manifestation of my love for Israel, and I assume that having a son in the Israeli army is a manifestation of Bronner’s love of Israel... but I have a special connection to my family. I don’t deny it.”

For a great many of the reporters and editors determining what Americans learn about Israel-Palestine, Israel is family.

Jonathan Cook, a British journalist based in Nazareth, writes of a recent meeting with a Jerusalem based bureau chief, who explained: “… Bronner’s situation is ‘the rule, not the exception. I can think of a dozen foreign bureau chiefs, responsible for covering both Israel and the Palestinians, who have served in the Israeli army, and another dozen who like Bronner have kids in the Israeli army.”

Cooks writes that the bureau chief explained: “It is common to hear Western reporters boasting to one another about their Zionist credentials, their service in the Israeli army or the loyal service of their children.”
Brainwashed to the nth degree by Zionist psyop outlets, like this one, EMET, that tries to portray Israel as some innocent nation, always set upon by Muslims hordes, when anyone who still has two brain cells left knows the opposite is true.
EMET’s Advisory Board

James Woolsey, Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, Caroline Glick, Gal Luft. Meyrav Wurmser, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ariel Cohen, Dr. Emmanuel Navon, Dr. Amichai Magen, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Martin Sherman, Walid Shoebat, Kenneth Timmerman...
You'll notice some of America's premeir haters of all things Muslim on the board, like Pipes, Shoebat, Timmerman, Wurmser, etc.
Hate they are trying mightily to bestow on American minds.

EMET is a Hebrew word for 'truth.' Truth fashioned by Zionist spin outfits and custom made to warp American minds.

And more brainwashing from the MSM, like the Jewish owned New York Times. I stopped reading the Times, since they deleted nearly all of my comments to stories. I never used cuss words, nor did I make threats. I only asked some hard-hitting questions about the USA-Israel relationship that was relevant to the story. And damn near everyone got deleted.

Yet comments that would advocate for the round up and mass incarceration of all Muslim Americans or ones that would say we need to turn some Muslim nations into a radioactive wasteland would not get deleted.

Zionist outifts like EMET, Zionist Organization of America, AEI, WINEP, and so on, are trying to turn America into a carbon-copy of Israel.
To turn Americans into people filled with fear, hate, loathing and full of rage against Muslims/Arabs so we'll go and fight Israel's wars for ME dominance.

So far, it seems to be working fine, thanks to the 9/11 false-flag.

Let's take this one step further: How many Muslims can you name that helped loot American 401k accounts and pension funds during the great MBS/CDO swindle?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Federal Reserve Coven Gathers to Discuss Monetary Policy

Federal Reserve Head Ben 'Shalom' Bernanke and his fellow Mammonists


Bernanke tells Congress he won't print up any more funny money to pay back the funny money the US has already borrowed

You can read and try to understand Bernanke's gobbledygook, or let me break it down to plain English: Slash Social Security, gut Medicare and get rid of Medicaid, since that money is needed to finance the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

How much of our wealth have we paid to the noxious Fed in the last 97 years? Money that we pay as interest all for the privilege of borrowing our own money.

Is there a bigger scam in the history of the world?

When the sold out shills, stooges and thieves in the Congress talk about cutting back on Social Security and Medicare, to bring down the debt, why not talk about shutting down the Fed and save our country 250 billion a year that we pay to the private banking families that own the Fed?

And in other news, Jack the Ripper cautioned London citizenry to take care when walking the back alleyways after dark.

This Is One of the Biggest Wall Street Frauds Ever

HRM Jim Bunning Tells His Subjects to Eat Shit

This on the same day we learn that Wall Street pig AIG won't pay back 48 billion of that No Banker Left Behind Act money, that came from our pockets.

Sen. Jim Bunning Says “Tough shit!” to Unemployed and Uninsured

King Bunning, upon learning that his subjects had no bread to eat, said they can "Eat Shit," then hurried off to see a basketball game.

“‘I have missed the Kentucky-South Carolina game that started at 9:00,’ he said, ‘and it’s the only redeeming chance we had to beat South Carolina since they’re the only team that has beat Kentucky this year.’”

Poor Baby!

How WEed Won the West

While California is going bankrupt, one business is booming. "How Weed Won the West" is the story of the growing medical cannabis / marijuana industry in the greater Los Angeles area, with over 700 dispensaries doling out the buds. As a treatment for conditions ranging from cancer and AIDS, to anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia, cannabis is quickly proving itself as a healthier natural alternative to many prescription drugs.

Following the story of Organica, a southland dispensary which was raided by state and federal agencies in August of 2009, the film shows that although much has changed with Obama in office, the drug war is nowhere near over. From Kevin Booth, the producer/director of Showtime's "American Drug War", "How Weed Won the West" puts California forward as an example to the rest of the country by documenting how legalizing marijuana can help save the economy.

Could Legalizing Marijuana Help End The Recession?

Could legalizing marijuana help end the recessions? It's one thing the world's largest counterfeiting outfit, the Federal Reserve, couldn't make copies of and use to destroy our economy.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Face of ZIONISM...The Face of Deception and Murder

BBC News - Pictures of 26 'agents' sought over Hamas killing


The government in Dubai has issued pictures of 26 "agents" with faked European and Australian passports that it suspects of involvement in the assassination of a top Hamas official last month.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was murdered in his hotel room in Dubai on 20 January.
Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement, accused Israeli agents of killing him. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement. Reports said he was in Dubai to buy weapons for Hamas.

Dubai's police said 12 of the suspects had British passports, six had Irish passports, four had French, three had Australian and one had a German passport.
26 Israeli's to kill ONE Palestinian? No wonder the IOF got its ass kicked when it invaded Lebanon in 2006.

Yes, those glasses work wonder! One can hardly tell who is hiding behind those Fuckhead Grants.

"Hey, Abe Foxman, is this a 'hate' crime?"

If this had happened in the USA, Congress would hold a special session to award some type of medal to these murderers and Obama would go on national TV telling Americans he's proud of that 'special' relationship with Apartheid Israel.

Zionist stooges on FOX and CNN would be singing the praises of the assassins for being so neat and restrained for only killing one and not leveling the entire hotel....... or skyscraper.

Torture USA style: Crushing a Child's Testicles


"Did somebody say something? I was so caught up watching the Olympic Curling Contests that I didn't hear that, was someone screaming?"

We could try this on some of the 9/11 false-flag architects, like the DICK, Çheney and his trusty sidekick, Junior, but it wouldn't work, since both are nutless wonders.

9/11: "This has Bin Laden's fingerprints all over it"

(8:50 a.m.) September 11, 2001: CIA Director Tenet Told of Attack, Immediately Suspects Bin Laden

CIA Director George Tenet is told of the first WTC crash while he is eating breakfast with his mentor, former Senator David Boren (D), at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC. They are interrupted when CIA bodyguards converge on the table to hand Tenet a cell phone. Tenet is told that the WTC has been attacked by an airplane. Boren later says, “I was struck by the fact that [the messenger] used the word ‘attacked.’” Tenet then hands the cell phone back to an aide and says to Boren, “You know, this has bin Laden’s fingerprints all over it.” “‘He was very collected,’ Boren recalls. ‘He said he would be at the CIA in 15 minutes, what people he needed in the room and what he needed to talk about.’” [USA TODAY, 9/24/2001; ABC NEWS, 9/14/2002]

The seeming “demolitions” were actually the result of airliners’ impact and jet fuels’ fire, Jerry Hauer (then a Managing Director of Kroll, Inc., one of the ‘Security’ firms examined by Kevin Ryan in Part Two of his “Demolition Access …’ study, as well as a Senior Adviser to the United States’ Department of Human Services) immediately told Dan Rather of CBS. Further, the attack bore “the fingerprints of Osama bin Laden,” Jerry Hauer, standing for his interview in dust-shrouded Lower Manhattan, somehow said with uncanny prescience over CBS on the day of ” ‘9/11′ “.

Yes, the fingerprints of:

Cheney Bin Laden

Netanyahu Bin Laden

Rumsfeld Bin Laden

Sharon Bin Laden

Wolfowitz Bin Laden

'Lucky Larry' Bin Laden

Bush Bin Laden

That's whose fingerprints are all over the 9/11 inside job.

President Bush says he is opposed to establishing a special, independent commission to probe how the government dealt with terrorism warnings before 9/11. [CBS NEWS, 5/23/2002]

Fifty Questions on 9/11

US maintained 'intimate relations' with Bin Laden, and the Taliban, "all the way until that day of September 11."

And the coverup continues:

Obama opposes a 9/11 Truth Commission

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blaming the Iraqi Victims

Which is what a particularly hypocritical piece of legislation that is sneaking thru the Congress does, putting the blame for the tragic results of the illegal and immoral 2003 US invasion on Iraqi's.
H. RES. 944

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives on religious minorities in Iraq.

Whereas threats against the smallest religious minorities in Iraq jeopardize the future of Iraq as a diverse, pluralistic, and free society;

Whereas governments in the region report that approximately 2,400,000 refugees and asylum seekers have fled Iraq since 2003;

Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that--

(1) the United States remains deeply concerned about the plight of vulnerable religious and ethnic minorities of Iraq .
Yes, we are SO concerned about Iraqi's that so far, we killed around 1.3 million Iraqi's, wounded several million more, used our 'smart' bombs to destroy their homes, factories, water and sewerage treatment plants, mosques, hospitals, schools and blown the hell out of Iraqi antiquities, permanently erasing evidence of one of civilization's oldest people.

This POS legislation is just another thinly veiled attempt to extend the US military occupation of Iraq indefinitely.

Combine this with those vehicle bombs, being set off in Iraqi markets, schools and mosques by British, American and Israeli mercs and the war mongers in the Pentagon and WH will get their wish; a permanent occupation of Iraq.

Which is what two of the US Knesset members, Berman and Ros-Lehtinen, both representing Tel Aviv and cheering enthusiastically for this travesty, want.

Where was the US House, back in December 2008, when US supplied weapons being used by the Israelis were blowing the hell out of Gaza religious minorities?

Where was the US House, back in the Summer of 2006, when US supplied weapons being used by the Israelis were blowing the hell out of Lebanese religious minorities?

They were cheering on the Zionist slaughter of those religious minorities.

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Refuses To Allow The Goldstone Report Into The Congressional Record

Rep. Howard "Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist" Berman voted in support of the invasion of Iraq in both 1991 and 2003

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Tax Dollars at Work

Fears of Humanitarian Crisis in Marjah

More than a week into the Nato-Afghan military offensive against the Taliban in the southern Helmand province town of Marjah, warnings of a humanitarian crisis are growing.

Members of a fleeing family tell Al Jazeera they fled the fighting because they could stop neither the Taliban nor US soldiers from entering their homes.

Israel: A Definition

Israel (iz-ra hell) a renegade country in the Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea; capital recognized by civilized nations is Tel Aviv. Israel was forcibly cut out of the state of Palestine, from land stolen from the indigenous Palestinians in 1948, by an illegal U.N. mandate that was bought by pouring immense amounts of cash into a corrupt U.N. Assembly.

Since it's illegal founding in 1948, Israel has been constantly warring against its neighbors, and engaging in genocide and ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians.

A favorite pastime of the ZOF--Zionist Occupation Force--is to shoot Palestinian children in the head and beat up the elderly.

The Israeli's like to proclaim that they are descended from the biblical character Jacob, but are actually descended from a Eastern European tribe of penis worshippers, known as the "Khazars."

Israelis/Khazars have a consuming hatred of others, but have reserved most of that hate for people of Arabic descent, having waged preemptive wars against those people since at least the 7th Century, ce.

The Israelis/Khazars have been infamous throughout history, having been kicked out of numerous nations, mostly for their innate ability to glom onto a nation's money supply, wrecking carnage on that nation thru usurious interest rates and their use of that money to buy out and corrupt politicians.

Recent examples of the Israelis/Khazars devastating a country into ruin have been Germany, in the 1940's and Russia, in the 1920's.

Due to their paranoia, greed, arrogance and hostility, which most geneticists believe is a result of inbreeding, the Israelis/Khazars have spent most of their time and wealth developing weapons of mass destruction, like nuclear bombs and chemical and biological weapons, to be used as they see fit, since the Khazars/Israeli's are very reluctant to join any treaties that prohibit these type of WMD's.

The Israelis/Khazars are notorious for getting one nation to fight another, thru their masterful use of the "False-flag," which they have refined to perfection.
The most well known "False-flag" used by the Khazars was the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon, which gave the Israelis/Khazars the utlimate battle they had desired; Christians versus Moslems.

Israel's chief exports are illegal drugs, like Ecstasy, and copies of military weapons that have have stolen from other nations. What money they need is either extorted from other nations, in the bizarre shakedown racket known as Holocaust™ reparations, or stolen outright from a nation's treasury, like the trillions of dollars that was stolen from Americans 401k retirement accounts and their pension funds. So much was stolen by the Khazars that the practice has become known as the "Madoff" plan.

Israel/Khazaristan likes to proclaim it is a democracy, but has no constitution. And it forbids marriage between Jews and non-Jews. Land ownership is for those of Khazarian descent only, akin to the racist and apartheid Confederate States of America back in the later part of the 19th Century and the racist and apartheid former South Africa back in the latter part of the 20th Century.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Zionist Front Exposed.. the Albright Stonebridge Group

Led by none other than at large war criminal and mass murderer, former Secretary of State 'Bloody Maddy' Albright, who gets a smile on her face, shudders with joy and has to change her wet knickers anytime she thinks of over 500,000 Iraqi children murdered as the result of that Bill Clinton, Tony Blair embargo against Iraq in the 1990's, that was needed to 'soften' up that nation for the planned Iraq invasion of 2003.

As to what Albright Stonebridge does 'legally,' good luck finding out, as their web page makes mine look like it was designed by a MIT grad.
Based in Washington, DC, with local presence in New York, Brussels, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, New Delhi, and Sao Paulo, we work closely with a limited number of high-quality, non-conflicting clients that we serve attentively and successfully.

The firm’s team, led by former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, National Security Advisor Samuel R. Berger, and Senator Warren B. Rudman.... global strategy firm that works with clients to seize opportunities, assess and manage risk and solve solve problems worldwide.
Sounds like that 'law' firm headed by Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate."

One of their leading cheerleaders for the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' is Wendy Sherman, who was on CSpan this morning, blabbering about 'dire consequences' if Iran doesn't cave in and bow down before the world's leading terrorist states, England, Israel and the USA... uhh Wendy, when that one caller asked a question about how our support for all things Israel is causing problems for us in the ME, why did the anchor cut the caller off and you dodge the question?

Wendy is also part of the CFR mob, another war mongering outfit that gets sexually aroused at the thought of millions of Muslims and Americans dying to save Apartheid Israel.

Another leading Zionist onboard is the thief and liar, Samuel 'Sandy' Berger, who was caught stealing national security documents from the National Archives.

There were so many Clinton era crimes and treasonous activities, it might be hard to pin down what 'Sandy' stole, but my guess is he stole and destoryed any documents that shed light on the Clinton administrations active role in laying the groundwork for the 9/11 inside job.
On July 19, 2004, it was revealed that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating Berger for unauthorized removal of classified documents in October 2003 from a National Archives reading room prior to testifying before the 9/11 Commission, by stuffing them down his pants.
The Justice Department initially said Berger stole only copies of classified documents and not originals. But the House Government Reform Committee later revealed that an unsupervised Berger had been given access to classified files of original, uncopied, uninventoried documents on terrorism. Several Archives officials acknowledged that Berger could have stolen any number of items and they “would never know what, if any, original documents were missing.
Another of their premier war mongers is Kenneth Pollack, who becomes tumescent anytime someone talks about 'wiping Muslims off the face of the Earth.' Pollack loves to put on his cheerleader skirt and wave his Star of David shaped pom-poms for Apartheid Israel when he cheers in front of the American Enterprise Institute. If you don't know anything about AEI, here's a good primer; they list the DICK, Cheney as being 'honorable' and proudly list this blood stained psycho as a board member.

These are some of the twisted souls who have stolen this nation and are using it's wealth to finance their 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

No sacrifice is too great, no debt too burdensome to protect Apartheid Israel, as long as its our money and our kids being sacrificed upon the Altar of Zionism.

"No, we want them to leave." The REAL Exodus...The Palestinian Diaspora

And I began to find out about the barbaric methods used to rid the fledgling state of as many Palestinians as possible. The world recoils today at the thought of bacteriological warfare, but Israel was probably the first to actually use it in the Middle East. In the 1948 war, Jewish forces would empty Arab villages of their populations, often by threats, sometimes by just gunning down a half-dozen unarmed Arabs as examples to the rest. To make sure the Arabs couldn't return to make a fresh life for themselves in these villages, the Israelis put typhus and dysentery bacteria into the water wells.

This worked so well that they sent a Haganah division dressed as Arabs into Gaza, where there were Egyptian forces, and the Egyptians caught them putting two cans of bacteria, typhus and dysentery
, into the water supply in wanton disregard of the civilian population.

THE JEWS OF IRAQ By Naeim Giladi

I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called "cruel Zionism." I write about it because I was part of it.

About 125,000 Jews left Iraq for Israel in the late 1940s and into 1952, most because they had been lied to and put into a panic by what I came to learn were Zionist bombs.

I read over the petition. In signing, the Palestinian would be saying that he was of sound mind and body and was making the request for transfer free of pressure or duress. Of course, there was no way that they would leave without being pressured to do so. These families had been there hundreds of years, as farmers, primitive artisans, weavers. The Military Governor prohibited them from pursuing their livelihoods, just penned them up until they lost hope of resuming their normal lives. That's when they signed to leave.

I was there and heard their grief. "Our hearts are in pain when we look at the orange trees that we planted with our own hands. Please let us go, let us give water to those trees. God will not be pleased with us if we leave His trees untended." I asked the Military Governor to give them relief, but he said, "No, we want them to leave."

.....the Zionist bombings in Iraq, Arab peace overtures that were rebuffed, and incidents of violence and death inflicted by Jews on Jews in the cause of creating Israel.

Zionist propagandists still maintain that the bombs in Iraq were set off by anti-Jewish Iraqis who wanted Jews out of their country. The terrible truth is that the grenades that killed and maimed Iraqi Jews and damaged their property were thrown by Zionist Jews.

In attempts to portray the Iraqis as anti-American and to terrorize the Jews, the Zionists planted bombs in the U.S. Information Service library and in synagogues. Soon leaflets began to appear urging Jews to flee to Israel. . . . Although the Iraqi police later provided our embassy with evidence to show that the synagogue and library bombings, as well as the anti-Jewish and anti-American leaflet campaigns, had been the work of an underground Zionist organization, most of the world believed reports that Arab terrorism had motivated the flight of the Iraqi Jews whom the Zionists had "rescued" really just in order to increase Israel's Jewish population."


Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People"... there was no sudden expulsion of all Jews from Jerusalem in A.D. 70, for instance. …Jews are a religion, not a race

And to those who say Palestine never existed, Rabbi Schwarz begs to differ:

Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine by Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, 1850

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Will Iranian children be the next target of this pack of jackals?

Madeleine Albright Defends Mass-Murder of Children

Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton, goes down in infamy not only for admitting that 500,000 innocent children were starved by sanctions on Iraq but also for admitting the atrocity while licking her lips.

Do you think about starving 500,000 children has a place in US policy?

When did America decide it was OK to wage war against children?

Elie Wiesel's Ignoble Recruits

Now let us turn to the vicious prescriptions called for by Wiesel and his recruits. They first call for “harsher sanctions,” without any mention of restrictions on such sanctions. We already know that sanctions as practiced by the U.S. are a recipe for massive death and destruction. We know what the years of sanctions did to Iraq under the presidencies of Clinton and Bush II. When Madeleine Albright was informed in a notorious TV interview that 500,000 Iraqi children had died due to those sanctions, she did not deny it but replied “This is a very hard choice, but ... we think the price is worth it.” Do the signers of this ad agree with Albright’s assessment in the case of Iraq and now Iran? Sanctions are far from harmless and they fall hardest on the helpless and rarely on the powerful. In 2000 Christian Aid stated:

“The immediate consequence of eight years of sanctions has been a dramatic fall in living standards, the collapse of the infrastructure, and a serious decline in the availability of public services. The longer-term damage to the fabric of society has yet to be assessed but economic disruption has already led to heightened levels of crime, corruption and violence. Competition for increasingly scarce resources has allowed the Iraqi state to use clan and sectarian rivalries to maintain its control, further fragmenting Iraqi society.”
The same band of ravenous vampires that created the Muslim 'boogieman' Saddam shortly after the Communist 'boogieman' fell, are licking their fangs over the thought of turning Iran into a 'Shock and Awe' project.

By demonizing Iran, the NeoCons and Zionists can scare Americans with more tales of throat-slitting 'Muzzies,' allowing these liars, con artists, thieves and mass murderers to steal what's left of America, using "Crowbars by Bernanke" and send off our kids to fight and die in another war for Israel.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Many 9/11 Masterminds Can YOU Name?

How many 'masterminds' can 9/11 have?

Some would name Bin Laden, because that's what we've been taught to think and say, like a parrot imitating his master. But that answer would be wrong.

Others would point a finger of blame at Khalid Sheikh Mohammed AKA KSM, who has allegedly admitted to that bogus charge, but waterboard someone over 180 times and torture their kids and anyone would admit to anything. But KSM isn't the 9/11 mastermind.

Still others would offer up Imad Mugniyeh, who was given the 9/11 'mastermind' label back in December 2001, by none other than Ziocon Kenneth Timmerman.
Likely mastermind of tower attacks: Imad Mugniyeh

Timmerman, of course, is the author of the now infamous disinformation piece published by Insight Magazine of the Moonie-owned Washington Times on October 15, 2002, alleging Saddam Hussein’s possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Insight headline advertising the essay, published half a year before Bush’s preemptive military action in Iraq in early 2003, says it all:

How Saddam Got Weapons of Mass Destruction: Saddam Hussein’s War Machine Is Being Built Systematically to Strike At the United States With New Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Designed to Kill Millions.

The information, from recent defectors and other sources working with the broad-based Iraqi National Congress (INC), indicates that Baghdad has made "a recent breakthrough" in production of the fissile material needed to produce the bomb.

“Mr. Timmerman is also Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, an organization which he co-founded with PNAC founding member Peter Rodman, who is currently United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and some prominent Iranian dissident figures.

Kenneth R. Timmerman was once “the editor of a Mossad-financed newsletter based in Paris, France.”
Change "Baghdad" for Tehran and Kenny boy could crib from his own propaganda.

Kenny boy's Foundation for Democracy in Iran is the bastard twin to the Neocon/Zionist wet dream cum true, "Project for the New American Century" which told numerous lies about 9/11 and Iraq, scaring Americans into thinking Saddam was behind 9/11 and was getting ready to nuke the USA.

Now their sights are set on Iran, using the same modus operandi, telling numerous lies to scare Americans into thinking Iran was behind 9/11 and is getting ready to nuke the USA.

Kenny boy is telling whoppers about Iran, hoping that we'll be tricked into fighting another war for Israel. But I digress. Imad Mugniyeh wasn't a 9/11 'mastermind.'

A good way to find out the 9/11 'mastermind' would be to ask one of architects of that false-flag, like the DICK, Cheney. Or Israeli CRIME MINISTER Benny Netanyahu. Or Paul Wolfowtiz... Or Donald Rumsfeld.

All it would take is a little 'enhanced interrogation' and any of those SOB's would start singing like a canary.

Let's see, how many 9/11 'masterminds' are we up to? Will there be more down the road?

9/11: It Wasn't Muslims

Friday, February 19, 2010

Deputy Barney Fife Joins the Israeli MOSSAD

Dubai has said it will issue an arrest warrant for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if Mossad is proved to be behind the killing of a Hamas leader in the sheikhdom.

The Israeli premier would have been the first one to have signed the order to kill, Dubai's police chief Dahi Khalfan said on Thursday. According to the police chief, the method used in the assassination is one used by Mossad.

Wasn't Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife available?

What do you think would've happened if Iran had sent a team of assassins to another country and executed a Jew?

Israel and her assassins have been killing so many Americans, or spying on Americans, or stealing from Americans, without any repercussions, that they've gotten sloppy.

For it to take 10 Israeli's to kill one Arab surely must mean the end of the Master Race's Zionist nightmare in Occupied Palestine.
A [VERY] brief history of Israeli espionage scandals

Here are some previous international scandals involving Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies.

* 1954 - Egypt cracks Israeli Military Intelligence cell of Egyptian Jews who firebombed sites frequented by Westerners to embarrass Cairo and stop it nationalizing the Suez Canal. Two are hanged, one commits suicide and six others are jailed. Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon quits, though denies authorizing plot.

* 1963 - Swiss police arrest an Israeli and an Austrian after a German scientist's daughter accuses them of threatening her -- part of a Mossad intimidation campaign against Germans suspected of helping an Egyptian missile program. Mossad chief Issar Harel resigns. Detainees are freed after a few months.

* 1967 - Two suspected Mossad officers arrested in Germany while breaking into a home believed to belong to a former official of the Nazi Gestapo. They are released as a goodwill gesture to Israel after the 1967 Middle East war.

* 1973 - Mossad assassins shoot dead a Moroccan-born waiter in Norway, mistaking him for one of the Palestinian masterminds of an attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics in which 11 Israeli athletes died. Five Mossad officers are tried, but eventually released. Israel offers compensation to the waiter's family.

* 1985 - U.S. Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard is arrested for passing intelligence to Lakam, an Israeli agency specializing in scientific cooperation. Israel apologizes to the United States and dismantles Lakam. Pollard is sentenced to life in prison.

* 1987 - Britain protests to Israel about what London calls the misuse by "Israeli authorities" of forged British passports, and says it received assurances there would be no recurrence.

* 1991 - Four Israelis are arrested during an apparent attempt to bug the Iranian embassy in Cyprus. They are released for lack of evidence.

* 1997 - Two Mossad assassins are captured by Jordanian authorities after a failed attempt to kill Khaled Meshaal, a leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas. They are sent home after Israel frees jailed Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin.

* 1998 - A group of Israelis is discovered trying to tap the phones of a suspected Lebanese Hezbollah militant in Switzerland. In a closed-door trial, one Israeli, described in the media as a Mossad officer, is fined and given a suspended jail sentence. His three accomplices are released.

- In Cyprus, two suspected Mossad officers are arrested and charged with spying on sensitive military installations. They are released after nine months in prison under a plea bargain.

* 2004 - Two Israelis are sentenced to six months in jail by an Auckland court after they admit trying to obtain a New Zealand passport fraudulently. Wellington suspects they are from the Mossad and suspends relations with Israel in protest. A year later, Israel apologizes to New Zealand, which restores ties.

The Traitors Among Us

"AIPAC meets with every candidate running for Congress. These candidates receive in-depth briefings to help them completely understand the complexities of Israel's predicament and that of the Middle East as a whole. We even ask each candidate to author a 'position paper' on their views of the U.S.-Israel relationship--so it's clear where they stand on the subject."

"Members of Congress, staffers and administration officials have come to rely on AIPACs memos. They are VERY busy people and they know that they can count on AIPAC for clear-eyed analysis.. We present this information in concise form to elected officials. The information and analyses are impeccable--after all our reputation is at stake. This results in policy and legislation that make up Israel's lifeline."

AIPAC Congratulates Itself for the Slaughter in Lebanon

Iranian satellite television channel PressTV broadcast a 25 minute interview with IRmep director Grant F. Smith about the Israel lobby's history of challenges to rule of law and governance in the United States. "Autograph" with Susan Modaress reviews key findings from the book "Spy Trade"

How Israel's Lobby Challenges Rule of Law in America

Israeli Lobby Slips Anti-Israel Speech Bill Through U.S. House

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Interview with Secretary of State Clinton

"Madame Secretary, thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule for this interview. "

"Let's start with the situation in Iran. What kind of military commitment is President Obama willing to give Israel when they strike Iran?

"Arrf, arrff, arf, aRFFFF, ARFF, arf, bark, bark arrff"

"Interesting. Will the Pentagon send American troops into Iran to back up the Israeli bombing raids?


At this point in the interview, Secretary Clinton takes a break to use her hind leg to vigorously scratch some fleas behind her left ear.

"Madame Secretary, is the US willing to use nukes against Iran?


Another distraction. It seems that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nuttyahoo has entered the room. Rice runs over to 'Bennie', obviously excited and they both start circling each other and smelling each others butts.

After a couple of minutes of this, Secretary Clinton returns.

"Madame Secretary, is it true that you are hoping to stay in office in the next administration?

"Arrrff, ARFFFF, arf, arf, arfffff........."

Secretary Clinton becomes extremely agitated and starts jumping up and down. She trots over to a mangy-looking, diseased dog that everyone in the neighborhood calls 'Abe.'

Clinton starts panting, then raises her tail and 'Abe' mounts her violently from behind. The ruckus they make with their yelping and barking is too much for this interviewer.

I conclude the interview to find a bucket of cold water.

"Fly the Friendly Skies of CIA... Central Intelligence Airways!"


We at Central Intelligence Airways are always looking to please our customers! Looking to get away to Detroit for some hot action that will set your pants on fire? We can help, even though you don't have a passport, don't have any money, won't be taking along any luggage and only need a one-way ticket.

Our associates at ICTS at the Netherlands Schiphol Airport will be there with the cash and their MOSSAD personnel who will look the other way, negating that pesky trip thru customs and making sure no red flags are raised!

How about a one-way trip to see New York's skyscrapers? No problem, as we have extensive experience commandeering jetliners and flying them into some of the world's tallest buildings!

No need to pack anything for this trip, as you will be meeting your maker at the conclusion of this fireball extravaganza! Again, our MOSSAD associates at Huntleigh, operating out of Boston's Logan Airport, will gently guide you and greatly assist the aftermath psyops with pre-planted leads and clues that point the finger of blame at your Arab or Persian country of choice!

Click on this link to see our full line of assistance in air travel, no matter what part of the world you live or where you want to go!

Central Intelligence Airways.... "Leave the Flying and Dying to Us!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

President Obama Assassinated in Los Angeles

July 4, 2010-President Obama was assassinated today in Los Angeles, while giving a speech to the "Friends of Israel" committee at a local synagogue. The president was rushed to Sinai Memorial Hospital, but by all accounts, is presumed to be dead.

The suspect was cornered at a local mosque, where a shootout ensued, ending with the death of the subject. Police say that the Secret Service has found the sniper rifle, an Iranian made Steyr.
A high ranking White House official, speaking off the record, said that Iran's fingerprints were all over this murder of a much beloved American president.

As this article was going to print, Vice-President Joe Biden was being sworn in as president and is said to be calling in the Joint Chiefs of Staff to choose what military response there will be to this heinous crime.

The White House issued a short press release, saying that "President Biden is aghast at this unprovoked act of terror, committed by elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. President Biden says Americans will take their grief and turn it into a mighty sword, to smite the enemies of this republic."

The White House also stated that due to certain "terrorist" elements lurking on the web, the Internet will be shutdown, but only long enough for the Department of Homeland Security to install the protective "Overlord" software so that the Internet will cease to be breeding grounds for terror and insurrection.

Reporting from Los Angeles, this is Binyamin Nerdfinkel for Holocaust™ News


Satire? Not if Obama doesn't constantly show loyalty and undying devotion to that nation of religious bigots, false-flag experts and assassins on the eastern Mediterranean.

It wouldn't take much. All the Israeli intelligence service MOSSAD has to do is fine tune their Kennedy's assassinations model.

Only this time, instead of a "Palestinian" killing the president, it will be an "Iranian" who pulls the trigger, putting Joe "I'm a Zionist" Biden in charge of the nation's nuclear arsenal.

And away we go to WW III. All for the benefit of our bestest friend and buddy in the ME, Israel.

Norman Podhoretz wets his "Depends" just thinking about this scenario.

Alan Dershowitz likes to curl up in bed, thinking long and hard about this scenario while using his hands to stroke his "fantasies" of manipulating the US into bombing Iran.

Laying next to Alan is Daniel Pipes, wearing a stain sodden blue dress he borrowed from Monica Lewinsky.

Elie Weasel and his supple mouth are there, to assist any that might be experiencing "erectile dysfunction."

And hiding in a "secure, but undisclosed" closet, is one of the 9/11 false-flag architects, "Big Dick" Cheney.

But the "Dick" is too busy counting his well earned shekels to join in this macabre "Dances with Fist" celebration.

"Asshole of the Decade" Award Ceremony

Washington DC--Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we're here to honor one of the most prestigious candidates to be awarded the "Asshole of the Decade" in a long time.

A man whose accomplishments in this field of rectums that far surpass the others who've preceded him, whose example has set new standards.

A candidate who has vigorously defended, under the guise of protecting freedom of speech, some of the most vile and perverted pornographers in that sleazy, but lucrative field.

A nominee who has went out of his way to stand up for a murderer of a police officer, to prevent that poor soul, who just happens to be a 'Chosen One,' from being executed.

A man who has bragged about being a MOSSAD agent who sets in on discussions to choose which Palestinians shall be extrajudicially executed.

A splendid example of our 'Tribe,' who is an enthusiastic fan of torture, like sticking hot needles under a person's fingernails!

A candidate who has went out of his way to savagely attack Judge Goldstone for that verboten look into Israeli war crimes.... Oops! Did I mention war crimes and Israel in the same sentence?

Someone who wants to be the next president of our kind and peace loving state of Israel.

So join the ADL and your host, Abe Foxman in showing your appreciation for all that he has done!

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you, from the University of Israel's Harvard campus....

Professor Alan Dershowitz!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Would You Like a Beautiful New Home, Subsidized with Government Money?

In 2009, 2.8 million American families lost their homes to foreclosure.

In 2008, 3,000,000 American families lost their homes to foreclosure.

Another 9,000,000 million Americans are predicted to lose their homes in the next few years.

The solution? Move to Apartheid Israel and get a beautiful new home, built with your tax money on land stolen from the indigenous Palestinians!

Don't worry about those Palestinians getting 'uppity' and demanding their land back, the US Senate, House, Pentagon and the White House will make sure Apartheid Israel gets to keep everything it has stolen!


To all those American families that have lost their homes and are now living in tents, panhandling on the streets for spare change and digging thru trash looking for something to eat, be grateful and give thanks that your tax money is being given to support and prop up Apartheid Israel!

Housing continues to appreciate in Israel, average apartment in Tel Aviv worth around $500,000 dollars.

More Homeless Americans Living in Cars and Campers

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Are you 'anti-Shempitic?'

The one and only 'Curly'


Take this easy quiz to find out if you are a vile, loathsome, anti-Shempite!

1. Do you prefer the antics of Curly, of the original "3 Stooges" lineup over the one called 'Shemp?'

Curly's replacement, 'Shemp'


If you do, then you are a filthy anti-Shempite!

General Petraeus Requisitions Bigger Chest from Pentagon


Washington--General David Petraeus, his Most Royal Majesty of the 'Wars for Empire and Israel' front today told the Pentagon brass he needed a bigger chest to hold and display all of his medals, awards and commendations.

Colonel John "Johnny" Gofer, HRM's top aide, said his majesty was distressed that he couldn't display all his shiny ribbons and medals at one time on his chest, so he was ordering a bigger one from supply.

"HRM Petraeus" thinks it's his duty to show all his loyal subjects, especially the ones on Senate and House committees, all of his 47 + medals HRM won by serving the greater good, namely the General's lust for more power," said Colonel Gofer.

"It's a proven fact that members of Congress and the press get all squishy inside when they see HRM's chest full of shiny objects, making them forget what questions they were going to ask, giving HRM a black check to spend all the money the General wants on weapons of mass destruction and letting HRM position himself for a run at the Oval Office," added Colonel Gofer.

At press time, there was no word on whether or not HRM was going to be awarded the much sought after "ass-kissing little chickenshit" award.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Swindler's List".... Another one million plus Holocaust™ Survivors?

Holocaust™ Claims Conf. Fraud Put At $350,000
The Claims Conference fired three employees last week who allegedly approved more than 100 fraudulent Holocaust-era claims — filed primarily by Russians now living in Brooklyn — that bilked the German government out of more than $350,000, The Jewish Week has learned.
He said it is “too early” to know how many fraudulent claims had been paid, but he put the number at “likely more than 100.”

There are 1,500 pending claims in New York and Schneider said those that have been verified are also to be paid in coming days; he declined to say if additional fraudulent claims had been filed since November.

In the last two years, there has been a surge in Hardship Fund applications because Germany broadened the eligibility criteria to include Jews who were in Leningrad at any time during the Nazis’ 900-day siege of the city from September 1941 through January 1944, or fled from Leningrad during those years; Germany paid 7,000 claims in 2008 and 18,000 last year.
If your Mommy was pregnant during the Siege of Leningrad and managed to escape, and the baby was born in New York, does that mean that the zygote was a Holocaust™ survivor?

Does this scam never end or will Germans be forced to pay every shyster that is Jewish and claims to be a Holocaust™ victim?

There were around 60,000 Jewish concentration camp survivors at the end of WWII. That number jumped to over one million in the late 1990's when ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million’ according to "Extracts from The Holocaust Industry" by Norman G. Finkelstein
Is the Holocaust Torah rabbi a fraud?

He's been written up in The New York Times. The Christian Science Monitor called him the "Indiana Jones of rabbis." For years, Maryland's Rabbi Menachem Youlus has regaled congregations across the country with his dramatic tales of rescuing and restoring Torah scrolls from the ashes of the Holocaust.

Now, a lengthy piece in the Washington Post has stopped just shy of calling Youlus a fraud -- a significant development not only because it punctures the rabbi's mythic image, but because as a Torah scribe, Youlus is supposed to be above reproach.

Asked why no one in Oswiecim knew about his ad hoc archaeological dig, Youlus changes major details of the story he told Central Synagogue and the New York Times. He says the box containing the Torah was not made of metal, though he can't say exactly what the material was. Youlus says he simply took an educated guess as to where it was buried, hired a crew to dig and found it in the ground beyond the old cemetery walls. As for the priest who supplied the missing parchment panels, Youlus didn't find him through a classified ad. He says his great aunt -- friends with an unidentified Polish cardinal -- helped find the priest. What was the priest's name? "I have no idea," Youlus says. According to the Archdiocese of Krakow, the last local priest who survived Auschwitz died years before Youlus says he arrived on the scene in 2004.

In a 3-hour interview, Youlus is unable to provide a single name, date, place, photograph or document to back up the Auschwitz stories or any of the others. He says that until Save a Torah was founded in 2004, he kept no records. He refers all requests for documentation since then to the foundation's president, investment banker Rick Zitelman of Rockville.

But in a late December meeting at The Washington Post, Zitelman, 54, shows no documentation for any of the scrolls, despite requests. Zitelman says the only paperwork he gets from Youlus is an invoice the rabbi himself writes up for each Torah. He says Youlus does not submit any airline tickets or hotel receipts for overseas missions.
Overseas missions? From Brooklyn to the Bronx? Is there a bigger fraud and con game being played upon the world, other than the 'official' 9/11 story and fiat money?

Would the 150,000 German Jews, including admirals, generals and highly decorated vets who served in Hitler's armed forces during WWII be eligible for Holocaust™ slush money?

When Fascism Comes to America...

it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.... Author Sinclair Lewis, the first American to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.


Carried by presidential candidates who would just love to goose step us into their schizoid future. Faux patriots whose only real concern is how to stay in power, how to get more power and how to kiss Israeli ass.

Rep. Mike Pence (Ind)

Pence is an extremist right-wing evangelical Christian who has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Blackwater’s owner, Erik Prince. Prince has also donated to Pence’s Political Action Committee “Principles Exalt a Nation.” In December 2007, three months after Blackwater operatives gunned down 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour Square, Pence and his Republican Study Committee, which serves “the purpose of advancing a conservative social and economic agenda in the House of Representatives,” organized a gathering to welcome Prince to Washington. “Not only has Mr. Prince personally been targeted by partisan warfare repeatedly over the past months, but the use of contracting throughout the government has been under attack by this Congress,” Pence’s committee’s statement said.

Rep. Mike Pence: Israel Should Dictate U.S. Policy

Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN)

Rep. Michele Bachmann: America 'cursed' by God if we reject Israel

At a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Los Angeles last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann offered a candid view of her positions on Israel: Support for Israel is handed down by God and if the United States pulls back its support, America will cease to exist.

Bachman almost makes 'Crazy Sarah' look presidential.

Just don't question Bachmann's integrity when it comes to turning classrooms into Sunday schools.

Bachmann, a 'Gawd' fearing Christian would have no problem with nuking Iran.

Friday, February 12, 2010

"Who's Gutting the Bill of Rights? Those Damned Jihadists!"

They passed the 2001 "Patriot Act," that took many of our freedoms, turning us all into potential 'terrorists,' making us ALL guilty until proven guilty.

And those other freedom haters, the Taliban, passed the "Authorization to Use Military Force" that gave the president the right to wage wars anywhere he or she pleased, gutting the Constitution that specifically placed that power with the Congress.

Don't forget that they 'hate us for our freedoms,' which is why those 'al CIA duh' types in Congress gutted what was left of the Bill of Rights by passing the "Military Commissions Act" in the Fall of 2006, taking away our habeas corpus rights to be brought before a judge so we can make bail.... and they legalized torture. Sneaky bastards, they know where to hit us hard to take away our freedoms that we've been told they hate.

Here's a quiz for all you über-patriots' out there: When was the last time the US Congress actually declared war, which is a power accorded to the Congress and the Congress only, in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution?
Violating the Constitution With an Illegal War by Rep. Ron Paul

The last time Congress declared war was on December 11, 1941, against Germany in response to its formal declaration of war against the United States. This was accomplished with wording that took less than one-third of a page, without any nitpicking arguments over precise language, yet it was a clear declaration of who the enemy was and what had to be done.
Feel better? We're not actually at war, so don't pay any attention to all those flag-draped coffins coming home from the ME and SW Asia.

A wet dream cum true for the Neocons and Zionists that were behind the 9/11 false-flag:

Within a week after the attacks of Sept. 11, Congress authorized the president to "use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons."

The only ones who don't get paranoid about our governments secret dealings and false-flags are the delusional and the bought off, basically, the same ones who still believe the '9/11 Omission Commission.'

It wasn't the dead guy, Bin Laden that has taken away our freedoms.

It's not the Taliban that are scaring the hell out of people by predicting another false-flag.

It's not those 'jihadists' that have gutted the Bill of Rights.

It's those corrupt and sold out shills in the US House and Senate and the White House.... aided and abetted by a Zionist spin machine that has taken over MSM outfits like CNN, NYT, WaPo and FUX News.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Damn, this Goldstone thing has gone TOO far, let's Bomb Iran!

"In fact, the commission did not say anything new. Almost all the facts were already known: the bombing of civilian neighborhoods, the use of flechette rounds and white phosphorus against civilian targets, the bombing of mosques and schools, the blocking of rescue parties from reaching the wounded, the killing of fleeing civilians carrying white flags, the use of human shields, and more" -Sep 21, 2009, Counterpunch

Goldstone Facts

The real story behind Israel's invasion of Gaza

Chapter 11 Deliberate Attacks against the Civilian Population

In this video, we distill out the findings of the Chapter 11("Deliberate Attacks against the Civilian Population") of the Goldstone Report to make it accessible to the lay public. The factual and legal findings are narrated by Noam Chomsky. The video also contains live testimonies of Khalid, Kawthar and Samar Abd Rabbo before the UN Fact Finding Mission headed by Justice Richard Goldstone.


"The Goldstone Commission's findings are in line with what anyone who didn't shut his or her eyes and ears to witness testimony already knows." - Sep 17, 2009, Haaretz

"The findings were consistent with those of the other human rights organizations: Israel is guilty of a very significant number of war crimes."-Sep 16, 2009, Democracy Now

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Israel, the world's #1 Gangster Paradise

I am Israel (Documentary Film) English version

I am Israel, born out of lies, subterfuge, bribes, threats and murder of the indigenous people of Palestine and theft of their land.

I am Israel, still lying, killing, stealing, corrupting and taking more of Palestine.

I am Israel, the world renown gangster hideout for wanted felons from around the world, wanted for murder, theft, spying and corruption.

I am Israel, I am above question or reproach, since I am above the law.

I am Israel, with future plans to kill more Arabs/Muslims and steal more of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.

I am Israel, the world's most sordid collection of false-flag experts, liars, thieves, con artists, bigots, mass murderers, backstabbers, corrupters, racists and assassins.

I am Israel and NO ONE will stop my psychotic ways.

For the people who keep saying that this video is Anti-Semitic:

Jews against Zionism:

"Another" Jews against Zionism:

Jewish Voices for Peace:

Stop Funding Israel:

If you knew:

The Israeli Occupation:

Gaza Massacre by Israel:

Remember Gaza:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boycott Israeli Products Campaign

It's only a matter of time before Apartheid Israel launches another "Blitzkreig" campaign--to honor their Nazi heroes--against Lebanon. It's way past the time to stop this rogue regime from murdering any more non-Jews.

One way to bring that about is to BOYCOTT any and all things from or associated with Apartheid Israel.

An Appeal to all Citizens of the World

As citizens of our individual countries, we at times become extremely frustrated by the policies of our governments that we deem unjust. We oftentimes feel powerless to change them as more and more of the governments and the politicians who run them become increasingly subservient to global corporate and banking interests. There is, however, one powerful weapon that if utilized collectively can accomplish far greater positive change than marches, protests and demonstrations. The weapon is the boycott of well targeted products. Mexican-American labor leader Cesar Chavez utilized this weapon with great success against the greedy grape growers of Alta California and managed to win many concessions for the exploited farmworkers. The boycott of grapes would not have been successful, however, if the world community did not support it.

Today, as the world community begins to see evidence of the barbaric massacre of Palestinians that took place in Jenin by the Butcher Ariel Sharon and his murderous Zionist Army, and the even more horrific Zionist slaughter unleashed against Gaza in December 2008, one is compelled to just and moral action. Here in Aztlan, we have become extremely frustrated at President George Bush and now President Obama and their inability or unwillingness to stop the horrible slaughter that is occurring in the Holy Land and that may culminate in the genocide of the Palestinian people. We individually have the power of choice to buy one product over another or to simply forgo a purchase entirely. If more and more people around the world do the same, the pressure will become powerful enough to force a positive change. We each can also help by asking our family members and friends to do the same.

Below are products and brands of corporations and businesses that are helping Zionist Israel to continue their racist apartheid policies and illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. We are asking you to boycott these products. The products and brands have been well researched. Each of the companies have ties to Israel and support their policies against the Palestinian people. As an example, Estée Lauder's chairman, Ronald Lauder, served as the Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and is the current President of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) - a quasi-governmental agency whose main function is to legitimize Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Ronald Lauder is a hardcore Zionist and his views are often more extreme then those of the Israeli government.

Other examples are:

In 1998 Mr. Robert P. Van der Merwe, chairman of Kimberly-Clark Europe received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the "State of Israel" in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy.

From 1966 onward Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. Recently the Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel for the last 30 years and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel.

Swiss food giant Nestle will set up a global research and development center for snack foods next year in Sderot, a town in Israel's Negev desert, the Maariv newspaper reported on Sunday. Nestle owns 50.1 percent of Israeli food maker Osem Investments and the two together produce snack foods at a plant in Sderot.

Intel is one of the biggest supporters of Israel. Their very first development center outside the US was opened in Haifa in 1974. Since then they have continued pouring investment in to Israel. By year 2000 they employed over 4000 Israelis. Exports from their Lachish-Qiryat Gat plant in israel total $3 million a day at peak capacity - approximately $ 1 billion a year. The Intel plant at "Qiryat Gat" is built on land Israel confiscated from the Palestinian villages of Iraq al Manshiya. Iraq al Manshiya was a village of 2000 people living in 300 houses with two mosques and one school. The original Palestinian inhabitants were terrorized out of the village and then the whole village was razed to the ground to prepare the way for the new Israeli settlement of Qiryat Gat. Today the remaining population from Iraq al Manshiya is still not allowed to return.

In 1998, Mr. Lucien Nessim of Sara Lee Personal Products received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the "State of Israel" in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy

The Disney Company is owned by Jewish Mogul Michael Eisner. He owns a vast media empire that includes the ABC television network, numerous news dailies, national magazines, Hollywood film companies and a large number of radio stations. One radio station in Los Angeles, KABC 790 AM recently broadcast comments by Jewess Gloria Alred to the effect that the Islamic prisoners at Guantanamo should be tortured by having their "balls" extracted with pliers in order to make them talk. The news and commentaries made through Michael Eisner's media octopus are extremely Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian.

For the full list, including pics of the brands, click on the link

And more Zionist products to BOYCOTT.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"al Qaeda Definitely Behind Crippling Cyber Attack"

Washington--Both the Pentagon and the CIA say that 'al Qaeda' was definitely behind the cyber attack that hit the country's internet backbone, severely damaging sensitive equipment and comprising our nation's security.

"This certainly has the fingerprints of somebody like Bin Laden," stated Rita Katz of SITE, a privately run internet search company that picks up sensitive plans on future terrorist attacks from Internet chat rooms.

After several days of coordinated attacks against networks used by the Pentagon, the CIA and the NSA, the unknown type of virus spread into ISP's around the nation, shutting down many, denying access to the web for millions of Americans.

Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence said they got blind sided by this intensity of this attack and that the DC intelligence community never managed to connect the dots to prevent this type of terrorist attack.

President Obama is preparing to ask Congress for increased vigilance over the Internet by granting the "Cyber Czar" more power and the ability to oversee vital national security networks and servers. "We will not stand by while Bin Laden and his kind threaten this great nation's security, We will respond forcefully to this terror by shutting out those evil-doers who wish to do us harm," said President Obama.

According to Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, the White House is leaning towards buying internet security software from an Israeli firm in Tel Aviv.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated that they had been working towards developing a safer internet environment, one that could not be comprised by 'al Qaeda.' Secretary Napolitano said she was going to advise President Obama to install a type of 'gatekeeper' software at sensitive internet portals and infrastructure called "Overlord' that would somewhat limit American's ability to surf the web and that no patriotic American would complain about national security taking precedence over the Bill of Rights.

Faces in the Crowd

'A Face in the Crowd,' a 1957 move that shows how sleazy con artists can get paid Big Bucks to spew lies and propaganda.

Kinda reminds me of other disinfo gas bags...... Rush Limbaugh.... or Glenn Beck.... or Bill O'LIElly..... or 'Mikey' Savage.

Andy Griffith plays 'Lonesome Rhodes,' an Arkansas drifter, hustler, drunk and womanizer who uses his charms--and backing from a wealthy admirer-- to make it to NYC where he uses his charms to seduce a nation, but eventually implodes....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It wasn't Muslims who trained their cameras on the WTC prior to the first aircraft impact

With all the 'chatter' out there, from America's so-called intelligence community, to Zionist shills on FOX and CNN, to Israeli war mongers like their CRIME MINISTER Bennie Nuttyahoo warning of another 'al CIA duh' attack, it might be time to look back at some facts.

The next terrorist attack against the USA will be courtesy of the same ruthless mob of liars, thieves, murderers and con artists that pulled off 9/11.

"Ain't that right, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Nuttyahoo?"


It wasn't Muslims who trained their cameras on the World Trade Center Towers prior to the first aircraft impact, who danced and celebrated with high fives prior to the second impact as most onlookers still believed it had been a terrible accident rather than terrorism, and who were caught with foreign passports, $4,700 in cash hidden in a sock, maps highlighting certain places in the city, and a van that tested positive for traces of explosives; it was Israelis Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari, several of whom have been confirmed as Mossad agents, as part of their job in "documenting the event".

It wasn't Muslims who were caught on 9/11/01 operating in teams with vans full of explosives, including one team who attempted to blow up the George Washington Bridge with a truck packed with tons of explosives, and another who blew up a van between 6th and 7th on King Street with a mural painted of a remote controlled airplane diving into New York and blowing up; it was Israelis, which is why the authorities did their best to ignore and bury these reports which included a suspected van bomb driven into the WTC basement and exploded to weaken the structure.

It wasn't Muslims who were caught shortly after midnight on May 7, 2002 very close to the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, Wash., (where the Navy conducts explosive ordnance training for bomb disposal mobile units to the consternation of local marine life) with a rental truck that tested positive for TNT and RDX plastic explosives; it was Israelis whose cover story was of "delivering furniture" but regarded by authorities as dubious because of the early morning hour, and the authorities' subsequent claim that the dog's reaction and initial tests for explosives were wrong is so full of holes that it merely demonstrates the power of the Israeli lobby.

It wasn't Muslims who provided two hours' advance warning of an attack on the World Trade Center via an instant messaging company based in Herzliya; it was Israelis.

It wasn't a Muslim who fled the US on September 14, 2001; it was Dominick Suter of "Urban Moving Systems" who fled to Israel.

It isn't Muslim countries that have a massive spy ring in the USA capable of tapping into much of the telecoms network and using information obtained to blackmail Americans; it is Israel.

It wasn't Muslims who received advance warning on Monday September 10, 2001, against flying the next day; it was San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, and a group of top Pentagon officials.

It wasn't Muslims who acquired a 99-year lease on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, Buildings Four and Five and approximately 400,000 square feet of retail space, and insured for billions of dollars against terror attacks a mere six weeks before terror attacks did in fact occur, and then employed (to press for the insurance claim) a 'structural engineer' who misleadingly asserts that steel loses half its strength at "400 degrees"; it was - in a deal negotiated by Lewis Eisenberg of the Port Authority - Benjamin Netanyahu's (and Ariel Sharon's and Ehud Barak's) friend Larry Silverstein and his partner Australian billionaire and "Holocaust survivor" Frank Lowy who fought "in the Jewish underground", was embroiled in a high-level bank corruption scandal with Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert and found to be making payments to Lord (Michael Abraham) Levy who was arrested several times in relation to a "cash for honors" scandal, Levy being a "tennis partner" and advisor of Tony Blair.

It wasn't a Muslim who went on TV within hours of the attacks to tell everyone that "It... certainly has the fingerprints of somebody like bin Laden" and the World Trade Center had collapsed because of "the velocity of the plane" and "intense heat probably weakened the structure as well", and who reportedly on that very day advised the White House to take Cipro, an effective antibiotic against anthrax, seven days before the commencement of an anthrax letters terror campaign targeted at Democratic U.S. Senators and news media offices, who on 9/11/01 was a managing director of the crisis and consequence management group at Kroll Associates, who was an advisor to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) regarding "epidemiological surveillance" and national security advisor at the National Institute of Health (NIH), and who gave his 'friend' John O'Neill a job as Head Of Security at the World Trade Center; it was Jerome Hauer.

Note: FBI Special Agent John O'Neill had been in Yemen, investigating the USS Cole attack. When he developed leads that pointed to Israeli involvement in the Cole attack, US Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine tried to have O'Neill's security detail yanked. When that didn't work, she appealed to 'Bloody Maddy' Albright, then Sec'y of State for help.
O'Neill was pulled off the case and sent back home, finally retiring in disgust at the FBI's handling of his investigation in Yemen.
O'Neill was working on 9/11 at the WTC and was killed.. Nice way of tying up loose ends.

It wasn't Muslims who were caught and arrested inside the Mexican Congress chamber on October 10, 2001 in possession of guns, grenades, dynamite, detonators and wiring while posing as "press photographers"; it was Mossad agent Salvador Guersson Smecke and Israeli illegal immigrant Saur Ben Zvi at the very time that Zionists would obtain maximum benefit from a false-flag terror attack that would mobilize support for the war on "Muslim terrorists" in Afghanistan that had been launched only three days previously.

It wasn't Muslims who profited by speculating on airline and insurance stocks in advance of 9/11; it was Israelis.

Source: Take Our World Back

Friday, February 5, 2010

Will the WHO play their anti-war anthem at Stupid Bowl 44?

Or will they bow to the corporate overlords in charge of this 'protocol' piece of mind fuck and play music to soothe the masses?

The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again"

We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold, that's all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
No, no!

I'll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky
Though I know that the hypnotized never lie
Do ya?


There's nothing in the streets
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Are now parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!


Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

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