Monday, February 1, 2010

Bin Laden issues threat over Super Bowl 44

Washington--9/11 mastermind and terrorist extraordinaire Osama Bin Laden issued another of his audio tapes today that warned the imperialists in the USA about the upcoming Super Bowl.

"Americans would do well to avoid cheering for the Indianapolis Colts," was the message found by Rita Katz of SITE, an Israeli Jew who has been on the FBI's payroll and who cruises Internet forums, looking for hot topics.

"I and the Prophet (PBUH) have decreed that the saintly New Orleans Saints to be the winner, that is what my fatwa says," added Bin Laden.

"It is written that the Colts shall go down by at least 2 touchdowns, making a mockery of the point spread and Las Vegas oddsmakers and for that, we give thanks to Allah! Woe to the NFL if they let the referees screw up my bet," said Bin Laden.

The rest of the tape wandered off into trashing the Designated Hitter rule, making intelligence analysts wonder if Bin Laden was a National League baseball fan and if he was on steroids when making this tape.

Bin Laden also urged his followers to become his friend on Facebook.

American intelligence agencies said the tape appeared to be authentic, but were withholding final confirmation until after the Super Bowl.

Will the Real Bin Laden Please Stand Up?



  1. Maybe he can't afford a ticket to the game and by doing this hopes to drive down the price LOL

  2. Hey, it's the truth! Rita Katz swears to that!!

  3. I have been trying to tell people for months - OBL is a SP bookie in Melbourne, he's down the Dog track every sat-dee arvo, and that fool El Ameriki swings the bag for him!



  4. What this bastard isn't a Colts fan? That is terrorism in my book. It's time to hunt this guy down and kill him. If he really exists that is.


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