Sunday, April 11, 2010

C-Span should change its name to 'C-Zpam'

C-Zpam, as in Christian Zionist SPAM...

This past weekend, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) held forth in New Orleans, featuring rabble rousers like the incoherent Sarah Palin and bible-thumping Israeli-Firsters Rep. Mike Pence and the deposed former Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum.

Which is all fine and well, but C-Zpam has chosen to air segments of this convention of brown shirts damn near non-stop, especially the rantings of Sarah Palin, who has been shown at least four times this weekend. Probably even more than that, but my stomach couldn't take anymore, so I had to stop checking in on the 'Mein Kampf' channel.

The presidential straw poll the SRLC held put Palin a distant third, but considering that in previous polls she was at the bottom, then C-Zpam's constant pimping of Sarah is vaulting her into the the top tier of Republican 2012 candidates. (The Mormon 'TWIT' Romney came in first, and TWIT wasn't even there, but he did dispatch his legions of Evangelical 'Storm Troopers' to stuff the ballot boxes. Mormons, Evangelicals and Zionists, a marriage made in heaven or some place a lot further South?)

Can you say President Palin?

Its curious that C-Zpam tries to portray itself as being 'fair and balanced,' but a cursory viewing of the programs it shows when the House and Senate are not in session is anything but 'fair and balanced.'

Its morning call-in show, "Washington Journal" repeatedly has Neocons such as the Family Kagan and Zionists from Israeli run think tanks, like Danielle Pletka, who brainwash Americans into supporting the never-ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

In the afternoon, they'll show some meeting or session or press conference hosted by Zionist think tanks like AEI, again brainwashing Americans into supporting their 'splendid little wars' in the ME and SW Asia.

C-Zpam's Board of Directors is made up of the largest cable company operators, like Clear Channel, that hosts toxic gas bags like Glenn Beck, 'Mikey' Savage and Rush Limbaugh.

Yes, that's definitely 'fair and balanced.'

Maybe they got that slogan from their bosom buddies at the FOX News Washington HQ's, which is located on the same DC street as C-Zpam and within walking distance.
C-SPAN Slanting Right; Washington Journal's guestlist lacks balance

In the December issue of Extra!, FAIR published a study of the guest list on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. Though C-SPAN's "flagship viewer call-in program" prides itself on its reputation for fairness, FAIR's study found that reputation does not reflect reality. But C-SPAN's response thus far has been silence.
Obscure Masterpiece, the 'lost' Beatle recordings of the Nostradamus of Zionism, Bill Kristol on C-Span showcasing his many flubs.


  1. Hey GB,.. the opinions of the commentors are not necessarily those of the Blogger: Oi y'all fucking YIDS – you can’t have Nukes AND play the victim; sign the Nuke non proliferation treaty OR FACE THE EMBARGOS AND POSSIBLE MILITARY FORCE – because according to the coon in the whitehouse – MILITARY SOLUTIONS ARE NOT OFF THE TABLE!

    signed, T. Nathanial Washington Smythe the III:
    Gran Poobah of the B'nai Brith - chapter of Jerkwatta-Coksnorrt Mississippi.

  2. C-Span should change its name to J-Sham or Z-Scam.


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