Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zionist Stooge of the Week... Andrew McCarthy

"The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America" by Andrew McCarthy in FrontPage Magazine

Yes, those damn 'lefties' are always causing trouble. Back during the manufactured 'boogieman' of the Cold War days, the USSR and those Red Pinkos, the Left was accused of aiding and abetting the Commie takeover of the USA.

Now we're being accused of helping those crafty Muzzies take over America and turn it into part of the Grand Caliphate.

'Rabbi' Andy is interviewed by the mouth-breather Jamie Glazov, a Zionist Russian Jew--and darling of the premier Zionist think tank, AEI--whose family fled Mother Russia, probably one step ahead of an arrest warrant.
Glazov luvs the certifiable Glenn Beck, if that tells you anything.

This brainwashing psyops special is hosted by none other than the 'reformed' communist, David Horowitz, who's openly admitted he's committed TREASON against the USA, but was never prosecuted for his nefarious activities.

Horowitz also founded and runs the truth smashing "Students for Academic Freedom," a Campus Watch type of tyranny that seeks to silence anyone, but especially professors who dare tell both sides of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

More of 'Comrade' Horowtiz's hateful ideologues can be found here

With the Neocon and Zionist 'splendid little war' in Afghanistan going to hell, it's time to rally the troops like 'Rabbi' McCarthy to get out the message that war is good..... and to send US Special Forces Assassination Squads to murder off 'suspected' insurgents.... and they wonder why the Afghan people don't like Americans?

The REAL danger to America are those Wall Street "Too Big to Fail" banks, acting in concert with the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve that is looting our country from within. And the resulting wars from the 9/11 false flag that has pitted the Christian world against the Muslims, with Israel and her Zionist backers standing on the sideline, licking their chops, waiting until both sides exhaust themselves so they can swoop in and pick up the pieces.


  1. horowitz need to change his name to horrorbitchz or horrorshitz, cause that's what he is!

  2. How about 'WHOREITZ?'

    Or something simple, like SHITHEAD.


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