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660 gazillion incidents of anti-Semitism during the past 24 hours

Telling lies about the Holocaust™... A Chosen Ones Broken Record
Yad Vashem ramping up effort to combat Holocaust denial

To demonstrate the creeping impact of Holocaust denial, Ephraim Kaye urges a simple Google search. Type in the word “Holocaust” and see what pops up.

“Of the first 60 hits, a third are of Holocaust deniers,” Kaye says. “It’s out there and we cannot stop it.”
I typed in the word Holocaust into Google and didn't find ANY holocaust denial links in the first 60 hits. I did find the web page for "Holocaust Records," but no deniers

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Then I searched on BING and found NO links to those who would ask questions about the Holocaust™ in the first 60 hits.

"It's out there and we cannot stop it?" Oh yes you can, just like you've stopped it recently in Hungry and other European countries by making it VERBOTEN to ask questions about the Holocaust™ and tossing in prison those that do.

Is that the Zionist plan for the USA, now that they've got the ADL teaching Justice Department lawyers and the DHS about 'hate' crimes?
Leaked Zionist strategy Paper to counter BDS

Here is a leaked copy of the Zionist plan to attack the Boycott and Divestment Campaign Against Israel's Occupation and to strategy to shut down the debate on the Palestinian issue and to shift it discussion of anti-Semitism and not Israel's illegal Occuption and illegal settlements and human rights violations.
Shift discussion of anti-Semitism by having Zionist stooges paint Swastikas on Jewish icons?
In September, according to police, Ivaylo Ivanov defaced synagogues and apartment buildings on his quiet Brooklyn Heights street with swastikas. And he seemed to be preparing to do even more, presumably targeting Jews with the pipe bombs, crossbow and sniper rifle that were discovered in his apartment earlier this month. The armaments were found alongside a flier bearing a large swastika saying "Kill All Jews. Israel Land of Pigs, Die, Die, Die."

Ivanov, according to his lawyer, is Jewish.

In October, George Washington University freshman Sarah Marshak reported that five swastikas had been drawn on her dorm room door over eight days. Another swastika was drawn on another Jewish student’s door, and on a fence near a university hospital. The subsequent investigation revealed that Marshak, who is Jewish, was responsible for most of them.

A few years ago a three-foot-tall swastika and the words "Die Jews" were painted on a university building at Northwestern University. Turns out that there, too, a Jewish student was the culprit.

In September, neo-Nazi Israelis from Petach Tikvah were arrested for assault and for vandalizing a synagogue. And in December, one of those arrested in December’s Q train attack here on Jewish subway riders returning from a Chanukah celebration, Joseph Jirovic, is Jewish, according to his attorney.

There have been dozens of cases like Marshak’s in the last few years, says Sander Gilman, distinguished professor of the liberal arts and sciences at Emory University.
"Converted to Judaism" : Lesbian professor stages phoney hate crime at Claremont Colleges

Norman Finkelstein: New report tallies 660 gazillion incidents of anti-Semitism during the past 24 hours.

"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")


  1. Boy cries wolf too many times and nobody listens. People are waking up to it.

    How many incidents on the ADL's many lists of 'anti-semitism' around the globe are 'false flags' and how much money do they take in every time they bump up the numbers?

  2. How many incidents on the ADL's many lists of 'anti-semitism' around the globe are 'false flags' and how much money do they take in every time they bump up the numbers?

    Way too many incidents and way too much money.

  3. There is a simple way to combat this anti-semite bullshit, it's called the truth. The truth being that the Palestinian people are the indigenous Semites in the region and the "Jews" are Ashkenazi stock from Europe and Russia. Give the Palestinians their ethnic heritage back and then lets see who the ant-Semites REALLY are.

  4. JEWS cause "anti-semitism": Anti-GENTILISM is the source of "antisemitism". HUMANITY did not invent "antisemitism" and then wait thousands of years for judaism to appear, just so everybody could "hate" it for absolutely no reason. Judaism has codified anti-GENTILISM, their hatred of ALL NON-jews, and the only SANE reaction of any NON-jew is self defense, which the "Tribe" calls antisemitism.
    Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
    A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
    1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
    2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one's tribe or group.
    "Judeo-Christian" is an OXYMORON. Thesis and ANTI-Thesis. The Old Testament followers worship a War God and spend their spiritual lives hating and reliving every imagined slight. NEVER FORGIVE and NEVER FORGET .... they still go on about Egypt and Babylon after MILLENIA. New Testament followers (are supposed to) worship a loving, forgiving God, and to CLOSE the Old Testament, as it has been FULLFILLED by the Crucifixion of Jesus. If you are following the OLD Testament you ARE NOT and CANNOT be a CHRISTian.

  5. Zionism has NOTHING to do with the Holocaust. Israel was not yet a nation. So, why refer to "Zionists" instead of Jews? This subtrefuge is non-sequitur.

    No event in human history has been studied as thoroughly and carefully than the Holocaust. Thousands of thesis and dissertations papers have poured over mountains of data, from physical evidence and anecdotal testimony to captured German war documents. Virtually everyone with a PhD in History will stake their career on the fact that millions of Jews were systematically exterminated by Nazi Germany. One can no more "revise" this fact than one can revise the existence of gravity. Wannsee Conference records prove that Nazis planned the extermination of Jews as, "The Final Solution." German concentration camp records prove that it was carried out.

    Whenever we stand up to those who deny or minimize genocide we send a critical message to the world. As we continue to live in an age of genocide and ethnic cleansing, we must repel the broken ethics of our ancestors, or risk a dreadful repeat of past transgressions.

    Holocaust deniers ply their mendacious poison everywhere, especially with young people on the Internet. Deniers seek to distort the truth in a way that promotes antagonism against the object of their hatred, or to deny the culpability of their ancestors and heroes.

    Museums and mandatory public education are tools to dispel bigotry, especially racial and ethnic hatred. Books, plays, films and presentations can reinforce the veracity of past and present genocides. They help to tell the true story of the perpetrators of genocide; and they reveal the abject terror, humiliation and degradation resulting from prejudice. It is therefore essential that we disclose the factual brutality and horror of genocide, combating the deniers’ virulent, inaccurate historical revision. We must protect vulnerable future generations from making the same mistakes.

    A world that continues to allow genocide requires ethical remediation. We must insist that religious, racial, ethnic, gender and orientation persecution is wrong; and that tolerance is our progeny's only hope. Only through such efforts can we reveal the true horror of genocide and promote the triumphant spirit of humankind.

    Charles Weinblatt
    Author, "Jacob's Courage"

  6. Holocaust deniers ply their mendacious poison everywhere, especially with young people on the Internet

    Deniers? Maybe they're searching for TRUTH.

    Why is it that the number of Jews that died at Auschwitz dropped from 4 million, to 2.5 million to a little over 1 million, a number that includes gypsies, homosexuals, dissidents and others, yet we keep hearing the 6 million number?

    Why have so many holocaust stories, which we were told were the absolute truth, turn out to be fraudulent?

    Why the lies about human skin being used to make lampshades?

    And why did Elie Wiesel, a prisoner of those nasty Nazis, when given a chance to either meet the advancing Soviet Army or leave with the Germans, choose the latter?

    Calling people names for seeking truths about history just shows that there is a concerted effort to deny people that truth.

    BTW, Yacob, if you can refute any of what I wrote in this blog posting, feel free to do so, but use FACTS, not hype, threats and fear mongering.

  7. To set the record straight, I am providing vetted historical facts, in responding to the questions recently posted here.

    1. Virtually every PhD in History agrees that millions of Jews were systematically murdered by Nazi Germany and their collaborators. One cannot search for more truth than that. One can suggest that the actual number of Jews murdered was 5.5 million or 6.5 million. The truth lies somewhere in between.

    2. The number of Jews who perished in Nazi camps has NOT been dropping. According to the most recent data, it remains at about six million, including at least 1.5 million children. Not all Nazi camps were death camps. Not all Jews were murdered by gas. Several hundred thousand Jews were murdered by Einsatzgruppen and buried in trenches. I would be happy to go into further detail about this if you are interested.

    3. Very few Holocaust stories have been proven false; the Rosenblatt love story being an exception. Thousands of thesis and dissertation papers have been published, along with several thousand non-fiction books, excluding mine. None of the facts presented in your high school history books have been successfully refuted.

    4. The tales of Jewish skin obtained from Nazi concentration camps has been verified as true. Here is a record of Nazis admitting to skinning Jewish prisoners: Here is another record of human skin being used: There are many other records to verify this fact. German war records reveal that medical experimentation on Jewish prisoners was carried out in at least a dozen camps, including surgery without anesthesia, injections of poison and a multitude of experimentation upon twins.

    5. No prisoner at Auschwitz, Elie Wiesel or anyone else, was "given a chance to meet the Russian Army," except for those too sick to move. Those able to walk were force-marched from the camp beginning the morning of January 24, 1945. The German Army forced the survivors to other concentration camps located in Germany and away from encroaching Allied forces. Those who refused to go or who moved to slowly, or those who fell to the ground - were shot. As you can imagine, marching through the frozen Polish countryside without shoes, coats, hats or other clothing resulted in tens of thousands of deaths from hypothermia. Again, I have plenty of records to prove this fact.

    I have devoted five years to daily Holocaust research. I have post-graduate training and I am a published Holocaust author. The answers above come from the mountains of research that I accessed in preparing for my book. It should be noted that the most damning evidence of these atrocious acts comes from Nazi records and from the testimony of convicted Nazi perpetrators. Thus we do not need to depend upon anecdotal information or the testimony of the victims (prisoners). Nazi leaders confessed to their crimes. In fact, most of them were proud of their actions to murder Jews.

  8. Very few Holocaust stories have been proven false; the Rosenblatt love story being an exception

    You need to do some more research.

    The book's withdrawal follows similar false memoir controversies. In March, Misha Defonseca, the author of Misha: a Memoir of the Holocaust Years, admitted she had not escaped from a concentration camp aged six, trekked halfway across occupied Europe and been raised by wolves. The 71-year-old author confessed that she had fabricated the story, which was turned into a film, and was not even Jewish.

    Heroic WWII tale proves false

    The head Nazi-hunter’s trail of lies

    Simon Wiesenthal, famed for his pursuit of justice, caught fewer war criminals than he claimed and fabricated much of his own Holocaust story

    From The Sunday Times

    Binjamin Wilkomirski

    In April 1999, Wilkomirski's literary agency commissioned the Zurich historian Stefan Maechler to investigate the accusations. The historian presented his findings to his client and to the nine publishers of Fragments in the autumn of that year. Maechler concluded that Ganzfried's allegations were correct, and that Wilkomirski's alleged autobiography contradicted historical facts.

    Maechler described in detail in his report how Grosjean-Wilkomirski had developed his fictional life story step by step and over decades. Most fascinating was his discovery that Wilkomirski’s alleged experiences in German-occupied Poland closely corresponded with real events of his factual childhood in Switzerland, to the point that he suggested the author rewrote and reframed his own experience in a complex manner, turning the occurrences of his real life into that of a child surviving the Holocaust

    Truth and Fiction in Elie Wiesel's Night: Is Frey or Wiesel the Bigger Moral Poseur?

    The trouble here is that in its central, most crucial scene, Night isn't historically true, and at least two other important episodes are almost certainly fiction

    Stoker: The Story of an Australian Soldier Who Survived Auschwitz-Birkenau

    Don Watt is the typical Australian yarn spinner or story teller. The only problem is that Don Watt's book, "Stoker" has been totally discredited by historians and scholars worldwide. Mr Watt was an Australian soldier, captured in the early part of WW2 and was held in a variety of POW camps in Poland and Germany, of this there is no doubt.

    I'd like to see Hollywood make a movie about the most sadistic and the greatest mass murderer of the 20th Century, the Russian Jew Genrikh Yagoda.,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    [Zionist] Contact with Nazi authorities

    In 1940, Lehi proposed intervening in World War II on the side of Nazi Germany. It offered assistance in "transferring" the Jews of Europe, in return for Germany's help in expelling Britain from Mandate Palestine. Late in 1940, Lehi representative Naftali Lubenchik was sent to Beirut where he met the German official Werner Otto von Hentig. Lubenchik told von Hentig that Lehi had not yet revealed its full power and that they were capable of organizing a whole range of anti-British operations.

  9. Greg, do you think that I need to do more research? Have you devoted several hours of EVERY day for FIVE YEARS to Holocaust research? Do you have post-graduate education in this field? Greg, I would be delighted to share at least 100 links verified by the world's best historians. May I share them with you? Or, are you sold on anti-Semitic fabrications?

    If you are not open to the world's foremost historians, then further communication is pointless. Farewell.


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