Monday, May 31, 2010

ZIONAZIS of Israel MURDER at least 19 Peace Activists

Israel has deliberately MURDERED at least 19 civilians in the aid convoy

Commandos lowered themselves from helicopters and onto the Mavi Marmara - the lead ship in a flotilla of six vessels which are carrying humanitarian aid for the Palestinian territory. Israeli Army Radio said up to 16 people may have been killed in the operation. Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal on board the Mavi Marmara sent this report before communications were cut.

How much longer will the out of control, murderous psychos ruling Israel be allowed to murder anyone they don't like without repercussions? After all is said and done, will anything change or will the USA continue to back the blood soaked regime occupying Jerusalem?

What will Barry say? Will his Secretary of State Clinton, keep kissing Israeli ass?

How many believe that the peaceful convoy 'attacked' Israeli commandos with sharpened sticks, as this story shows? And when was the last time Israel told the truth about anything?

I imagine the Israeli owned MSM outlets like CNN and FOX are putting the backspin on this story, showing false images of some vague looking person(s) attacking Israeli commandos, but it will be just another damned lie.
Israel has jailed the surviving peace activists and they are being held incommunicado and reporters are being barred from getting anywhere close to the convoy, which was diverted to Haifa to avoid journalists in Ashdod.

What will be the reaction of the cowardly, craven and corrupt US Congress?

They'll probably rush thru an aid package for Israel to compensate ZIONAZILAND for the bullets they used to murder the peace activists in aid convoy.

This is just another cowardly and despicable act by the death dealers ruling Israel, but not unexpected, since the butchers of ZIONAZILAND have been murdering people with impunity for over 60 years.

And their punishment?

They get lavishly rewarded with massive amounts of money and weapons from the USA and Europe.

How many more will Israel murder before the world finally wakes up to the sadistic fucks of ZIONAZILAND?


What's next for ZIOINAZILAND? Distracting the world with a false-flag; in other words, Israeli agents and saboteurs will murder some more people to get attention away from the Gaza aid convoy workers they massacred.

The grieving families of these truly brave humanitarians better have their loved ones corpse autopsied when the body is returned to make sure all of the organs are present.


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  2. I had the tv on while writing part of this post and FUX said nothing while the Cartoon News Network briefly mentioned it by saying the aid convoy people had attacked the Israeli goons, then they showed some grainy footage of someone carrying a 'stave' somewhere.

    Probably filmed at that same Shin Bet studio they film those Bin Laden videos and those films showing HAMAS setting up Qassams.

  3. All I can say is that this is fucked up to no end.

    The local news did have a short story on this attack but we'll see how far the zionist press takes it.

  4. PG,

    Since you didn't have 3 way sex with Lady GaGa & israhell's pride 'n joy - supermodel Bar Refaeli, while dating Kylie Minogue on the side .... news creeps don't find your info cover worthy. They have to generate ad revenue & keeping the audience dazed at the same time. Ugggh ... so much pressure being a butcher oppps journalist!
    Well ... you know what to do next time when you'll be calling 'em!!

    On the positive side, Australians on aid flotilla are safe

    "We remain hopeful that they will be allowed to do their job, and that they will have a terrific story to tell when they are released," Mr Fray said in a statement.

    McGeough's last audio transmission before the clash revealed Israeli forces were using the cloak of darkness to approach the aid vessels.

    "There's white wakes on black water. Search lights on one of the cargo ships and from the Turkish ferry are picking up the zodiacs now," he reported.

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  6. I imagine the IDF ships surrounding the aid convoy revved up their engines to hide the noise of the helicopters descending overhead that were dropping heavily armed IOF killers to do what they normally do; gun down innocent people.

  7. Does this bring us closer to a false flag attack on our shores, blamed on someone who doesn't like our inaction and complicity to this event?

    Could this be the set up?

  8. Could this be the set up?

    It would be a good time to hide Zionist butchery behind a false-flag blamed on some PO'd Arabs, mad at the USA for supporting Israel.

    The MSM has been running a number of stories claiming all sorts of Iranians, Yemenis, Paks and Afghanistans have been snekaing into the USA thru our porous southern border.


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